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Ravens-Redskins: Playoff Implications Abound

There’s a full slate of NFL football today, and discussion on any of it is welcome. The SteelersCowboys match, in particular, might get some traction.

All eyes, however, are rightly focused on the night game. The hated (by some, though I think it’s asinine in the extreme) Redskins make the trip to M&T for a game that means a lot to both teams’ postseason chances.

For the Ravens, a win means they either keep pace with the division-leading Steelers, or tie them at the top. All dependent, of course, on what happens in that Dallas game.

A loss would be bad, but I’d still like their chances at 8-5.

Another team whose chances would look a lot better at 8-5 is the ‘Skins, who basically have to win this game. They’re long since out of the running in the NFC East, and the wild card race is too competitive to lose ground now. People toss the term “must win” around way too damn much, but it’s pretty close.

I’m not comfortable predicting this, but I do think it will be a close game. Maybe something along the lines of 21-17 one way or the other.

Oh and that image above? I dug it up deep in an image search, and it comes from a site called Garters by Kristi, where they handcraft all kinds of strange and insane garters. I thought I’d give them some pub.

23 comments to Ravens-Redskins: Playoff Implications Abound

  • Brendan

    Skins play man and bring the house against Flacco. They’ve got the personell to do so, and Flacco’s still a rookie. Take advantage of some mistakes, muster a few points and the Skins pull off a 13-6 win.

    How’s that for being drunk, uh, I mean optimistic.

    It’s going to be freezing and windy, so a low scoring, very physical game, but the Skins get the MUST win.

  • dan the man


    Ravens pressure Campbell, who’s shown a tendency to get rattled when pressured, open up the Cam playbook a few times, and run run run. Close game until a few Flacco deep bombs in the 4th quarter, 24-14 Ravens.

  • dan the man

    God, it’s going to be so freaking cold tonight… Well, at least I’ll get the full on experience. Cold as balls, rabid and packed stadium, playoff implication game, beltway rivalry game, nationally televised game at night… whew boy.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    steelers catch a HUGE break with barber not playing. he’s one of the few backs that can challenge those linebackers. i will be a huge t.o. fan for a day.

    nothing would surprise me tonight, but i think the defense will step up as usual.

    ravens 24-10.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    also wade phillips is an idiot for calling out james harrison. wade phillips seems like an idiot in general.

  • dan the man

    Is it just me or in the last few days, people have been picking the skins to win more and more, whereas a week ago everyone was picking the ravens.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I don’t see anything that’s changed. It’s a home game, a must-win (even if the term is used a lot, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used a lot. The Ravens really need this game to keep up with the Colts/Pats/Steelers/Jets) for both teams, and the Ravens are on a roll whereas the Redskins are in a tailspin. Further, the Ravens have shown that they should be able to easily stop Portis, and after Portis what are the Skins going to do? Summon their overtly racism to stop Flacco?

    Nah. I don’t see a scenario where the Ravens lose tonight.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    hahaha what the hell does the last sentence of your first paragraph even mean air?

    good to see the giants armor weakened a bit today.

    and once again, matchups matchups matchups.

    the giants dominate the ravens then the ravens dominate the eagles then the eagles dominate the giants.

    it’s not even any given sunday anymore. it’s every friggin’ sunday.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    They’re the Redskins. Therefore everything about them is racist.

    The Giants game was a lot of horrible Giant offense, not so much great Eagles anything. It was exciting, but mostly because it was damn sloppy all around.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    yeah to be fair i didn’t watch that game. i just went by the headline i read – Eagles swarm Giants

    did anybody see the live shot of a players junk in the locker room on the fox broadcast? f’ing hilarious.

    guess they’ll call it a towel malfunction.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I missed that (I’m pretty sure I’m grateful, too). However, this Dallas-Pittsburgh game is sort of like staring at a man’s naked crotch, isn’t it? Since the last punt there’s been 3 fumbles. Meanwhile someone’s getting injured on like every play and just nothing is getting done. But I’m pretty sure that Pittsburgh is better than Dallas…

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    hahaha wow that play from romo to t.o. was crazy.

    go cowboys *shudder*

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I think Big Ben might be safer on his motorcycle than he is behind his offensive line right now. Hahaha awesome.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Ed Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I’m starting to get a little sick of Willis McGahee. Guy is in a Schrodinger’s Cat situation with his health, AND has he really been good enough when he’s playing to make him worthwhile?

    Meanwhile, this is sort of a classic Ravens game, isn’t it? The offense isn’t doing anything since that first drive. At the same time, the defense is dominating the game. I wonder if its the first sign of Flacco and co. getting tired from the long season wrapping up, or being on national television (which would be a stupid reason to have a mediocre game), or what? It’s a little bit of a shame, but hey – a win is a win, and we’ve got a huge lead in the 4th quarter and the crowd is LOUD. Can’t complain too much.

  • Greg

    So… McGahee is trapped in a box with a broken vial of cyanide?

    My my my… that IS a serious health situation!

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    not to pat myself on the back too much BUT:

    nothing would surprise me tonight, but i think the defense will step up as usual.

    ravens 24-10.

  • sci

    haha. I called it first – 24-10. Check the threads. Not that I can celebrate at all. Skins offense was awful yet again (not to take away from the Ravens D – they were great). Congrats to the Ravens.

  • dan the man

    Wow, what a game. It was damn cold. And loud.

    Flacco didn’t seem to be getting the ball out of his hands very well and he missed some open dudes. But he was also victimized by some dropped passes.

    McGahee single-handedly stalled the offense. Fortunately, it was the McClain show in the 4th quarter. They ate up so much clock just being predictable and giving him the ball. And then on the first pass of the drive, it’s a touchdown. That was awesome.

  • neal s

    Justin’s wrapup post is live.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    sci i don’t see your prediction anywhere. can’t you just let me rejoice in my first dead on prediction!? kidding, btw.

    also, do i know you? i never know on this site.

  • sci

    It’s under the NFL open thread from last week I believe. But if you didn’t know about it, you were just as right as I was. Congrats!

    You know me. I see you many Sundays and we’re going to start an Oi band together.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    haha yeah i thought it might be you.

    b’ois in the hood