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New Orioles Uniforms: Today’s the Day

<a href="http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/jones_199x253.jpg"><img src="http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/jones_199x253-157×200.jpg" alt="" title="Adam Jones in the new Orioles uniform" width="157" height="200" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-1942" /></a>I’ll be heading down to Harborplace in a couple of hours to attend the big <a href="http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/nov12invite.jpg" target="blank">event</a>. Most of the details of what we’ll see have already <a href="http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baseball/bal-orioles1111,0,2974482.story" target="blank">appeared in the <i>Sun</i></a>, but there’s no substitute for seeing it in person.

The most exciting thing to me (as I noted in the comments on the last thread) is that the new black Friday alts will also have <b>"Baltimore"</b> script, meaning they’ll be rocking them at home. I have a feeling those are going to be <i>very</i> popular.

Also: <b>FlatBrim</b> is in the house today.

I’ll hopefully be taking pictures, but either way I’ll check in later with a full report. In the meantime, it’s pretty damn nice to be excited about baseball on November 12th, huh?

Can’t wait for the Hot Stove season.

38 comments to New Orioles Uniforms: Today’s the Day

  • Tomás

    OH SNAP!

    Did I call those local patches on the sleeve or what?!

    I love them already.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    MASN put up a pic of Nick the Stick in the road jersey, for those of us who can’t make it. Something about that particular shade of orange makes me really dig these uniforms. The sleeve ring of orange helps, too.

    Baltimore’s finally back! How fucking cool is that?

  • dan the man

    The cartoon bird swinging the bat is on the bullpen jackets! Sick!

  • dan the man

    Also awesome: the official Orioles logo no longer has the lame green baseball diamond behind it. It’s just the new bird perched on the dot of the “i”. YES

  • Andrew in Rochester

    It’s weird to see Jim Palmer in the uniform with the current guys.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Okay. That wasn’t weird. It’s weird to see Boog in uniform with Guts. That’s weeeeird.

  • dan the man

    I see the alternate “O’s” cap is still alive… that’s kind of a shame.

  • dan the man

    Boog is ridiculous.. lol

  • dan the man

    Tom Davis must be like a kid on Christmas today. The man loves his unis.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    At least the spring training side flippy thing is black instead of orange.

  • dan the man

    I just love that they didn’t screw up anything. It’s really a good day for the O’s, albeit long, long overdue.

  • Brendan

    Just got back from the rally. As silly as those events can be, I thought it was well done and had great enerty. The script is definitely awesome. Piping and patches are also awesome. I also like hearing DT speak. I can’t remember what he said, but he’s just got a great presence. Markakis looked hungover. The only thing I was disappointed with is they will no longer have the alternate (road?) all black caps. The black with orange bill will be used for both home and away.

    Oh, and I’ll be having nightmares of Boog in that jersey.

    Still, non-hot stove related excitement in November when the Skins are 6-3 is no easy feat. Nice job!

  • Andrew in Rochester

    He, of course, means “when the *Ravens* are 6-3”.

  • It was great to see people there and excited about the O’s.

    It was nice to meet Greg. We gotta’ get a TLC meet-up going one of these days. I may have an appropriate occasion for one coming up.

    It’s good Christmas is coming, I need a new hat and a jersey.

  • some facts.


    Just got back. What a large enthusiatic crowd, much bigger than I might have thought. The uni’s look great. I heard on the radio 2,500 people. All 4 levels had the balconies full at the railings.

    Love the font for the “Baltimore”. Away BP jersey’s also have Baltimore in script, and I thought those were the biggest suprise.

    The patch blends very well too. The hats basically look the same, what can I say. Orange brim home AND away.

  • dan the man

    As subtle as it is, I really dig the orange stripe on the sleeve – it pops.

    Markakis pretty much always looks hungover, but I love that he rocks the 5 o’clock shadow.

    lol @ Brendan about DT. It’s like it doesn’t even matter what the guy says, he’s just captivating. He should look into politics after baseball.

    Great to hear that it was packed, too.

  • df1570

    The jerseys all look GREAT.

    Stuffy The Bird on the hat is horrible.

    But the event today was…well…minor league at best. I was impressed with the crowd…the mall security guy told me he thought there were 300 people there. I felt it was more like 400, honestly. But it was packed.

    That’s the good news. People showed up.

    Bad news?

    Poorly organized.

    Not very well thought out.

    No area set aside for the media (20 of us were there…)

    And, rather than spell it all out here and ruin the party…I wrote about it at WNST.net (no link, you’ll have to dig it up yourself) and you’re welcome to read what was really happening from the front row – or you can watch it on MASN and see how great it looks on state-run TV.

    Damn, though…BALTIMORE on that road jersey sure looks sweet.

    Now…when are we signing a player? Monday?

    Let’s start holding their feet to the fire to fix the team.

  • neal s

    Working on my wrapup/photo upload now…

  • some facts.

    Nice pics greg. I had the same vantage point, only 2 floors higher i think!

  • neal s

    New post up for continuing the convo, including a link to a set with the 16 best pics I took — 15 of which are Orioles-related and one of which, well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

  • Brendan

    I’m actually calling B.S. on Drew’s NST blog. I had the unfortunate opportunity to be standing (on the side) where they ushered most of the media people and was standing next to Zriebeck, Steele and the others.

    First off, before the event got underway, I heard some very funny exchanges between two recognizable media members (who will remain nameless) busting on “their” (gesturing to Drew and Nestor) propensity to always have to “shit on the Orioles”. They were arguing that they should just let them have their day. Funny exchange.

    Two, you are clearly WAY over exaggerating about the ushering of the media and the lady cop. I was standing there the whole time and it was nothing like Drew explained. There was some calm, standard crowd reshuffling and that’s about it.

    Third – I had no problem hearing and it didn’t seem like the other guys did either. Ironically, the only time I had trouble hearing was toward the end when Nestor came tearing over next to me loudly proclaiming that “you can’t even hear” and “this is the worst fucking event I’ve ever been to”. To which the other media guys rolled their eyes to each other. I couldn’t hear what Mora was saying at that point so that was pretty annoying. All I could hear was “c’mon guys, lets get that slice at Uno’s”. I had to move at that point.

    Lastly, the crowd was hardly even close to being a fire hazard. Now you’re really just making things up.

  • df1570

    I probably feel the same way about the media folks who were there (and weren’t) who are essentially on the team’s payroll…saddened that they have a “propensity” to not tell the truth about the team or ask hard questions. So I can see where they would look at me and say, “what’s Drew doing here?”. The problem is, there’s a 90% chance the eye-rollers aren’t from Baltimore originally and don’t have the foggiest idea about growing up an Orioles fan like I do. So, in that regard, their dislike for my take on the team doesn’t mean shit to me because they haven’t their money on the team since 1980 – I have.

    I think you’re observing the rally from a fan’s perspective, Brendan, because that’s what you are…and I think from a fan’s view, it was probably a neat afternoon.

    From a media standpoint (which is how I wrote it…) it was not very well done. No area for the media to gather…nothing distributed beforehand to tell everyone exactly what we were looking for…no formal area afterwards for interviews, etc. If you were part of the payroll group, you were herded up on the stage afterwards. If you wanted to have a formal “Q&A” with MacPhail or someone about the uniforms, you couldn’t. They do THIS once every 35 years and we’re not allowed to ask questions about the process? Strange.

    And Lady Cop absolutely was barking…we have some video of it…and yes, she ushered media folks OUT OF THE WAY, including Steele and Zrebiec.

    I could hear fine when I was in front…but once I got shoved over by the shoe store I had a hard time hearing. Maybe I just don’t hear very well. 25 years of Rush will do that to you, I suppose.

    And to NOT have an escalator moving…and to have people on it…going both directions (some were walking UP and some were trying to come down) is absolutely hazardous. A Fire Marshal I’m not…but that scene at the end when a hundred or so people were trying to leave and couldn’t was dangerous.

    The jerseys looked great, though.

    Now, let’s spend some of that $144 million in MASN money on players.

  • Brendan

    You’re sort of missing the point. It wasn’t a press conference. It was called the Orioles Fan Rally. It was for fans.

    And those eye rollers were actually reacting to Nestor’s profanity-laced tirade as he tore through the crowd. A reaction that everyone – even those not from Baltimore – can and should partake in. That guy is pure entertainment.

    The two dudes talking smack though – (which I’m not saying I agree with, just stating facts) were both definitely from Baltimore. I didn’t ask them how much they’ve spent on the team since 1980 though.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, as a guy who sat in his apartment watching the MASN feed, it looked like a nice event, and the TV audience had a blast, I’m sure. More to the point: Who the fuck cares about nitpicking this fan rally thing? It’s entirely inconsequential and in 2 weeks nobody’ll remember the damn thing anyway. Why waste the energy attacking it or defending it with such gusto? Apparently, some of the guys who went had a good vantage point and some of the guys who went had a bad vantage point. Hey, I’ve been to tons of big gatherings of crowds (concerts, etc.) and that’s basically how it always is. That this is no different makes it neither a failure not a rousing success but just an afternoon for an announcement.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Let me clarify, just in case, because I don’t want to start this old flame war back up any time soon. This isn’t about the value of WNST. And it isn’t meant to shut down *thoughtful* debate, but way too often it feels like this is a damn shouting match of “us or them”, where something is either good or bad. Generally (and perhaps to a fault) the loss column comes down on the “this is GREAT, where’s the kool-aid pitcher?!” side and generally (perhaps to a fault) Drew and Nestor come down on the “Are you fucking kidding me? This is a fascist dictatorship!” side. There are rarely if ever any actual nuanced opinions stated not just here, but basically in the entire Oriole-based interwebs. And that’s a bad thing, and it’s getting old for me.

  • dan the man

    It’s certainly getting old.

    Good point about it being a fan rally and not a press conference, Brendan. Look, DF is going to find something to complain about in any situation involving the Orioles, no matter what positive steps they are taking. It’s kind of his job, and that’s fine. The sooner we all come to terms with that, the quicker we can get on with talking actual sports.

  • df1570

    All I’ve done is given my opinion.


    Jerseys…perfect. You won’t find one thing I’ve said or written to the contrary. Haven’t once said “like the jerseys….but, here are three things they could have done to make them better.” I’ve applauded the jerseys across the board.

    Rally…for MY needs, I thought it poorly done. And, yes, it WAS a media event. Thaat’s why they held it midweek at noon and televised it. An event for the fans would have been held on a weekend at an indoor facility that holds 5000 people…not in a mall that fits 500 during lunch hour.

    In the end, AiR, you’re right. Two weeks from now, this will be forgotten. Everyone will be focused on what’s REALLY important: signing players and making the team better.

    Those charlatans better write some checks in the next 45 days.

    If Orlando Cabrera signs somewhere besides Baltimore, my opinion is going to be that the Orioles fucked up. If they sign him, I’ll gladly and LOUDLY applaud them.

    I’m not going to ease off of them because a couple of media folks afraid of getting their credentials revoked think I’m “too hard” on the team.

    SOMEONE has to demand excellence from them. They’ve been sub-standard for too long.

  • df1570

    And lastly, I’m the asshole who pressed those bastards (and ruined relationships over it) for the last 3 years to put BALTIMORE on the jersey and in their logo…so don’t think for a second I don’t respect the fact that Peter Angelos has initiated and/or authorized the changes they announced today.

    I find nothing wrong at all with any of that stuff. Nothing. Except Stuffy The Bird is a bad choice.

    And AiR…no one is yelling.

    Just talking.

  • Brendan

    I wasn’t debating whether it was a good or bad event. I was just recalling some fond memories and calling bs on some seem-to-be exaggerated reports of the day. Regardless, agreed. It’s old and I”m childish.

    (Great event. No fire hazard. Super nice cop lady. Perfect speaker volume. Superbly planned.)

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I actually think Furcal or Khalil Greene are the shortstops of choice. If I was running the show, those would be the guys I’d target over Cabrera and Renteria. But the point is definite: the Orioles took this opportunity to give something to the fans, now they need to get to work. So, go get to work.

  • dan the man

    Yup, on to the real biznass. From what I hear, Furcal is probably going to stay in LA, but I agree that he’d be the guy to go after. I’ve also heard that Orlando Cabrera is a complainer and tends to dog it if there’s something he doesn’t like. I don’t even remember where I heard that though, so it’s largely irrelevant. He’s pretty old, but hell, if we can sign him, Tex, AJ, and another starter than hell yeah. But that ain’t happening.

  • df1570

    For the record: And I just edited this on my blog…

    A “friend” at the Orioles contacted me tonight and said they took 1,000 pocket schedules with them to the rally and had about 200 left over at day’s end. He/she believes there were more like 700 spectactors at The Gallery – not the 400 I previously “estimated”.

    I said I would gladly post “his/her account of things”…

    And I’ve done that.

  • neal s

    First, I agree that the matter at hand now is the Hot Stove season. And the Ravens, and hopefully some Caps and Wizards talk, and assorted other ideas I have cooking. There’s no need to spend a ton of time on the “was it or wasn’t it a good event’ discussion.

    But Andrew, I want to disagree with you on something. You said:

    Generally (and perhaps to a fault) the loss column comes down on the “this is GREAT, where’s the kool-aid pitcher?!” side and generally (perhaps to a fault) Drew and Nestor come down on the “Are you fucking kidding me? This is a fascist dictatorship!” side. There are rarely if ever any actual nuanced opinions stated not just here, but basically in the entire Oriole-based interwebs.

    I think you’re off base. While the tenor of the conversation isn’t always completely satisfying, I think it’s basically valuable and fun. I’ll accept the “kool-aid” criticism because I’m admittedly more interested in building than destroying, but to claim that there are “rarely if ever any actual nuanced opinions” seems like a big stretch.

    Finally, the last words from me on the event itself run something like this: I went as a fan. I certainly could have had access if I had asked, but I didn’t ask. I wanted to see it from the same perspective as everyone else. And what I saw, I liked.

    I did, however, get an email tonight from a fellow media member who didn’t want to post here but who said I could pass along his thoughts about how things went from that side. Here they are:

    I received an email that said all media can be on the 3rd floor (the players were on the 2nd) and there was an audio box to record the event, and the email also said all players would be available for interviews after. I recorded the event, walked downstairs showed I was with the media and then was able to get every interview I could. I thought it worked out well.

    Take it for what it’s worth. Seems to me like things went the way they went, and a lot of it had to do with where you were standing. C’est la vie.

    Really, though: those new jerseys look fantastic. I can’t wait to see one on the new shortstop and the two new veteran starters.

  • some facts.

    It was a great day, everyone had fun. Positive. I didnt see ONE unhappy person…anywhere. (except, as usual, “number 2” is miserable) I was proud and happy to have a pic taken with my wife and Jim Palmer, and talk to him.

    How cool is it that Jim Palmer loves and cares about this franchise as much as he does? He was as seeminly happy as I was to be there today…

    great day, going to bed happy and appreciative to be a fan of the BALTIMORE Orioles…

    Things are going in a positive direction and I’m happy

  • neal s

    I got a pretty funny email today from Joe the Guy, pointing me this AP story in the Boston Herald.

    It’s got the kind of headline that breeds anger. Joe’s comment was that he wasn’t sure if it was the AP or the Herald who wrote it.

    Answer? The Herald for damn sure.

  • neal s

    Also, did you all see this particular pic from my set?

    Is it me, or is someone about to get whacked? Looks like some crazily awesome Orioles/Goodfellas hybrid. That’s the pic I want to sum up the 2009 season.

    Let’s handle this.

  • dan the man

    @ Neal – lol…JtG sent me that email also… and you’re right. After spending 4 years in Boston, that’s a Herald headline if I ever saw one.

    George Sherrill and Adam Jones are so the man.