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Orioles Uniform Rally: Success

nick markakis Back from the uniform unveiling rally downtown at Harborplace, and here’s the news you already know: it was a great event. Efficient, well-managed, and generally a good time. It came off about as smoothly as one could expect.

The uniforms look great, most especially the road grays with “Baltimore” blazing proudly across the chest. I was a little surprised to see that the black alts new black “Baltimore” shirts aren’t regular Friday jerseys, but they are the road batting practice jerseys and they might be worn for game action. The new, sans-diamond logo is modern and tight, the new bird is still the new bird (which I love, but I understand the controversy), and the Maryland flag sleeve patch is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.

The only thing I don’t dig is the orange bills, but eh.

The highlight of the day? When Jim Hunter asked Melvin Mora if he had another 100 RBI in his bat this year. Mora paused, contemplated the question, and let everyone know that he had another 130 in his bat this year. Trembley dug that in a big way (there’s a pic of him and MacPhail laughing about it in my Flickr set linked below).

It was also a pleasure to meet frequent commenter Greg, and to share cosmic space with the rest of you who attended.

I took a ton of photos and uploaded the best of them to this set on Flickr.

One question, which was raised by Greg while we were chatting: where was Brian Roberts? My guess is that he had a very good reason for not being there, but it was a little bit odd to see Chris Waters but not Roberts.

Today was a great day for baseball in Baltimore. Savor it, folks.

UPDATE: Just heard from the O’s about why Roberts wasn’t there. He was asked and included, but had a previous engagement that he was unable to change. There is, and I quote directly, “no back story to it, just couldn’t change plans made far in advance of our event planning.” That’s about what I expected but it’s good to get the official word.

34 comments to Orioles Uniform Rally: Success

  • Definitely weird not to see B-Rob there, and I would say that it definitely raises some questions. I was hoping to see him in the new Greys ready to go with Kakes.

    Awesome to see all the young dudes juxtaposed with the old masters of the organization though.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    DF #2, huh?

    The new unis look great for the most part, and I like the updates. I won’t say I love the bird, but I like how the new logo looks, and I was glad to see the classic swinging bat cartoon is on the warmup jackets.

    But yeah, let’s get to the players, because Mora might not understand that he can’t get 130 RBIs if the guys batting in front of him can’t get on, but I sure do, and we need some better OBP guys at short and first than what we currently have (which is, I guess Freddie Bynum and Oscar Salazar?) – and we absolutely need the pitching.

    The Real Hot Stove sets off Friday, so wake me up then.

  • CambyRocks!

    Don’t throw eggs but I have to agree with Drew on this one. I was very disappointed with the rally. I was near the sound box on the second floor near the back and couldn’t hear anything. Someone in a wheel chair came upstairs and they had no place for the guy to sit and see what was happening. Just my two cents. Don’t flame me, but I guess I expect it.

  • neal s

    No flaming/eggs here, CR. You’ve got an opinion about it and had a different experience than I did — it’s all good. Thanks for chiming in.

  • neal s

    Also, just updated the main post with some Roberts info.

  • CambyRocks!

    Appreciate it.

  • some facts.

    I’m sure Roberts and the rest of the guys are booked pretty far in advance when it comes to winter vactions and whatnot… Based on his time and effort around the city at charitable events, BRob is one of the best in our community. I bet he would if he could.

    Hell, we should have had Todd Heap show for Brian!

  • neal s

    No doubt, some facts. He just had plans he couldn’t break is all.

    I’m going to be away from TLC until later in the evening, but I’ll check back then.

  • dan the man

    Sweet pictures… Kakes’ beard is looking especially quality.

    I can’t say it enough: that patch is the freaking SHIT. It’s so good. I agree about the orange brims, though – the all black hat is way better, and easier to rock casually. They’d probably sell more hats if not for the blazing orange brim.

    But damn them unis is looking FRESH.

  • Greg

    My cap has a black brim. Just sayin’.

  • Tomás

    Everything does look awesome. I was just hoping that the alternate cap would no longer be the crazy apostrophe O, but the orange B from Baltimore on an all black cap would look pretty sharp to me.

  • dan the man

    Greg, that’s true you can still buy them in all black, I dunno what I was thinking.

  • dan the man

    One last word about the patch, I just think it’s great that it says “Orioles Baseball” which is a phrase that will never cease to invoke that stupid Orioles Magic song in my head. Orioles baseball, feel it hap-pen.

  • Greg

    The Orioles will never bring back the old 1900’s turn of the century “B” logo because the entire Red Sox org. would have a godamn shit fit.

  • dan the man

    Not to mention Red Sox “nation”.

    I just noticed that on the black alternate jersey, the “Baltimore” script is on the sleeve. Nice touch there.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I think Roch said something to the gist of Baltimore appearing on all of the uniforms would allow the Orioles to wear black or the BP jerseys at any point they want. Obviously home whites won’t be seen on the road, but yeah, they put Baltimore on the sleeves to let us wear black on road Fridays or something like that. Which is good. If they ever get rid of those O’s hats, I’d almost want the black jerseys to be the norm.

  • pdiddy

    BRob is in Arizona…working out..he was on the radio yesterday and said so himself.There was allegedly a previous engagement that was out of the country(caribbean or something),but it was cancelled 2 days ago…allegedly.Not too hard to hop on a plane for a 4 hr flight with 2 days notice….Im just sayin.We all know why he wasnt there,because there is a chance he wont be on the opening day roster.

  • Joe the Guy

    those pics are money

    much appreciated

  • dan the man

    You have to wonder if the presence of Chris Waters means anything – they certainly think enough of him to invite him to the unveiling and be considered a true Oriole, not just a guy that got called up. He was our most consistent starter after Guthrie for the last leg of the season.

  • Pigtown Justin

    You say that, “the black alts aren’t regular Friday jerseys, but they are the road batting practice jerseys and they might be worn for game action.”

    Weren’t you paying attention at that rally yesterday?

    The black alts WILL be the primary Friday jerseys, and now the O’s have the option of wearing the jersey on any night they choose to. They are NOT the road batting practice jerseys. The new road BP jerseys are black and say Baltimore on them, not Orioles like the alts. They are made of the same material as the home orange BP jerseys, and they have the option of wearing either of those in games because they now have the names on the back.

    Didn’t you notice that Guthrie and Sherrill were both wearing black, but they had different words on their shirts?

  • neal s

    Yeah, Pigtown Justin, not only was I paying attention but I can, in fact, read. Hard to imagine, I know, but bear with me.

    The problem here — and thanks for pointing this out, because it is a mistake — is that I used the word “alts” in the wrong context. The new road BP jersey is what I meant, but that’s not technically an alternate jersey. The “alt”, as the term is properly used, is the black shirt that says “Orioles”.

    I went back into the main entry and made the correction. Mea culpa.

  • some facts.

    ok, anyone want to guess when the “official” raod uni’s go onsale at the mlb.com shop (or other officially licensed places of mlb gear)?

    The “cool base” roads are there, but not the “Official Game” ones. (nor ar DC’s new roads either… not that i’m buying that though)

    a few weeks? before xmas, the season itself? ….anyone?

    I’m resisting buying the cool base tops, but its difficult.

  • Greg

    I’m not buying anything until contracts are finalized. No way am I spending money on a jersy on a player who wont be on the team next year.

  • some facts.


    have you noticed former players names and numbers are NOT eligible for official jersey’s at the major online shops? No #5, 22, 33 etc.

    Are we relegated to the O’s official store on Eutaw to get a Brooks jersey, (with the 40% markup they have there?)

    I agree btw, no current name and number is a safe longterm bet, other than MAYBE Markakis

  • Joe the Guy

    i don’t know why I keep stumbling across derogatory remarks in the media…

    first their was the slap-in-the-face headline from the Boston Herald tagged to an AP story, which neal linked on the rally post before this one

    now, there’s this from the latest Rumblings & Grumblings – in regards to Burnett and Texiera’s Baltimore ties relating to the Orioles chances of signing them:

    “How powerful is the allure of crab cakes (and dollars)?”

    No. Respect.

    A noteworthy free agent signing is pretty key this offseason:

    -To silence the local and national media critics.
    -To quantify the Front Office’s desire to win.
    -To fire up the fans (who we saw just yesterday do in fact still exist)
    -To obtain the “Kevin Garnett Free Agent Effect”

    No one wanted to play for the Celtics, even though they were a historical franchise, because they had lived through a decade+ of losing & misery. That was before KG went there. He not only fired up their young guys, he challenged their veterans and attracted more free agents, which put them over the top.

    Basketball isn’t quite baseball but you’ve got to see the potential parallels there, right?

    DF is right (this message will self-destruct)

    They absolutely HAVE to spend some money this offseason. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

  • CambyRocks!

    If they don’t sign 2-3 players by mid-January, I’m not buying tix this year. Last year I had a 13-gamer and I’d probably by the 29-game version this year. But I won’t buy anything if they don’t spend money. I just won’t.

  • neal s

    I think you speak for a lot of fans, CR. I get the sense that there’s a lot of goodwill and optimism built up, but that if they don’t sign at least a couple of solid, veteran guys it could vanish real fast.

  • dan the man

    I hear that, but didn’t we declare this a rebuilding year not even 1 full year ago? Does moving Miggy and Bedard and cutting Gibbons alone qualify as rebuilding? Or are we just out of guys we can trade for multiple young dudes, so we have to go back to free agency?

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m on the side that agrees they need to spend money. I just find it interesting that there’s no more talk of rebuilding, and I hope AM continues to find ways to restock the farm system because it’s still largely barren.

  • df1570

    Wait until you see which asshole in town who “hates the team” gives Angelos a hummer today.

    WNST.net…and yes, that was really me who wrote it.

  • neal s

    I’m working on a Hot Stove preview post for tonight or tomorrow, but in the meantime I think you raise a great point, Dan. I’ll definitely be touching on it.

  • random dude

    JtG.. I agree with everything you said about the Kevin Garnett affect. Only problem with that is, wasn’t Tejada supposed to be that guy a few years ago? I REALLY want them to spend some money, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I know there’s a huge difference in the front office between now and when Miggy signed. I just hope that the free agents out there know that too.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    The Orioles desperately need a superstar player that we can rally around. Guthrie, Markakis, Jones, and Roberts are great players all and supportive, but none of them really cuts it with me as the face of the franchise. They’re better as supporting players (no pun intended). TO that end, I’m inclined to believe in Boras’ pitch that expensive players like Sabathia and, most notably, Teixeira pay for themselves in fan interest and revenue.

    My dream scenario (and I’ve thought about this a bunch): target Khalil Greene, Mark Teixeria, Koji Uehara, Jon Garland, Carl Pavano, Nick Markakis, and Brian Roberts as you’re key signees this winter (in no particular order). You can upgrade the rotation relatively cheap, bring in your marquee player, extend your cornerstones, and upgrade at shortstop with a palyer who should do well under Trembley and away from Petco Park. That’s just me.

    As for me, I’m thinking I’ll get a Palmer road jersey, since he was gracious enough to model yesterday, and he’s the best pitcher we might ever see in Balmer.

  • dan the man

    Palmer rhymes with Balmer. That is officially awesome.

  • Tomás

    Perlozzo is coming back closer to home…