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Spring Notes 6

<a href=’http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/6wa05k6i.jpg’ target="blank" title=’baltimore orioles pitcher daniel cabrera’><img class="alignleft" src=’http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/6wa05k6i.jpg’ width="150" height="226" alt=’baltimore orioles pitcher daniel cabrera’ /></a><b>–</b> Yes, yes — it’s <i>finally</i> going to be <a href="http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baseball/bal-sp.orioles12mar12,0,2434290.story" target="blank"><b>Daniel Cabrera</b>’s year</a>. I like the big guy but I’ll believe this if, and only if, it’s still true in June.

<b>–</b> The <b>Blue Jays</b> have added former Oriole <a href="http://www.thestar.com/Sports/Baseball/article/339561" target="blank"><b>Armando Benitez</b></a>.

<b>–</b> More info on once and future closer <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/03/11/AR2008031102618.html" target="blank"><b>George Sherrill</b></a>, including the wtf quote "I’m ready to close but I just need to be ready to close."

<b>–</b> No need to jump the gun, but it’s certainly possible that we’ve <a href="http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/03/11/sports/BBA-Orioles-Trembley.php" target="blank">stumbled onto something special in <b>Dave Trembley</b></a>.

<blockquote>"I’m not intimidated by anybody. I’m not intimidated sitting across one side of the dugout from another guy. I don’t think anybody is particularly better than anybody else because of the uniform they have on or the organization they represent," he said. "I think it comes down to game by game, inning by inning, if you can get the most out of the players you have."</blockquote>

If attitude = wins then we’re in much better shape than we thought.

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  • dan the man


  • Andrew in Rochester

    First off, that Cubs offer is exactly what I want. But I wouldn’t take Marquis. Payton will be gone after this year anyway, Marquis would not. Stupid trade idea, that.

    And I was thinking last night, I think I’m more envious of what the Cubs and the Red Sox have (and to a somewhat lesser extent, the Yankees) because when you think Boston, you think Red Sox…same with the Cubs. They represent those cities, which are both pretty cool places to be, regardless of my hatred of the Pink Hats.

    But when you think Baltimore, nobody on earth thinks Orioles anymore. They stink and they have retreated from representing the city, and that stinks.

    I’m also jealous of winning organizations, but never in a thousand years would I trade places with a Yankee fan over the past 10 years. There so much hype every year on them because of where they play that it would just be overwhelming and then boring. Like, it’s boring because everyone assumes they’ll be in the World Series, and the hype won’t let them fail to do so, or people get anger and fired. Also, there’s no character in rooting for the Yankees, because the majority of the country does. It’s dull. I hope that made sense.

    But to see the Orioles make those right steps – we mentioned lots of times last year about baby steps they were taking. This year they’re celebrating the ’83 Champs, but you guys don’t think about it – you just criticize for not celebrating the ’66 Champs. Why? Why not try to focus on the positives of the present, and not the potholes of the past?

    And I still don’t understand why there isn’t a middle ground. Why do you have to be super-critical of the team constantly, or be a orange pajama wearer? Can’t anyone just be a fan who doesn’t overlook the bad, but certainly doesn’t overlook the good?

    I guess that’s what I’m trying to be. The O’s should take that offer, by the way. I love B-Rob, and I’ll root for him just as hard as I’ll root for Bedard in Seattle, but that’s a really good offer (without Marquis).

  • df1570

    Sarah admitted last week on the air she would kiss Maria Sharapova, so that got her another 1-month, no-cut contract. She has a good agent.

    I suspended the Orioles because they’re unprofessional.

    But, yes, as I noted on the air and in blog form, it also serves as a mechanism to prohibit me from calling, e-mailing or texting them asking for a player or executive to appear on the show with me through December 31, 2008. There’s no reason for me to contact them now…they can’t come on anyway, so why bother?

    It was long overdue, actually. I just gave them a few extra weeks to try and come around, but once they ignored my requests last Sunday, I knew it was time to shit-can them.

    No worries — we’ll still talk baseball on the show EVERY day and I’ll go to the ballpark and watch the games and if they decide to not let me in the pressbox, they can stick that credential up their ass and I’ll go with my friends who are still silly enough to contribute money to the club in the form of season tickets and mini-plans.

    They’ve gone out of their way to try and make my life difficult over the last year, but they never reached the promised land because, try as they might to get me to do otherwise, I still talk about the team everyday, still follow the team everyday and still plan on going to the games.

    I’ve now eliminated any reason at all to fight with them. They can’t come on the show. Period. I feel better for it already. I was getting tired of people telling me to “stop fighting with them”, because I didn’t know how to do it. I finally figured out how to stop fighting with them: Exclude them.

    My hope is that someday Andy MacPhail actually DOES run the organization and, when that happens, perhaps he’ll restore the club’s Media Relations Department to its once glorious status when it was under the direction of Rick Vaughn and John Maroon.

  • Chris

    I made that post when I was kinda drunk so I apologize for the vitriol. Drew, I am well over 30, but I still enjoy pegging Loyola girls with peanuts. Age shouldn’t negate that simple joy.

    It just makes me upset (and at the root of that emotion is jealousy) because you have lived to see teams you’ve invested time/emotion/money in win a championship. To hear people who have had that luxury whine like spoiled children makes me want to back-hand them like spoiled children.

    I may never live to see the team I have invested the most time/emotion/money in win a championship and it’s a scary thought. I am a fan of a team that doesn’t have it’s own stadium, that doesn’t play in the same state that’s in the team name, and that’s only come a game away from competing for the championship twice in my lifetime.

    I’m not trying to throw a pity party for myself. Just be thankful for what you have lived to see and for what you have. It’s very easy to take for granted. You could honestly have it worse, A LOT worse.

  • df1570

    Chris, I agree with you on a number of points, but your last one was the most poignant: “It’s very easy to take for granted.” Instead of saying that to me, you should be saying that to the Orioles. That’s what they’ve done to the city of Baltimore over the last dozen or so years.

    I never, ever took the Orioles for granted. I assumed, while I was growing up and spending all of my money on them, that they’d always be the same franchise. I was naive back then. I’m not so naive anymore. They’ve wrecked the franchise. Now, we all could certainly sit back and just say, “oh, what the hell…they’ll fix it someday.” We could have said that in ’99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. And, guess what? It’s now 2008 and it’s not yet fixed. Sure, we might have a guy in place that looks like he’s capable of fixing it, but better (or at least, equal) guys than him have tried to get this thing back on track and failed. Well, Pat Gillick didn’t actually fail. He was fired after being successful. Odd, I know. Anyway, about three years ago, I got tired of seeing the ballpark 3/4 empty and I got tired of hearing Joe Angel call the team “The Orioles” and I got tired of watching Kansas City, Cleveland, New York, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, etc. come in to Baltimore with their city’s name emblazoned on the front of their jersey. And, I got tired of hearing my friends who bought a restaurant downtown with their life’s savings tell me they were on the verge of bankruptcy because for 60 of the 81 home games, they weren’t doing any business.

    I got tired of it, and started speaking out about it.

    Now, I have a greater cause for concern. I’m worried that when my son is 8, these bunch of charlatans will still be running the club and, while the franchise will be worth $900 million by 2015, they might be on a 17 year losing streak at that point. And, except for the Boston and New York scallywags who stream in 20 times a year, I wonder if 10,000 people per-game will be showing up for the other 60 home dates in 2015.

    I wonder something about most of you. As passionate as all of you are, I wonder, honestly, how many of you have ever written the club, called the club or otherwise attempted to make contact with them to voice your displeasure on how they’ve wrecked the team.
    Any of you ever do that?

  • Steve h.

    you’re an fat gasbag forrester.

  • neal s

    Don’t be a dick, Steve h. Say something of value or say nothing at all.

  • steve h.

    …and you consider this guy consistantly spewing his anti-Oriole rhetoric on the site “something of value”? His posts are as consistant and frequent as his caloric intake.

    Give me a break Neal. How about…He’s a fat gasbag with a personal agenda for promoting his employer’s (Nestor) personal vendetta against Peter Angelos ….How’s that? Is the truth of any “value”?

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    if you hadn’t noticed, steve h, we tend to actually make points here and not resort to sophomoric name-calling and playground level insults. but if that’s the only language you know, take it someplace else you dim-witted numb-skull.

  • steve h.

    IMO, I did make a point about the the guy constantly ripping the O’s, and having an obvious personal agenda. Call it an observation if you will. I consider it a valid point…

  • neal s

    That is a valid point — when you make it like that — and it’s always good to see a new name in the comments. It was the name-calling and personal nature of the attack that raised the ire.

  • steve h.

    understood Neal.

    I just see this guy making nonstop, consistant attacks on the Orioles, and whats more tiresome…treating his personal opinions as fact. It’s tiresome.

    Stating that if we are all such passionate O’s fans… so why haven’t we written the Orioles and voiced our displeasure? …”Any of you ever do that?” he asks, obviously implying he has…

    My answer?… NO, I haven’t. and you dont know anything more about the successes and failures of the Baltimore Orioles than I do. PERIOD. And futhermore… I would NEVER assume that I was a better or more knowledgable fan than anyone else on this board, like forrester is doing, by assuming we all should feel the same we he does.

    You and your boss Nestor have an agenda/vendetta against Peter Angelos.