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New Site News (Testers Needed)

We interrupt the Mark Teixeira/starting rotation/Ravens playoffs talk with an important announcement and request. The Loss Column 2.0 is ready for beta testing, and I need a handful of you to join me at the new site and poke around a little bit.

If you’re interested, leave a comment on this post and use your preferred email. I’ll get in touch with a link to the test site.

9 comments to New Site News (Testers Needed)

  • dan the man

    I’d love to test it out, man.


  • neal s

    Thanks man – email’s on its way. By the way, no need to publish your email if you don’t want to. Adding it to the form is enough for me to get it (I should have been more clear). I can take yours out, Dan, if you don’t want everyone seeing it.

  • dan the man

    Eh… what the hell, leave it. Maybe Drew will send me some hate mail.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Well, I’m totally going to send Dan some hate mail if noone else will.

  • Greg

    I’m gonna send Dan love notes.

    Neal you can add me if you’d like.

  • Joe the Guy

    I already email Dan hourly.

    Hit me up some beta testing. I also have experience with medical experimentations if you need a guinea pig.

  • Ryan

    I’m in on the beta, Neal.

    Also, thanks for the tip on the soyeahdood.com front.

    Not sure how much more in depth you guys would like to see things get with beer, etc. knowledge drops, but I’d be happy if you visited. It’s in its infancy, obviously, and your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you’re drinking these days, etc.

    In addition to the site, I’m hoping to have an official launch party at which we’ll brew some beer, drink some beer, eat some grub cooked over wood fire, etc. Check the site for details if you’re interested.

    And thanks for being such a great community, TLC.

  • neal s

    Ryan, I just emailed you — your site has a virus on it. Everyone hold off on visiting soyeahdood for the time being (it should be pretty easily fixed).

  • ryan

    It is indeed fixed. No idea why that was the case, but my host has taken care of the problem.