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Ravens Win Big, Rays Seek Same

Sorry for the lack of a Sunday NFL Open Thread today. It got lost in the shuffle this morning, and I realized it as soon as I parked myself at Bert’s, with no way to update from there. Stupid lack of an iPhone.

Anyhow, I watched the Ravens game and came away impressed by what I saw. Flacco was a steady hand in there and the defense came up big. At 3-3 they’re now positioned as well as anybody could have wanted.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for Justin‘s take on the game.

Division-wise, the Steelers picked up another win to go to 5-1 while both the Browns and the Bengals lost (to the Redskins and the aforementioned Steelers, respectively). It’s pretty clear that the road to AFC East glory runs through Pittsburgh and only the Ravens have enough gas to give it a go. This should be a fun ride.

And now we have baseball, where the Pink Hats are currently up 1-0 on the Rays in the second inning. Much as I would like to muster some enthusiasm for this game, I have a deep sense of apprehension. I’ll be watching Mad Men instead, secretly hoping that the Rays do the impossible unlikely.

6 comments to Ravens Win Big, Rays Seek Same

  • random dude

    I know he lost a fumble, and it very well could have been a costly one had it been a closer game, but I thought McGahee played very, very well today. He seemed to have the burst that I thought he’s been missing all year. This was a fun one to watch, and left me in a much better mood than last week.

    I have, however, added Miami to the list of teams that I absolutely hate. This is only because they forced me to hear the announcers say the term ‘wild cat’ 847 times during a football game. That’s not an exageration. I counted.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Who is Don Draper?

  • neal s

    That’s an outstanding question, Andrew. I’m thinking maybe tonight we’ll get some clues. I have my theories, of course, but that’s for another time, another place.

    On the Ravens, it seems to me that with McGahee, McClain, and Rice they have the makings of an outstanding backfield going forward. As long as none of those guys get T.O. syndrome and start demanding more touches they’re going to be dangerous. That was a really nice, solid win today.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I’d like to say one thing to all of you who doubted me and my 40 dollars bet with Joe:


    Momentum and Experience means shit against David Price.


  • Andrew in Rochester

    Who is Dick Whitman?

  • sci

    A good day all around. Congrats Ravens fans. Flacco came through for you. Stick with him – he’s for real. And the Ravens D def proved you can’t fool a good defense with that “Wildcat” nonsense.

    Skins won (good for me). Rays won. Dallas got killed and Jerry Jones is now in full-on panic mode. It doesn’t get much better…