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Spring Notes 8

old school baltimore orioles logoNo surprises here: Kevin Millar has been named the cleanup hitter. Or maybe that ought to read “cleanup” hitter, since the absolute maximum expected production out of Millar would be .280 with, say, 18 HR and 85 RBI. But we all knew it was coming, so, eh.

For some strange reason, it seems that Dave Trembley still hasn’t decided between Guthrie and Trachsel for the Opening Day start. This is a giant no-brainer, isn’t it?

According to Miguel Tejada, “It was tough to be the losers every day.”

Say what you will about Melvin Mora, but if he’s happy and content then I think it goes a long way towards keeping this season somewhere near respectable.

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  • df1570

    In fairness of full disclosure, here’s my 2008 Orioles missive that is up at http://www.wnst.net...

    I’m not around today to do the give and take, but if any of you are up in Bel Air, we’re having a full day of basketball viewing at Looney’s Pub North and I’ll be around from 3-7 pm if you want to buy me a glass of wine to make up for all the nasty things you’ve written about me. lol

    Enjoy the blog…be nice to me, it’s Easter weekend. Have a heart.

  • df1570

    Sorry…blog is at http://www.wnst.net

    The … don’t work on a web address.

    I’m a dummy.

  • Greg

    Can’t blame Tejada for his attitude. I’d feel the same way. He was THE guy in Baltimore for a long time, and to play your best and have nothing to show for it game in and game out has to wear on you after awhile. I’m glad for him, but I hope he realizes that the Stros only won 4 more games than we did last year.

    I’m liking Mora a whole lot better than I did from what I remember last year. The guy played every day without a smile on his face, and I never got the impression he was thrilled about losing everyday either. But he is in camp this Spring with a good attitude, and he is saying all the right things… and his bat is doing a lot of talking too. Almost makes we wish I hadn’t wanted to trade him. If anything, the vets should be excited, not because we are probably going to have a worse season than last year, but because they can make such an impact on the younger players we’ve acquired.

  • sci

    Wow. Millar has to be the worst “cleanup” hitter in the majors. Hopefully this is the very last year we run out someone like that in the #4 spot. Honestly, it’s a little depressing. He was not needed anywhere in the Pink Sox lineup two years ago so they let him go. Now he’s our cleanup hitter to start the season. Ouch…

    Mora playing nice and extremely well this spring is a great thing though.

    Put me squarely in the Guthrie camp to make the opening day start. Got to commit to youth. That’s the point of the season right? Trax as opening day starter? Seriously? How is this a possibility?

  • Joe the Guy

    If Miggi still isn’t used to losing he isn’t going to like Houston much

    Maybe he should take a couple extra swings in the cage instead of camping out with the media and a box of tissues…

    DF – good blog per usual – couple things stood out

    *can’t compare Millar to ARod, apples & oranges

    *Adam Jones/Markakis speculation is right on – some great players crack under the spotlight in NY, Boston but some great players can’t handle the darkness either

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, technically, cleanup hitters have to be compared to other cleanup hitters, outside of RBI numbers – which are heavily team-dependent…but Millar is still far, far worse than any other “cleanup” hitter. I used to like the guy a ton, but I really hope we don’t ever see him again after this year.

    I was hoping Luke Scott would make the 4-hole, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in there by June. I expect good things out of him. As for Drewski’s blog, I think the difference in pitching in the AL versus the NL is overblown. I mean, the NL has Peavy, Zambrano, Hudson, Hill, Snell, Carpenter, Smoltz, Maddux, Young, Cain, Linecum, lots of good pitchers (and now Santana). The hitters are far stronger in the AL East, but the pitching is probably about the same.

  • neal s

    Drew, I don’t know what happened with you over the past few weeks but you seem to have had some kind of awakening. Maybe it was your decision to “ban” the O’s from your show? Maybe you had a “dark night of the soul” and realized that anger and cynicism take the joy out of sports? Maybe you sat down with Nestor the other day and realized that he’s out of control?

    Whatever it was, this fresh perspective is a great thing to see. It’s going to be a fun season.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Guthrie gets the opener nod…thank god. I totally get it if we want to protect prospects from rushing by signing guys like Trachsel or Uribe (not that I agree that these guys are protecting prospects but I understand the notion), but putting Trachsel on in Opening Day would just be…well, it’s like double-forfeiting.

  • dan the man

    Yeah this was a no-brainer.

    Costanzo, Terrero, Santos cut. Costanzo still hasn’t played in AAA so it’ll be interesting to see how he does in the middle of the Norfolk lineup.

    My only issue with the DT spring training is that our starting pitchers aren’t getting enough innings. Santana threw 6 the other day, and I don’t think any of our starters have sniffed 6 innings yet. Guthrie didn’t even make it 5 his last start. D-Cab had the most with 5, I think. Part of the problem, and it’s not DT’s fault, is that there are a hell of a lot of pitchers to evaluate for that 5th spot and the bullpen. But if the innings don’t ramp up significantly here in the last week and a half, our bullpen will be shot REAL early in the season. Do we have a guy that can go 8 innings outside of Guthrie and D-Cab on rare occasion? It’s for this reason, and Loewen’s control problems, that I think the O’s will go outside of the organization for their 5th starter, whether it’s from the Roberts trade or picking up a pitcher that was cut late in spring training from another team. DT wants 2 long relievers, right? Burres and Albers are your guys, lefty and righty.

  • Mike L

    first pitch is 8 days 14 hours and 22 minutes away. anyone here going?