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Mark Teixeira: the One That Got Away?

Well, yes, if you believe what Peter Schmuck has to say on the matter.

Two things:

One, I respect Schmuck but this smells like the old-school newspaper columnist in him coming out. This is a half-sourced but extremely newsworthy claim, and there was a time when this was the kind of thing you’d do to “sell papers”. We’re in grain of salt territory for sure.

Two, even if it is true I’m still pretty impressed with the effort. Jury’s still out, though, until the rotation starts to take shape.

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26 comments to Mark Teixeira: the One That Got Away?

  • as MacPhail said. . .to paraphrase. . “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

    I’m still hopeful the O’s can sign MT. .. we’ll see.

  • saw a piece on Yahoo that speculates that IF MT were to sign with the O’s, or heaven forbid, the Nats, that Boras would ensure on opt-out clause, e.g., IF the team is not a contender in 3 years, then MT can opt out to go elsewhere.

    This piece is noteworthy because it seems to give more credence to the plausibility of MT signing with the O’s, with an opt-out clause. All of which seems fair to me.

  • sci

    I’m coming back to earth here. Tex is probably not going to happen. Let’s just prepare for that. Also get ready for a lot of rationalization by MacPhail that they made a fair market offer and the player just chose to go elsewhere. I’m surprised that you’re that impressed with the effort so far Neal. The O’s HAD to make at least a half-assed offer or the fans would have gone ballistic. They really didn’t have much of a choice. I think, though, if you go for a high-end free agent, you go all in. If you’re not prepared to do that, don’t make an offer, b/c you know you will eventually lose. The only reason to make a half-hearted attempt would be to try to appease the fan base. This might only make them madder. The backlash on this if he goes to the Sox b/c the O’s did not make a matching offer will be immense, mark my words.

    I’ll take it all back if they swoop in with the best offer. I hold out a smidgen of hope.

  • neal s

    Well, I’m impressed based on what I’ve read. If they came in at 7 years, $150 million I think that’s better than half-assed.

    I don’t think they’re going to get him, though.

  • Greg

    “I wont identify this Oriole player I spoke to tonight. He is one of the smartest and most talented of all the Orioles. If you knew his identity you would give alot of creedence to his opinion. He told me simply that he feels the Orioles had a real shot at signing Tex in a perfect world..ie: home town, huge offer, fan of Cal Ripken Jr….but that its more likely that he will go to BOSTON because he feels that Scott Boras needs a wedge between the Yankees and Red Sox to up the Manny money in NY.He doesnt fault the Orioles at all..he says Peter clearly showed his intent to “step up” financially..but that it wasnt just about the money..it might also be about the agents machinations behind the curtains. Hope he’s wrong. Hope Im wrong too. Cmon Tex, Come home.”

    Pretty telling words from Roy Firestone.

  • sci

    Yeah, I’ve calmed down a bit. The O’s made a good offer. Now we wait and see. The money will probably end up being basically equal. I think if Tex really wants to come here, he’ll come to MacPhail and say – here’s what the Sox are offering, can you match it? And the O’s in that case would match it, no question. But Boras is probably pushing him to sign with the Sox. It’s all very interesting. We shall see…

  • Joe the Guy

    I can understand the point about going “all-in” to get what you want. Some people call it “over-bidding” (ex. Dice-K and CC) but I agree it seems the Only Way to do it these days without creating a long and drawn out bloodsport between agents, owners and the media.

    Tex would be nice, but I’d like to see some Pitching, or at least some sign of movement on that front.

  • dan the man

    Roy Firestone is ridiculous. Tex is an Oriole, you can book it.

    Meanwhile, the deadline on D-Cab is midnight tonight. What’s it gonna be boys? Cut bait or one more year at likely $4 million?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I was thinking about my Manny Ramirez/Scott Boras conspiracy theory yesterday and now I’m thinking I was a little off. Obviously Scott’s a smart man – and a rich one – so he must realize that Manny isn’t going to play for the following teams: Yankees, Nats, Orioles, Red Sox, Angels. So pushing Tex to sign faster or to sign with Boston specifically to force Manny into New York doesn’t make sense. Yes, in the past the Yankees have reacted foolishly to Boston’s signings (my all time favorite is their insane overbid for Kei Igawa after Boston grabbed Dice-K, and then the spin that their scouts thought Igawa might suit the majors better than Matsuzaka), but if Boston signed Tex, wouldn’t that be a reaction to New York playing the spoiled child at Christmas with all of the pitchers on the market?

    Anyway, clearly Manny and his special needs are having a hard time fitting in anywhere, and I would hope that Boras is smart enough to know that that isn’t Mark Teixeria’s fault. This morning I found out that Raul Ibanez signed with the Phillies – Tex sure wasn’t blocking him form signing.

    I think that Scott Boras is a very, very conniving agent who tends to over-exaggerate what his clients can do and an agent who knows exactly how to play the market to get his agent’s as much money as possible…but I don’t think that he’d force any of his clients into a speedy sell with a particular team to help out himself. Tex is a smart guy, too, and he’d be able to see right through that. I’m really starting to think that Boras is smart and conniving, but hardly the evil megalomanic he’s often presented to be.

  • neal s

    I don’t understand why the Sun’s reports keep talking up the “long odds” on this signing. As far as I can tell, our first offer is consistent with everyone else’s and Boras/Teixeira are probably mulling them over. Why would the Orioles’ odds be any worse than anyone else’s?

    Other than the fact that it fits the “losing team” narrative, of course.

  • sci

    I am leaning towards one more year with Cabrera. Honestly, what are your other choices for the #4 or 5? He sucks, but he gives you innings, usually. I say give him another year with Kranitz. If he sucks again, he’s gone, b/c by that time the real prospects are coming up from the minors.

  • dan the man

    The “losing team narrative” is all anybody knows. It “makes sense” that Tex would choose Boston over the Orioles. National media today have even said the Orioles have “dropped out” of the Tex race. Don’t believe it. Nobody knows a damn thing. They just know the Orioles’ track record. Andy MacPhail is sly like a fox, he’s certainly not telling anyone we’ve dropped out, so where are they getting it from? I believe he’s backing off until the Sox and Nats make their final offers, and then Angelos is going to trump them all. The egg could be on the faces of so many people, and that would be freaking awesome.

  • dan the man

    I would rather have:

    Another Veteran SP

    than have D-Cab anywhere in there. He’s a drain on the defense, the catcher, the coaches, and the fans.

  • neal s

    I hope you’re right, DtM. I’m waiting to see the next round of offers. Do the Orioles go to $170 or $200 mil (as Drew advocated they do in his blog post today), or do they say “well, you’re only worth $150 mil to us.”

    Frankly, there’s no way he’s worth anything close to the offers he’s already gotten. But based on the fucked up internal logic of baseball, he’s probably worth $170 if he’s worth $150. Maybe even $200, though that seems insane.

    That said, I won’t be mad if they don’t get him. I think they’ve made a credible offer, and that’s kind of more than I expected.

    As for Cabrera, I have to grudgingly admit that sci is right. He might be our most stable option at the #5 spot.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    EXCEPT that if they bring Cabs back, he’ll be the #3 guy or so, not the #5 guy. Not that that matters, really, but we’re looking at a rotation of Guthrie-unproven Japan-Some veteran past his prime or possibly some under appreciated dude like Looper-Cabrera-Olson/Albers/Liz/Penn/Waters/Burres. And that’s assuming that we actually make some headway on the free agency.

    Anyway, no if you think Daniel Cabrera is your most stable anything, we’re probably talking about two different guys. Chris Waters or Garret Olson or some combination of guys can do everything Cabrera can do except hit 5000 batters.

  • Greg

    I don’t particularly think AM wants to sign Teixeira. I think he just wants to show that he made a reasonable-to-more than reasonable offer just to appease the fans. That’s what his language says to me. I think MacPhail is trying to keep payroll at a premium, and signing Tex eliminates his flexibility to an extent. MacPhail is risk averse; a long contract with so much money attached isn’t something I see him being proactive about getting.

  • neal s

    Say what you will about the DC Cab (and there is plenty to say) but I think he’s proven more than Olson/Waters/et al at this stage. You know he’ll be average to below average with flashes of occasional brilliance. You know he’ll struggle with composure and control but that he’ll give you innings and effort.

    I’m not saying we bring him back if there’s a better option, but I am saying that there might not be a better option.

    Also, I think Greg is probably right on. I’ll still take him if he signs though.

  • sci

    I’m kind of with Greg. If it were up to him, MacPhail wouldn’t do it, but I think he’s getting pretty intense pressure from Angelos on this one. Angelos really wants Tex, but I think MacPhail may talk him out of a 10/200 kind of contract.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Neal, just because the DC Cab gives you effort and “innings” (which he gave only 200+ of once, and only 180 of last year, albeit more than Olson or Liz should be expected to give yet) is no reason to say “Heck yes give me a second helping!” because you “don’t know” what you’d be getting on the free agent block or with a guy like Chris Waters or Hayden Penn instead of Nuke Cabrera out there.

    And frankly, no we don’t know what Daniel will give us this year. Those occasional flashes of brilliance seem to be getting less and less routine as time goes by, his velocity lowers annually, and his control has never shown any chance of getting any better.

    So you have to say for sure that you think Daniel Cabrera in 2009 is going to be better than probably Olson, Albers, Waters, or Penn and their upside and ability to improve over time. Hey, last year was Olson and Liz’s first dip into the bigs. Let’s not pretend it was successful, but you can probably assume they improve over time with more experience…with Daniel Cabrera you’re gambling merely that he doesn’t get worse and worse.

  • sci

    Burnett to Yanks: 5 years, 82 million.

  • Andrew in Rochester


    Well, looks like we’re starting the year 0-3…and then getting Tampa Bay AWESOME!

    Seriously, I’ve been thinking a lot today about the Yankees and their “gatling gun to open a can of beer” strategy to building a baseball team, and about the Red Sox, and THE PLAN we keep hearing so much about. And it depressed me. It really, really does. I love baseball like nothing else, but it’s incredibly frustrating. It really, really is.

    Then I remember that it’s Steelers Week and I get a little excited for the purple and black.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well the DC Cab drives into the sunset, where it promptly gives up 7 runs in 3 and a third.

  • dan the man

    It takes some guts to release D-Cab with a rotation comprised of Jeremy Guthrie. But I like it. It’s another statement move, to a lesser degree, like Gibbons. It says to the fans that Andy and DT aren’t going to keep giving bad players chances, regardless of depth issues. We should have enough mediocre young pitching to adequately play the role of D-Cab, likely with less walks and better defense. His rare “gems” aren’t enough of a reason to keep the guy. I don’t want Matt Wieters catching this guy.

    That said, he was an ORIOLE. He left with no bad feelings towards the team. He knew he let people down. He worked real hard and apparently was receptive to coaching. He protected his teammates. Good luck, big man.

  • CharlatanFisk 1570

    It’s simple now.

    If Teixeira has any integrity at all, he’ll sign in Baltimore.

    If he wants to go to Boston and help those f*ckers win up there (at Baltimore’s expense, as well), then off he goes and we can all question his character one minute after he signs with the Red Sox.

    There’s more to this than baseball. If he signs in Baltimore, he can help trigger a re-birth of the team and, at the same time, help to restore some economic growth to the downtown area that the Orioles have ruined with their mismanagement.

    If he goes to Boston, he helps THEIR economy, THEIR franchise and THEIR history.

    If he goes to Boston (or DC, for that matter, or Los Angeles) all he’s doing is shitting on Baltimore.

    I’m not even going to go into the “why would he sign in Baltimore and lose?” theories that everyone out there is throwing around. He knew before he ever listened to the offer (whatever it is) that the team is losing right now and will probably lose for a while.

    If losing bothers him THAT much, he shouldn’t have even entertained an offer. Period.

    He BETTER sign in Baltimore.

    If not, he’s going to be public enemy #1 here. For a long time.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I agree, the ill-will towards a Boston Teixeria would be very, very intense. We’re talking Mike Mussina times 10, perhaps. But I still can’t say I understand Boston trying to sign Tex. What happens to Mike Lowell, who was injured last year and aging, and expensive…who’s trading for Mike Lowell? Is Mike Lowell becoming one of the most expensive bench players in the league? Maybe they think he can play catcher? I don’t get it. The Red Sox have one of the very best first baseman already in the eerily-hateable Kevin Youkilis.

    I’m not so sure the hatred would reach those levels for an Anaheim or DC Tex. But it wouldn’t be nice, that’s for sure. I’d be just as vocal in the booing as anybody else, I assure you…but I still think the Orioles have a very serious and real chance to pick up Tex.

  • neal s

    @CharlatanFisk: agreed. Going to Boston would be a direct slap at Baltimore, and proof he doesn’t really give a damn about his hometown.

    It’d be one thing if, every time he was asked about it in the past, he said something like “I grew up loving the Orioles but my main priority when I become a free agent will be going to a winning organization.” He didn’t say any such thing that I can recall. And, he’s on the record as saying he’s at least intrigued by the idea of playing here.

    As I pointed out in the new main page post, the O’s offered basically the same amount of money per year as everyone else (albeit at 7 years instead of 8). Time to step up.

    @Andrew: also agreed. They don’t seem to need him up there, but I suppose when you’re the Red Sox this is just what you do.