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Kevin Millar: At It Again

orioles first baseman kevin millar loves BostonAs Andrew pointed out in the Amber thread, Kevin Millar spent his Sunday night taking in the Celtics game (scroll down) with some other Boston sports luminaries. As one would expect, he showed up on the big screen and received quite the ovation.

I don’t know what to make of this. On the one hand it’s just some dude enjoying an off night among friends. On the other, it just looks bad.

Basically I think it comes down to this: Millar is kind of a big oaf, and he knows not what he does. Some of the best years of his life were spent in Boston and he probably really does wish he was still there. I don’t doubt that he gives the Orioles 100%, but he’s not now and will never be “one of us” (for lack of a better way to put it). He’s just a warm body at first base, holding a place for Mark Teixeira or whoever else we settle on to man that position for real.

It’s a shame, though, because I’d like to like him. As it stands, the best I can do is just not really care one way or the other.

27 comments to Kevin Millar: At It Again

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    It just reeks. It really just reeks, and his act is getting old. It reminds me of Lee Mazzilli and how I remember reading about how he compared everything the Orioles did in Spring Training to “the way we did it on the Yankees” and how theat didn’t sit very well with the players (or the fans) because Fuck The Yankees That’s Why.

    I get it, Millar loves the Sox. He loves Boston, and Boston loves him, and he’ll just never feel that way about Bmore. Fine. But to take every opportunity to show off for the enemy is just horrible.

    I’m glad he’ll most likely never get Baltimore across his chest.

  • dan the man

    Come on. Really? Are we really getting on Kevin Millar about going to an historic, Celtics NBA Finals game while in Boston to play the Red Sox anyway? I would KILL to be at one of those games. I’m a bigger Celtic fan than most Bostonites.

    It’s not like he was like, “Hey, camera guy, make sure you put me on the big screen.” I really doubt he told someone to do that, and even if he did, we wouldn’t be able to prove it.

    Look, I get everyone not liking this kind of thing and I’m not exactly endorsing it. I’m just saying Millar’s good effect on the Orioles and down-and-dirty hustle far outweighs his role as Boston’s honorary fun uncle. He really, truly believes in the Baltimore Orioles. He’s on the record as wanting to be here for the struggles so he can see the young guys start to turn the club around. He wants to be a small part of the O’s legacy, and he is. He’s really helped this club – when Sammy P lost the clubhouse, he stepped in and held a meeting. If nothing else, it showed that it was time for Perlozzo to leave. He kills the Sox and the Yankees. He plays good defense. He has an Oriole record of consecutive games getting on base. He is a warm body. But he really wants to be here and he’s doing a fine job. He’ll always be remembered more for sparking the ’04 Sox to a World Series, but I’ll enjoy remembering him for his decent couple of years at the end of his career in Baltimore.

    Let’s look back through the years and think for a minute about how much worse shit this club has been through and how little it really matters that Kevin Millar wants to enjoy a basketball game and a classic sporting event that we should all be heralding! Celtics and Lakers rivalry in the NBA Finals again!

  • dan the man

    Speaking of basketball, I’m more pissed off at Gilbert Arenas opting out than I am about Kevin Millar. Gilbert still wants to play for the Bullets, but by being a free agent, forces their hand to give him top dollar. After two knee surgeries and like 4 failed playoff attempts, I’d almost be inclined to send him on his way and rebuild the thing.

    I digress.

  • xi0

    I honestly don’t care. There hasn’t been a NBA team in Baltimore for some time now, so there’s no intense rivalry at play here.

    I did have a problem with him throwing out the first pitch at a Boston game, only because he was still an active player on a divisional rival’s roster. It has nothing to do with an inferiority complex, it has to do with what should be and what should be accepted by fans. I’m pretty much over that debacle at this point honestly.

    It’s sort of like the Huff thing (obviously less malignant though), at first it pissed me off because I’m proud of my hometown, but then I realized he’s entitled to his opinion and I ultimately shouldn’t give a sh*t. Just hit the ball dude. I felt some people overreacted when it happened…it’s not like he’s this generation’s equivalent to Cal Jr. or Brooks for this franchise, so why care?

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Yeah, I figured I probably overreacted to it, but it still bothers me that you never hear about him yukking it up in Baltimore, but you always hear about his adventures celebrating Boston. I fucking hate Boston.

  • KonaBoy

    Speaking of a Baltimore-Boston rivalry…anyone been to this “The Horse You Came In On Saloon” in Fells Point? It made this list …


    … of 10 Oldest American Bars and while Maryland is behind New England 4-2 in bars on the list, we at least beat NY’s 1.

    Plus there’s apparently a $10 all you can drink night on tuesdays there…is Fells Point-Camden Yards too long of a walk? That would be a hell of a beginning to TLC-Hagy Night next week!

  • Greg

    “is Fells Point-Camden Yards too long of a walk?”

    Yeah it would take you the better part of an hour to do that. You could cut a lot of time and take the water taxi, which pulls up right in front of it.

  • Greg

    Neal, you should do a piece on the most notable trades in O’s history. Erik Bedard, with the recent struggles that he and his team have been having… there might be a chance he won’t return with the M’s for 2009.

    Now I thought the Erik Bedard trade was great initially; all-star caliber pitcher with a weird attitude threatens to go into free agency instead of signing an extension… so we pre-empt and trade him for the center fielder of the future, a closer, an ace minor leaguer plus two other A-level pitchers.

    The centerfielder posts adequate numbers in his firt full season up to the all-star break with tons of upside; the closer posts the 2nd most saves in the majors by the start of july, helping the Orioles to the best record in 1-run games (14-9), the ace minor leaguer has filthy stuff and posts excellent numbers, setting himself apart as the youngest and best AA pitcher, and is expected to join the club by early 2010… if not sooner.

    As for the ace with the poor attitude? Well his new team is the losingest team in baseball, lacks the run support, is sporting his own 4-4 record with a 4.00+ ERA, and probably regrets ever leaving Baltimore. I’m pretty sure most of Baltimore isn’t regretting it.

    This has to be one of the best trades in Orioles history, second to only the Robinson/Pappas grand larceny in 1966. Besides that are there any others worth mentioning?

    The best Orioles trades:
    Erik Bedard for Adam Jones/George Sherrill
    Juan Guzman for BJ Ryan
    Mike Bordick for Melvin Mora
    Miguel Tejada for Luke Scott/Matt Albers/Dennis Sarfate
    Ryan Minor for Jorge Julio
    Larry Bigbie for Eric Byrnes
    Chris Richard for Jack Cust

    The worst Oriole trades:
    Steve Finley/Curt Schilling for Glenn Davis
    Mike Fontenot-Jerry Hairston for Sammy Sosa
    Jorge Julio/John Maine for Kris Benson
    Willie Harris for Chris Singleton

    I don’t go back far enough to know anything prior to these trades, but I think you should make a post about the history of the Orioles and their trading record.

  • dan the man

    And don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying Kevin Millar should be awarded any medals or be placed in the Orioles Hall of Fame or anything. The guy is, as Neal put it, a big oaf. And a doofus. And his “clubhouse presence” is probably overestimated. And no, it doesn’t look good when he does stuff like this. I’m just saying in the scheme of things, we’ve seen far worse and his good outweighs his bad.

  • dan the man

    Good post, Greg.

    The Bedard trade looks to be one of the best for the Orioles, but we should be careful to jump to conclusions just yet. Erik Bedard, for mysterious reasons, is getting knocked around this year. But he could always find that touch and start blowing guys away. But we do know one thing: he was never going to be a guy that will give you 8 innings consistently. He’s not a real ace. He’s a good pitcher who had one phenomenal year. We also know he’s injury prone. He doesn’t really seem to care about the success of the team or even his personal success.

    And Seattle fans and media are all a-buzz with the fact that Erik Bedard yanked himself after 5 laboring innings and 99 pitches. Newsflash, M’s. That’s vintage Bedard. Honestly, though, I never thought he would struggle this much, and I kind of wish he was still the dominant guy we knew. But now that he is struggling, I can’t say I’m surprised. Pitchers are fragile and often inconsistent. If Adam Jones even gets anywhere close to his potential, then it was probably a good deal. Especially since a) we have a bunch of good pitching prospects and b) Bedard wasn’t going to sign here anywhere.

    FLEECED! Alright, so I guess we can jump to conclusions.

    Also, don’t forget Troy Patton in that Tejada deal. He’s a crapshoot coming off of surgery, but plenty of pitchers have had success after labrum surgery and he’s only 22.


  • dan the man

    Not sure why I typed, “then it was probably a good deal.” Should be more like “then it was definitely a good deal.”

  • neal s

    Yeah, I think you pretty much nailed it, Greg. I couldn’t do any better. I’m sure there are folks who’ve been around longer and have deeper memories who could recall better/worse trades from the past but you’ve got every one that comes to my mind.

  • Greg

    I did a little research, and I found a post by a user named “rshackelford”, and it was an interesting read:

    “Cuellar and Frank are the “Favorites in retrospect”. But neither one of those was a “Favorite when it happened”. They proved to be among the greatest trades of all-time, but at the time they happened, who knew?
    Cuellar showed up as a 31-yr-old journeyman starter who, despite his age, had only 42 W’s and who had pitched more MiL innings than ML innings. To get him, we gave up Curt Blefary, our 25-yr-old LF’er who was coming off 1 bad season after 3 good ones, including the one that made him AL-ROY. Exactly what was there to like about that trade at the time? How many fans predicted that Blefary would soon crap out, and that Cuellar would win a Cy Young immediately and would *average* 20 wins and 275+ innings per-season over the next *7 years*? I’ll tell you how many: Exactly zero.

    Frank was rumored to be “an old 30”, a bad clubhouse influence, and a scary black guy who carried a gun. Baltimore was not used to this [I laughed at this quote -greg]. To get him, we gave up our best starting pitcher (Milt Pappas), our 1B-man (Norm Siebern who went to the Angels for OF Dick Simpson, who was immediately traded for Frank), our CF (Jackie Brandt who was sent to the Phillies for P Jack Baldschun who was then immediately traded for Frank), and a promising 23-yr-old P who was about to start a five-year streak of being a damn good reliever (Darold Knowles, who went to the Phillies along the Brandt). To a lot of people, that looked a whole lot like giving up 4 important players for somebody who was aging trouble. People were kinda nervous reading the paper about ST that year. Frank immediately won the Triple Crown and MVP, led the way to the O’s 1st WS, and taught the team to be serious about winning ballgames. Wanna guess how many fans predicted all of that when the trade happened? I can give you a very precise number if you want 😉
    These are among the best two trades by any team ever. Both of them paid huge immediate high-impact dividends, as well as lasting goodness. But they sure didn’t seem steals at the time they were made. The FO knew what they were doing, or got very lucky, or both. (I think it’s safe to say “both”.)”

  • Joe the Guy

    I’m digging your trade recap Greg because it segues right into:

    Rebuilding: Phase 2
    The Deadline

    Which sounds like a made for tv movie.

    Phase 1 has been a success. Play hard. Check. Don’t let small streaks become big ones. Check. Battle hard vs AL East. Check.

    Phase 2 is the preperation for next year.

    Guys I would love to see moved: Ramon, Payton, Millar, Mora

    Guys who I wouldn’t want to see moved but should be to maximize value: Sherrill, Huff, Roberts

    I’ll be @ Fenway tonight but I don’t have a good feeling about this one.

    Rush Weiters. Obama.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Um, Bigbie for Byrnes was a horrible deal. We should’ve and could’ve pulled off a lot of different tries at making a midseason deal that revived the team and led to good things, and instead Byrnes was absolutely dreadful for the O’s. Not that Bigbie was any good either, but still (unbeatable argument).

    Phase 1 is not complete. We have to play hard through the year and make this 2008 and not 2005 part 2.

    As for Millar, it makes me sad, because I just can’t get up and cheer for him as hard as I’d like to because it just seems like he cares a lot more what Vicki the Sox fan thinks than me (Where are yooooou vicki?). It makes me sad.

    Rush Limbaugh. No politics with sports.

    Neal, you’re the ringleader, where do we meet for TLC Hagy Night?

  • john

    Just read the post and all I can say is “really”?

  • Jennifer

    You people are ridiculous. So basically when a player is traded from one team to another, he’s not allowed to talk to his old teammates? Hang out with them?

    It’s not Millar is purposely sabatoging our team. He played his a$$ off last night against the Sox and we won. He’s even said he loves playing the sox, and BEATING THEM!!

    I think you people need to get over it. You are being childish and ridiculous. Are you going to boo Brian Roberts when he hugs Miggy when he comes to town next week??? Because they are playing against each other, it’s forbidden to talk to one another. Geez.

  • dan the man

    TLC has reached “You people” status! Nice!

  • Joe the Guy

    I agree the criticism here has been overly harsh

    but he’s done far more than fraternizing with ex-teammates.

    I’ll allow the Celtics game and frown very seriously upon the First Pitch Incident.

    He’s not in Baltimore for his stellar defense. Or his athleticism and physical prowess. Or his offense.

    He’s here because he’s a clubhouse stabilizer and a
    “110% Everyday” ball-busting kind of guy

    Therefore these actions make him appear hypocritical and diminish his credibility, in the only role he’s suited for

    That’s all we’re trying to say…

  • neal s

    Jennifer has a point, even though I think calling everyone “childish ridiculous” is a bit much. Plus it’s always good to move new people to chime in, so that’s cool.

  • reb

    Everyone hates Boston right now, and that’s understandable. Don’t take it out on Kevin Millar, who was lucky to be in the right place at the right time and know the right people to get tix. As for the 1st pitch last year, Millar turned that opportunity down the first time he was asked, and only agreed to do so after Orioles ownership called him and gave him permission to do so.

    Do you guys even understand why he’s such a clubhouse stabilizer? Yes, he busts his balls and brings the right attitude to the clubhouse every day. He’s also an american ballplayer who is fluent in spanish… don’t underestimate this skill in an mlb clubhouse! Having met him, I can also tell you that he’s one of those rare guys who knows how to connect with people immediately and project positivity. He is genuine and unguarded, and I’m sure his teammates don’t doubt his loyalty.

    It would be near-impossible for Millar to top his 2004 experiences in Boston, and he will be forever-loved for them there. So what? Fortunately for Orioles fans, Millar is a people-person who can derive just as much pride in helping young players develop… just the right fit for a club in rebuild mode. Appreciate him while you have him.

  • i agree Jennifer. I can’t even believe this discussion exists.

  • Joe the Guy

    What discussion?

    I apologize for my affinity of semantics and having “the last word”…but it’s worth noting:

    Neal said he doesn’t care, right in the main post. Andrew said it’s an old schtik, and then apologized for even saying that much. Two other people said they didn’t care.

    Then the direction of the thread totally changed, we were discussing trades. Sometimes our discussions change from the intention of the main posts because Neal is a busy guy. We had totally shifted gears.

    until your comment, John.

    I’m just saying. Your disbelief is…confusing. You restarted the discussion.

    But welcome to the LC nonetheless.

    I only say all this because I don’t want you or Jen to think we’re shit stirrers, or trying to run Millar out of town. That’s hardly the case and I’m not sure how you reached that conclusion from this post and comments.

    This is a positive place. We love Millar and his work ethic. Which is where the confusion stemmed from -> witnessing his recurring lovefests in Boston.

  • neal s

    The thing about this thread — and I’m not referencing John here because I know John and I know what he meant, I’m referencing just a general idea — it proves that some folks will read what the hell they want to read. What we say is what matters, and probably 80% of the folks who read it will actually understand. But there’s that 20% who don’t really care, they just want to respond to the idea — an idea they created — that a bunch of Orioles fans are bitching about Kevin Millar. Can’t do much about it.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I have a tendency (which Dan definitely shares, and probably a host of other people around here, too) of having huge knee jerk overreactions to things we don’t like. I’m trying to calm down in terms of baseball, since getting worked up over the lost season is kinda stupid, but I still have those knee-jerk reactions that are wildly out of line. That’s just part of who I am. I was at the game in New York last year when ARod hit that walk off grand slam and I didn’t even talk to my girlfriend afterwards for like 3 hours – literally (she was understanding but generally thought I should grow up).

    I do wish Kevin Millar showed Bmore the love he shows Boston, but he doesn’t and I do understand. But I don’t have to like it. Anyway guys, stick around, we’re really actually good people here, honest! Our non-Millar opinions are generally, I think at a high level of debate. And thanks for sticking up for me, Joe.

    Now excuse me, I have to go continue destroying everyone at fantasy baseball.

  • xi0

    I don’t exactly understand the “He needs to show Bmore more love” argument. He busts his ass every day. He’s probably been to Ravens games. If we had an NBA team and they were in the Finals he probably would go if the opportunity presented it self.

    He had a history in Boston, a huge fan-following. Listen, at this point I hate the Sox more than I do the Yankees, but I won’t begrudge a guy for going to the game with friends. It was a super-hot ticket. Maybe he went there with the intention of getting seen, but how’s that any different then most athletes/celebs.

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