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Rounding Up the Best of the Rest

Here in the afterglow (for Ravens fans) of Sunday’s big win, I figure it’s a good time to step back for a few and run down some of the news from the rest of the local sports landscape.

This is the kind of thing I hope to get around to more often. One thing that should help is the new site design. If it ever goes live, it will have space for posting links and comments outside of the normal posting structure. That way I — and hopefully community members as well — will be able to mention things that don’t merit an entire main page post.

In the meantime, here are some news items/thoughts to mull over and, if you so desire, comment on.

MASN has announced that Jim Hunter, Roch Kubatko, and Phil Wood will be anchoring a Hot Stove show starting on December 12th. It’ll run on the network every Friday until the start of spring training. It should be a good show, but if MASN had their wits they would simply pay all of the charter members of the Loss Column Community (LCC) to sit around and talk baseball once a week. That would be a show.

I meant to announce this a few weeks ago: I’m one of ninety-or-so voters in the weekly DC Sports Bog Atlantic 11 Basketball Poll. For those of you who don’t know it, that’s a poll Dan Steinberg set up to rank all of the mid-Atlantic area men’s basketball programs. Check out the latest installment here.

If, in any given week, you want to help me vote, just fire off an email with your thoughts.

I may have traded in my sports hat over at the Examiner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still sneak it in. Like, for example, today’s post about NFL cheerleader calendars. Fun stuff.

Speaking of college basketball, I’m impressed with the Terps so far. The struggles against Georgetown and Gonzaga were to be expected, and those wins against Michigan and Michigan State could serve them very well in March if they can manage eight or nine ACC wins.

They figure to be a deeply frustrating team again this year, and they will struggle mightily down low. But, I never count a Gary Williams team out.

Speaking more of college basketball, what has happened to Loyola? Anyone out there following them closely who can tell me why they’re struggling so badly?

Wizards bad, Capitals good.

I know I’m forgetting something, but this seems like a sufficient brain dump for now.

25 comments to Rounding Up the Best of the Rest

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    phil wood is outstanding. i remember him talking on a dc sports station after the orioles acquired aubrey huff. something along the lines of:

    “my sources in tampa tell me he’s quite a dh, and i don’t mean designated hitter”.

  • neal s

    Yeah, Phil Wood is great. That show should actually be a nice addition to the landscape.

  • neal s

    By the way, what the hell is up with the Broncos’ luck at RB this year? Hillis is out for the season with a hamstring tear — isn’t that their third guy to go down?

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    karmic payback for shanahan’s decade-long dirty-ass chop blocking offensive line perhaps

  • neal s

    That’s too funny — I was thinking the same thing.

  • neal s

    Also, anybody have any info on the “Induct Art” thing that WNST tried to put together? They made a lot of noise about how big it might be, but I didn’t notice it at the game and their site is silent. I’m not trying to drag them through the mud, I just think it’s odd that they made such a big deal out of it and haven’t posted a follow-up, good or bad.


  • Greg

    So, Neal… when are you hooking me up with a radio gig to talk about sports?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Drew mentioned very briefly that there was a dee-fense scoreboard chant going on at the same time, and it was just too cold or something to get enough people going. I think his exact words were that “the effort was there, the results were not”. It was too bad, I was hoping to see something happen…but I suspect that this means one of three things: 1) WNST isn’t the be all and end all Baltimorean Sports Opinion Maker it claims to be, 2) It was incredibly cold if the fans didn’t want to chant, because they were pretty loud otherwise, or 3) Probably some combination of a lack of desire amongst the crowd in general, and it just being an inopportune time for a rally. And that’s really a shame on all available levels.

    So it goes.

  • dan the man

    So much news from one day at the Winter Meetings. This shit got exciting REAL fast. The highlights:

    1. Andy did, in fact, have conversations with Tex in DC. No offers made, but no team has really made an offer yet.
    2. Andy admits Burnett may be pricing himself out of Baltimore with the news of the big Braves offer. We shall see.
    3. Ramon rumored to be going to the Reds for IF/OF Ryan Freel + a mid-level prospect.
    4. Wieters may start in AAA for awhile and the O’s could sign a stopgap, possibly Dempsey’s nephew Gregg Zaun.
    5. DT says Patton will start in AAA and Johnson will remain a setup man.
    6. “Interest” in FAs Cesar Izturis, Jon Garland, LHRP Will Ohman, and Jerry Hairston (possibly as a backup plan if B-Rob gets traded).
    7. There has been interest in Daniel Cabrera from other teams! He could be had for a low to mid level prospect.
    8. Olson for Pie rumor continues to hang around, but I suspect Luke Scott is included in the deal as well for a pitcher, but that’s just my opinion.


  • dan the man

    Forgot one.

    9. Andy expects to meet with the agents of the Uehara and Kawakami later in the week.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    The sun had a quote that made me choke on my Michael Phelps flakes this morning from Andy MacPhail. “When asked…whether Orioles fans were ready for a pitcher from the Far East, MacPhail said: ‘I think Baltimore fans are ready for pitchers who get people out'”. Hiliarious.

    My reactions to yesterday:

    Great. We seem to be taking an active approach at the meetings, and that’s exactly what I wanted to see.

    I’m glad to see Ramon edging towards a deal (makes you wonder if that Chadford money is going to the Ramon Busfare Fund). I however don’t really understand grabbing Freel and Pie, in addition to acknowledging that Montanez and Reimold are in the story, too. You’d probably end up with Scott at DH, Pie in left, Freel as the fourth outfielder, Huff at first, Reimold at Norfolk, and Montanez released…I’m not sure I like such an arrangement (especially since we would then be without another pitcher…and say what you want about Garret Olson, but he’s a heck of a lot better than Alfredo Simon or Brian Burres, or Dennis Sarfate or whoever else is getting thrown out there).

    Couldn’t care less about Daniel Cabrera at this point. Non-tender him, trade him, keep him around, it’s completely uninteresting to me.

    Lastly, I’m glad to see Andy backing off Burnett and his insane contract demands, and not backing off Tex and his relatively sane demands. Jon Garland, Cesar Izturis, Uehara, and Kawakami – great. That’s pretty much the exact free agent class I’d target if I were him (…..and I assure you I’m….not….)

    Bring on day 2.

  • Ryan

    Hillis is the FIFTH tailback to be put on IR for Denver. He tore his hamstring and might require surgery. Kid was really good too. Whole team’s banged up.

    This week’s almost a guaranteed loss for the Broncos at Cackalacka, they ought to beat Buffalo at Mile High, and then who the hell knows about the game in San Diego?

    I doubt rather seriously they’ll lose out, and I guarantee that San Diego loses at least one more game this season, most likely to Tampa Bay. If they lose to Kansas Shitty on Sunday, they may as well call it a season.

    That being the case, it’s more than likely Baltimore or Indy at Denver in round 1 with a slightly healthier secondary with Bailey back. No offense, but if it’s Indy it’s a guaranteed loss for Denver; if it’s Baltimore it’s anybody’s game.

  • dan the man

    AiR, I agree. I’d be disappointed to see Montanez or Reimold impeded by Pie after their very good years. It’s three very good outfield prospects, two of which lack the defense Andy and DT value so much. But if you’re whiffing at everything, you’re not helping. That being said, I get acquiring talent when you can. It just seems odd for Andy, who has preached having as much pitching as possible, to deal Olson straight up for another outfielder.

    But …. it’s way too early to really judge this trade if it goes down. It could be the first domino in a long chain. Somehow I feel like Luke Scott is the odd man out, not Reimold/Montanez.

    I’m not going to get any work done.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    No…me neither. Not that I ever intend to get work done. Last night was fun, literally every 30 seconds a new story was coming up so you could just sit on trade rumors clicking refresh and you’d get something new. I wish they’d put up a recap of the day’s action, but oh well.

    I wonder what Luke Scott would bring us back in a trade? He’s cheap, team controlled for a while, but not young, and he can’t hit lefties to save his life. But he destroys righties, and he’s extremely streaky (although that could just be his splits playing tricks on us). I have no idea what a guy like that is worth out there. Hmm.

  • dan the man

    And you know, that quote from MacPhail about the fans just wanting a guy who can get people out (awesome, by the way), might be his way of saying, “I don’t believe in the pitchers we had before me (Penn, Olson, D-Cab, etc), I believe in the pitchers that I get.” Either way, you gotta love this guy.

  • Greg

    “I’d be disappointed to see Montanez or Reimold impeded by Pie after their very good years”

    Why? If Pie is the best of the three then he should be the one out there. If Pie is still awful after significant consideration by the Orioles, then Reimold will still be there in AAA to take his place. There’s no reason to assume that all four players don’t have places to go and be productive next year.

    Scott is older and has below average left field defense. He’s likely to be moved to DH or traded. Pie is at the point where he can start as a full time rookie on a major league club and plays defense well. Reimold has never even played AAA ball and has suspect defense he can work on while he’s there. Montanez is not likely to be anything other than a bench player, unfortunately… his bat is the only thing he really has going for him. Maybe a future in DHing.

    Pie makes a lot of sense to me.

  • dan the man

    Yeah, I mean, I hear that, too. I won’t complain if this deal goes down. It will be interesting to see what moves follow it, for sure.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    It’s more that I’m not a fan of giving up Olson for Pie straight up, especially if we’re getting Freel, too. I mean, do we need an excess of outfielders that badly? I’d rather get some infielders, already. Pie seems like a good pickup, but the straight up part bothers me. If they threw in something else. But that’s just me, and I recognize that a lot of people smarter than I disagree, so that’s fine.

    Looks like Ramon’s days are numbered. Like count on one hand numbered. I’m curious what we get back…like I said, I’m not crazy about all the rumors of outfielders coming back, especially with our shortstop deficiency.

  • dan the man

    I think maybe we are getting Marquis as well from the Cubs, if we agree to take on some of his salary.

    Also, Schmuck says it could be Ramon for Freel and two mid level prospects, which would be freaking amazing, honestly.

  • dan the man

    I’m not sweating the Pie thing too much. We’ll get some infield prospects before the winter is over, I reckon. I hope.

  • dan the man

    This thing is a done deal, folks, pending approval from the Commish. See ya, Ramon.

  • neal s

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming, fellas. Very cool. I’ll have a Hot Stove post up later tonight, but I’m telling you right now it’ll pretty much be a rehash of what you guys have already said here. Awesome stuff.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I think that fact that we only threw in a million is pretty great

  • Joe the Guy

    Oh no!

    No more jogs to first base?

    No more 0-4, 3k, 3LOB?

    I bet Weiters got wood reading that story. I know I did.

    I can’t believe it, really. Andy is kicking ass. I wonder if he wears a mask while he robs these teams, or if he waits for the cover of night. I might call him Robbie Robertson McPhail. Or maybe Bob for short. Im so happy Im spewing jibberish. Sweet.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i would only post this in a generic non-football thread after drinking the better part of a fifth of tequila tonight but…

    james harrison deserves to be defensive player of the year…

    unless ed reed has one more game like the last few. then…

    fuck james harrison and troy polamaloo…