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Orioles Uniform Unveiling: 25 hrs & Counting

<a href="http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/christmas-gifts.jpg"><img src="http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/christmas-gifts-133×200.jpg" alt="" title="surprise!" width="133" height="200" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-1933" /></a>In case you’d forgotten or hadn’t heard, the new <b>Orioles</b> uniforms make their debut <a href="http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/nov12invite.jpg" target="blank">downtown tomorrow at noon</a>. According to <b>Roch Kubatko</b>, it’s going to be a fairly <a href="http://masnsports.com/2008/11/sneak-peek.html" target="blank">star-studded affair</a>.

As you might have guessed, there’s been plenty of chatter leading up to the event. We all know that the road jerseys will once again declare <b>"Baltimore"</b>, and that there’s been an update of some sort to the hats. So far, though, the team has done a pretty good job keeping things under wraps.

<i>Pretty</i> good. I haven’t seen the jerseys, but I have seen the new hat. I actually love it, and I breathed a big sigh of relief when I saw it (nothing like <a href="http://mlb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pMLB2-1316831dt.jpg" target="blank">this horrifying bullshit</a>, thank god). But…I’m guessing there will be some folks who aren’t satisfied. Aren’t there always, after all.

I’m not going to post a pic or a link here, though, because I don’t want to play a role in spoiling the surprise. I figure if you want to see it you’ll have the ingenuity to track it down.

Or you can wait until the official unveiling tomorrow. I’ll be there and hopefully I’ll get the chance to take some photos. Either way I’ll put up a post with a full recap.

In the meantime, what the hell are the <b>A’s</b> doing by trading for <b>Matt Holliday</b>?

40 comments to Orioles Uniform Unveiling: 25 hrs & Counting

  • dan the man

    Drew criticized the hat in his blog, saying it was unexciting and similar to the “stuffed” bird we have now. I really don’t have a problem with the bird logo now. Sure it’s not as great as the swinging bat cartoon bird, but hey, it’s not that Jays hat. It could be much, MUCH worse. In the regard, let’s give credit where it’s due and take pleasure in the fact that 90% of the uniform is better than it was. Progress. And no, you can’t please everyone.

    Still can’t find the damn thing though online. It’s gotta be somewhere.

  • dan the man

    Throw me a bone?

  • some facts.


    This is what I am seeing as the new hat design, on the left. It’s strictly an update of the current design. At least, this is the rumor…. we shall see tomorrow…


  • dan the man

    Well, it looks less constipated, that’s for sure. I approve.

  • dan the man

    The most noticeable difference is that the legs don’t appear “perched”.

  • dan the man

    And it’s head is raised like it’s proud, which I really like. Here’s a good comparison I found on OH. It’s clearly a hybrid of the 90s bird and the current bird.


  • Andrew in Rochester

    I approve. I actually was lying in bed last night worried we were going to look like the damn Blue Jays and their god awful hats. I was all set to start rooting for my backup team (the A’s). Whew. Of course, I will always love the cartoon head, and in my dream world we dismiss the O’s hats and put the cartoon (no white panel) on on Friday nights, but I think there’s something a little classier about the realistic bird than the cartoon one.


  • Brendan

    I think I’m one of the few people I know that actually like that bird. The black jersey and black hat with that bird looks badass.

    I’m glad they just modified it and didn’t go cartoon. The cartoon bird remains super cool because it’s “retro”. What if the Chargers went powder blue permanently? Then they just wouldn’t be as cool anymore.

    And I’m extremely happy they didn’t go the “fierce bird” route, as was rumored. That thing would have been horrendous.

  • neal s

    For the record:

    I’m leaving those links to the new hat pics live for one reason, which is that these are the same pics that have already appeared elsewhere. They’ve already been at the Hangout and on Uni Watch, so it’s not like having them here is doing any damage.

    But…please don’t link anybody to this post, telling them that the pics are here. Send ’em instead to wherever you found them first. And if you happen to come across any new pics between now and noon tomorrow, please don’t post them here unless they’ve already been widely distributed.

    I just don’t have any interest in breaking any news on this, especially so close to the event.

    Did we ever get a final tally on who’s going to be there tomorrow?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Would if I could…but it’s finals week, so unless someone wants to donate 200 dollars for last minute airfare, you won’t be seeing me.

  • some facts.

    sounds good Neal… I only heard who was attending through Roch’s post… Palmer, Nick, Trembley, etc

  • df1570

    Yeah, Neal, we – like you – pussed out on the whole “unveiling” thing earlier today. Why get the grief, right?

    We have pics of the uniforms and that horrible looking hat but we decided against posting them.

    At one point today, we decided to go ahead and post the pics. Then, we decided against it. A while later, we thought, “what the hell…who REALLY cares anyway that we have the stuff first? Let’s just post them…” And then, we just figured the right thing to do is let the Orioles leak it all to their TV network’s web-site. Lord knows it could use the traffic.

    Anyway, that bird on the hat is atrocious – unless you like looking at a stuffed animal that your uncle Ed has on the mantel in the shed.

    But the home and away jerseys look great…Baltimore on that shirt is cool as shit.

    That said, I hope everyone shows up tomorrow to tell them thanks for finallly getting their head out of their ass for the first time since 1993. I’ll be there…gladly.

    Here’s to hoping they don’t spell “BALTIMORE” wrong on the jersey. It’s been so long since they were allowed to use that forbidden word at the Warehouse that they probably forgot how to spell it.

  • Greg

    I agree with Drew.

    Shut. Down. EVERYTHING.

    What kind of paint is everyone huffing? If that is the “change”, it’s not much of a change. If by “fierce bird”, you mean by the clenched feet making it look like its about to throw some punches… then yeah… whatever. It’s the same stuffed bird with the beak and tail pointed a little further north. That’s it. Color me disappointed.

    This hasn’t inspired me to go out an buy a new hat.

  • df1570

    I’m sort of hoping beyond hope that somehow, someway, the hat we’ve all seen was either accidentally thrown out there or was maybe an intentional leak.

    But I doubt the team is that sophisticated, frankly.

    And when I got the hat on Friday of last week (or a pic of it, I should say, to clarify) I immediately called my contact to say, “Please tell me you’re f*cking with me…”

    I assumed it wasn’t the real thing.

    But I’m told that’s the hat.

    It’s horrible. Make that: HORRIBLE.

    But the road jersey does say “BALTIMORE” and I guess that has to be a fair-enough trade.

    Plus, they wouldn’t be OUR Orioles if they hit a complete grand slam on this, right?

    Of course not.

    That’s why we love ’em…

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Horrible’s probably too strong a word. The hat certainly doesn’t make you gouge out your eyes the way Toronto’s does, and it thankfully isn’t just a boring old ‘O’ or ‘B’ or ‘B and O’ like 95% of the teams out there. It isn’t extremely racist like Cleveland’s hat (or Washington’s football team, but I digress). That said, it’s not half as iconic as the Yankees or old Brewers hats, nor as classy as the Tigers or Red Sox hats, and it isn’t ever going to be as popular as the classic cartoon bird head, but heck, after all that, this “horrible” hat is probably top 5 of currently used everyday hats (since the Brewers only use their good stuff on Fridays). I’ll take an illustration over letters everyday of the week, unless it’s something hideous, and this really isn’t hideous. It’s simple and clean and really not worth getting hot and bothered about.

  • df1570

    AiR, you’re right, I guess.

    If you have high standards for hats and shit like that, you’re disappointed.

    Because 10 of us in a room could sit down over lunch and come up with something way more marketable than a stuffed bird.

    If you don’t really feel like getting “hot and bothered” about it, then, you won’t care that it’s awful.

    I get it.

    But they could have done much better.


  • neal s

    I might be in the minority on this, but I love the ornithologically correct bird on the hat. Always have, actually, and I’m extremely glad they didn’t change it.

    Sports is riddled with bad…no, terrible design. Everywhere you turn it’s a hodgepodge of half-ass trend-hopping and focus-grouped mediocrity. That Blue Jays cap is case in point. See also: everything about the Patriots uniform, the Arizona Cardinals’ “angry” bird, that nonsense the Broncos call a logo, the Buffalo Sabres, the Nashville Predators…I can go on.

    Point is, there’s something great about having a cap logo that doesn’t look anything like any other team in any other sport. It’s a unique approach that’s uniquely Baltimore, and it works. It looks classy and it’s utterly timeless — despite the need for an occasional tweak, that bird will never, ever look dated.

    So, yeah, I get that some folks aren’t excited by it. But when you really stop to consider the alternatives, you’ll quickly realize just how good we’ve got it.

  • Greg

    lol @ the sabres buffaslug

    I’m going to this thing tomorrow. I think I’m going to wear jeans, and a gray argyle sweater tomorrow along with the 1966 O’s hat (white face, black brim, cartoon oriole head), so if you happen to see me, flag me down. I’m more than likely going alone so I could use the company.

  • neal s

    I’ll keep an eye out, Greg. I’m really curious to see how many people end up going. I can’t even hazard a guess, but I hope it’s a lot.

  • df1570

    Just because other teams have shitty logos/hats doesn’t mean we should be willing to settle for our’s being shitty too.

    Yeah, that Bird on the front of the hat is timeless.

    Because it looks DEAD.

    You can’t look anymore dead than dead.

    10 years from now, it will still be standing there looking around as if to say, “where did the playoffs go?”

    C’mon Neal, you consider yourself a marketing phenom…let’s call it like it is. Me, you, a waiter at the Hyatt and some girl making coffees at Starbucks in Canton could sit down for three hours – MAX – and come up with something more exciting, more sellable and more marketable than Stuffy The Bird.

    I’m still holding out hope that tomorrow we come to find out that Stuffy The Bird is actually their Sunday cap and we’ll only have to see it 20-something times next year. And they’ll spring some other cap on us — something hot…active…fun…with a message – and say, “here’s what we spent all summer/fall developing…the NEW cap to go with our franchise’s NEW attitude and promise for success.”

    Everything and everyone tells me Stuffy The Bird is the cap for 2009.

    I can only hope we’ve all been duped.

    I’d GLADLY laugh my ass off if somehow tomorrow the O’s and Major League Baseball Properties have pulled a fast one on all of us.

    By the way, at 5:45 pm tonight, I called my contact in the merchandise industry who got me the hat (pic of it) last Friday and I said, “Dude, are you 100% sure that bird-thing is the real hat?” and he assured me it is.

    I hope he’s in on the joke tomorrow.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Once again we’re sort of in a battle for the final word around here, huh Drew? Frankly I can’t wait for the site redesign so we can hopefully just shoot up a poll of who likes the new uniforms tomorrow and skip this boring and useless conversation of “I hate it, it looks like a stuffed bired”, followed by the counter-point “I like it, it’s unique and timeless, IMO” then rebutted with “No it looks stuffed and I hate it”. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. It’s an opinion, speak yours and move along.

    I’d rather talk about the possibility that the Orioles might sign their first Japanese player ever this winter, if you believe what you read off mlbtraderumors (probably my favorite hot stove site, I won’t lie, even if I am a little ashamed): Koji Uehara, a 33 year old pitcher who actually doesn’t walk people. That would be some actual exciting baseball news to actually get me off the Ravens train for more than the 5 minutes it takes me to check mlbtraderumors every day.

    And yeah, the A’s made a big mistake getting rid of Greg Smith for the incredibly overvalued Holliday. And he’ll come back to earth quickly, I’m guessing.

  • neal s

    My policy is simple: Drew always gets the last word.

    I’m out of the business of promising the site redesign at any specific point (i.e., “next week”) because some of it is beyond my control. All I’m sayin’ is that it’s on the way, and I still think everyone will like it. Or, at least, like it more.

    I’ll get a Hot Stove roundup out sometime this week, too.

  • Greg

    Roch confirmed this evening that the new Stuffy the Bird is in fact the new Orioles hat logo.

    He also said some other things that made me happier:

    Orange and black stripe down the pants, like the 1983 uni.

    Maryland flag on both home and road jersey sleeves, with the word Baltimore on the home jersey sleeve, and the word Orioles on the road jersey sleeve (to contrast what it says on the front)

    Mad props to the OriolesHangout (of which I am a proud member)

    He also alluded to one more change that had the front office “Jazzed”.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    hey drew forrester i got a question. i think i know the answer but i’d like to hear it from you.

    at the heart of this city, at the true root of it’s soul, away from all history, prejudice, and hype…what are we?

    are we a football town or a baseball town. i think i know the answer but i’d dig it if you broke it down.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Why does it have to be one or the other? Right now we’d be biased and have to say football because the Ravens have been very, very good to us and they are waaay more exciting to watch over the last 10 years than the Orioles. But even I can remember a time when the Orioles were the toast of town. Sure we didn’t have a football team then (I guess the Stallions don’t count?), but if we had both teams doing well they would both be captured in the hearts and minds of the people. Besides, I’d assume that outside of the city an equal amount of people associate Baltimore sports with Cal Ripken as do Johnny Unitas. So why’s it got to be one or the other? We’re a two sport town.

    Oh, yeah, and baseball clearly > football.

  • some facts.

    Ben’s sychophantical posts really are the cutest little things arent they?

    “Gee Mr. drew, can you tell us again why we all like sports soooo much?” or “Gee drew, please post something negative that irritates people, that gets me all smiley inside…”

    Anywho… Who is going to the rally today, anyone?

  • some facts.

    Sweet! Here is a pic of Adam Jones with the new sleeve patch… looks better than I thought it might. Kind of fits in with the uniform nicely..

    I guess it also shows how much you CANT tell the hats are updated…


  • AIR, BBM, Drew, et al,

    1. Baseball > Football? Apples and oranges, dude. It’s a preference, which has little to do with the aesthetic realities of either game, which are worlds apart and I think — judged without considering preference, as all real qualitative judgments should be made — equal in quality.

    2. Does Drew have any background in design? Do most of the people who post here? That’s the problem with most sports franchises’ logo, uniform, brand identity, etc. It’s a bunch of sports guys with no background in graphic design, visual communication, or art making decisions about art, and the result is about what you’d expect. The RIGHT person for the job is a good graphic designer/visual communicator who happens to be a sports fan, a fan of the team. And there are plenty of them; they just don’t seem to be working in the front offices of major sports franchises. That said, Neal is absolutely right here: while far from a major brand identity shift, the ornithologically correct bird logo IS classic. It avoids all of the major pitfalls of most sports related design; it’s not overwhelmingly “new” a la the Broncos’, D-Backs’, etc. woefully self-imposed shelf life designs; it’s not over simplified; it’s not fierce for the sake of being fierce alone, and it can never really go out of style. It’s perennial like a pair of Levi’s and a black pocket tee; you could wear it in 1978 or 2008 and still get laid without looking like the douchebags rocking the style of the times. A few judicious tweaks here and there and it gathers new meaning and new purpose. I’ll be purchasing one asap.

    3. I will be at the rally. I’m rocking the work clothes, checked pants with a brown sweater. Classic, just like the Oriole bird, and I’ll probably be hanging with Neal.

  • neal s

    Knock it off with the name calling, some facts. I thought we covered this — in extraordinary depth — in the last thread? The conversations have been good since then, so let’s not go back.

  • random dude

    Right now I live in Charles County and work in Alexandria, VA. So I won’t be there. Hope everyone has a good time though.

  • neal s

    If you haven’t seen it, the Sun has a host of details.

    Also, that Adam Jones pic is awesome. I love the sleeve patch, at least in that shot.

  • some facts.

    sorry neal, I’ll try harder. promise.

    Is ANYONE expecting any form of suprises today? Thats my only question. The Sun seemed to lay it all out in great detail. Are we going to get a new warm-up jacket w/Baltimore on it maybe? (although I think they are released later in the winter)

    I’m happiest with “Baltimore” on the roads obviously. But all in all, I love the orange piping, and the fact that we didnt get some horrendous Patriots/BlueJays/Jaguars logo that reeks of the decade it was created in…

  • df1570

    The best part about today – besides reading all the “Bader quotes” in which he goes into great detail about how the franchise cares about the fans – is that right around 12:01 pm we can scratch “put Baltimore on the road jerseys” from our list of demands and start beating the shit out of the franchise to get us better players and a winning team.

    It all turns to spending money and getting players now.

    We finally made them cave in on the uniform issue – let’s hope they provide a better team in 2009 and return Baltimore baseball to its glory of yesteryear.

  • df1570

    Oh yeah, I forgot about BBM’s question.

    Baltimore is clearly a football town and it’s been that way throughout this decade.

    But that CAN change.

    It’s not up to the fans to change it…it’s up to the franchise (Orioles) to change it.

    But on the whole, Baltimore is football crazy in 2009 and barely aware of baseball anymore.

    The attendance numbers bear that out.

    And that’s not a low blow…it’s just a fact.

  • neal s

    I’m actually stoked about the fact that the Friday alts will also have “Baltimore” script, which means they’ll be rocking the city name at Friday home games. Those things are going to sell like crazy.

    And it’s cool, man.

  • neal s

    I agree with Drew about the football town vs. baseball town question, but I naturally disagree completely about who bears the responsibility. But that’s for another thread, I think…

  • df1570

    Gee, Neal, isn’t that amazing?

    Put “Baltimore” on something and the fans will like them and buy them…who’d a thunk, huh?

    I’m with you…that will be awesome to see…a home game with “BALTIMORE” on the front of the shirt.

    Of course – *ahem* – some people have been saying that for a long time…identify and reconnect with Baltimore and people might actually go to the games again.

    Not rocket science.

  • neal s

    New main page post just went up for continuing this conversation, and I’ll have another post after the event.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    some facts if you think i’m a drew sycophant i don’t know what to tell you other than study my posting history.

    i’ve been one of drew’s biggest critics on here.

    i’m a grown up who can set aside differences when i feel like someone might have something useful to offer – that is all.

    my question for him was an extension of a conversation i was having last night. for all the criticism we’ve given drew on this website he did grow up here (which is more than a lot of us can say) and he’s probably older than all of us which gives him insight about things like when the colts were here.

    i always thought it was a football town as well.