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Save the Date: November 12

Lots of chatter today regarding an Orioles-related event at noon on November 12 down at Harborplace. The only official word so far is that there is an event, and that it’s being described as a “special announcement and fan rally.”

There is no — I must stress, no — official confirmation regarding what will happen at this event, but you’d be forgiven if you wanted to speculate that it might involve, I don’t know, new road uniforms or something like that.

If and when I hear anything official, I’ll pass it along.

55 comments to Save the Date: November 12

  • some facts.

    Neal, my friend deals with sports merchandising in the area, btw. He told me about the rally about 3 weeks ago, before the season ticket holder cards went in the mail. Say’s he hears its an “update” on the cartoon bird. A new illustration. The “O’s friday hat” is history. Again, even he says he cant seem to get anyone to say anything about it… frustrating!

    my guess is “cheap” t-shirts featuring the new logo. Cheap meaning not high quality design, just quick run offs like we saw that night when the Ravens logo was realsed way back in ’96. Maybe some adjustable caps on the 12th too. But hell, with xmas season looming, they better have the decent stuff ready to go.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    starting to look like mccalister might go on i.r. as well. so much for the conspiracy theorists i’ve heard at *ahem* wnst regarding harbaugh’s dishonesty about an injury that may not exist.

    looks like whoever limps to nine wins in the afc north wins.

  • Greg

    I think the Ravens can pull off a wildcard berth. That would be exciting.

  • neal s

    @some facts: that’s really interesting. I know that they’re keeping this verrrrry close to the vest, but like I mentioned earlier I kind of like that. I actually don’t want the surprise ruined, in a sense. Like not peeking in the attic before christmas. More time to speculate and enjoy some positive buzz.

    @bbm/andrew: good point about the football. How about I start trying to, at minimum, put up a mid-week Open Thread for whatever’s happening? On top of that, I’ll try to keep up better with things like the Williams injury.

    Look for that thread in a few.

  • dan the man

    Man, I started a shitshow huh? I need to stop listening to Drew’s show in the morning. Actually, Drew, you’re much less of a dick on the air than you are on this blog. But now that I know you look at porn like the rest of us and got fired because of it, well… that earns you a point in my book.

    But you still piss me off like nobody I’ve ever heard on radio before, so there’s a feather in your cap I guess.

    I agree 100% with JtG on the spending issue. I’d much rather get Burnett than Tex at this point. But hell, I won’t complain if they do get Tex – I’ll just complain when they won’t spend any money after getting him.