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New Site: the Countdown

the future is comingFirst thing: there’s a new post by Justin below this one, a home for all things Ravens as they march into the playoffs. Make sure to check it out and chime in with thoughts/predictions/etc. Now…

I’ve been talking about it since at least October (ugh), but it’s almost time for action. Loss Column 2.0 is just about ready. As of tonight, I’m targeting New Year’s Day for the official transition.

In advance of that, I want to invite everyone to take a look at the new site and give me feedback if you’ve got it.

Click here to visit the test site and poke around. Read the main page post and the one directly below it first, though, because they contain important information about the thinking behind the changes.

Like any transition, this will take some getting used to. It’s a pretty significant departure from what we’ve got now. I’m confident, though, that the changes are all for the best and will help position the site (and, more importantly, the community) for future growth.

Unless there’s some kind of major setback, here’s how things will go.

1. The New Year’s Day transition will probably begin in the afternoon/evening (though I’m not sure about that).

2. For a period of time (maybe a couple of hours), the site will be slightly incomplete as I load new data, activate plugins/widgets/etc, and generally do final testing.

3. Things will either go well, in which case that will be that and we’ll have our new home, or not go well, in which case I reserve the right to revert back to the old look pending new adjustments.

Ideally, Monday, January 5th will be the day the changes become permanent.

Thanks to all of you, as always.

7 comments to New Site: the Countdown

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Probably won’t get much mention around here – nothing wrong with that – but the Terps won the Humanitarian Bowl over Neveda earlier tonight. Always nice to see the Terrapins finish the season on a good note…even though it was a horrendously played game in a mostly-empty stadium. It was shameful the way those charlatans at the BCS put a bowl in Boise in December where nobody is.

    But Congratulations to Ralph and the gang in red and white. I salute you and your lucky big-time offense tonight!
    Fear the Turtle.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    bad college football > baseball

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I’m glad I can appease you, Big Ben’s Motorcycle…but it won’t last, because actually nothing is better than good baseball.

  • neal s

    This is where you go off the rails, BBM. The only thing bad college football is greater than is televised golf. But since pretty much everything is greater than televised golf, that’s not saying much.

  • neal s

    Also, @Andrew: you know the MLB network launches tomorrow? I’d be excited except that I’ve learned to expect very little from MLB. They’ll find a way to turn it into something underwhelming.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I’ll take bad college football over lots of things, but I still don’t watch it. I was bored yesterday on the looooooong drive from work and it was on, so I stuck with it.

    When I was in a fever-dream I watched a little of the MLB Network’s preveiw day, which consisted solely of the 2004 and 2005 world series films without commericals. That is to say, they stopped for the exact same commerical for the MLB Network with some bad cover of “What a Wonderful World” playing. As I was in a fever-dream, it was kind of awesome for a good 4 hours or so and then it was just teeth-grindingly awful.

    Honestly, I have no idea what the MLB Network is going to do for stuff. They only have access to what, like 1 game per week this year? They can’t possibly do Baseball Tonight (truely one of the worst shows masquerading as a great show) for the other 165 hours of the week, can they? Not to mention the winter when they is genuinely almost nothing to talk about 99% of the time.

    But I will say this: they’re debuting with Don Larsen’s perfect game, as called by Vin Scully(!!!!!) and Mel Allen in its entirity with the original commericals. So that’s not a bad way to kick things off. When they then go on to show Yankee and Red Sox classics for the following 7 weeks is when I’ll turn it off.

  • Tom├ís


    “outdoor ice hockey” > college & pro American football