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Sunday NFL Open Thread

In thinking about today’s game, a question occurred to me: have we reached a point where nobody can make the “dude, we should’ve kept Derek Anderson” argument anymore? Or would you still want him here either (a) starting ahead of Flacco or (b) backing up? It’s academic, I know, but I find it interesting.

Anderson’s full range of skills (or lack thereof?) will be on display today as the Ravens head to Cleveland to take on the Browns. Here’s an interesting take on the challenges the Ravens present, from a Cleveland writer.

Division-wise, the Bengals host Jacksonville while the Steelers play down in Washington on Monday Night. I’ll be at that game, incidentally, on the off chance anybody else is going and wants to meet up.

As I noted in the comments, I wasn’t able to track down Justin last week for the game recap, and so I don’t know if there will be one this week either. If you’re out there, buddy, get in touch.

Finally, on an unrelated note: one of my favorite people on the West Coast is Tony Larson, artist/illustrator/designer extraordinaire. He’s participating in MOvember to raise funds for the fight against prostate cancer. If you’re interested, please give Tony a visit here and consider donating to his effort. And while you’re there, check out some of his and his friends’ work. Great stuff.

Enjoy the games…

9 comments to Sunday NFL Open Thread

  • Greg

    It’s going to be a good game between two teams who are better than the world gives them credit for.

  • neal s

    I agree, Greg. The Browns have a lot at stake and a lot to prove here, and I’m not so sure that the Ravens are slam-dunk the better team. That and it’s a road game…

    Yet the Ravens have put themselves in a position this year where nothing is really surprising.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    sadly i think the browns win this game. if the ravens have a RIDICULOUS passrush they certainly have a good shot but i just have a bad feeling about those backup corners today.

    like, braylon edwards goes for 150 and two touchdowns.

    hope i’m wrong.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    also did anyone else read that story about haloti ngata in yesterday’s paper? rex ryan has become my favorite ravens coach of all time. when asked about how the league is finally taking notice of the big man rex was typical:

    “You hear about the all-hype team with Vince Wilfork,” Ryan said. “You watch the tape and you throw up compared to watching Haloti. To me, we’ll take this guy over anyone.”


  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    haha i didn’t account for edward’s butterfingers when making my prediction.

    this game = heart attack.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i love when i’m wrong.

    i am OFFICIALLY excited.

    i’ll also be happy if i never ever ever see josh cribbs play against the ravens ever ever again.

  • random dude

    I also hate Josh Cribbs. But WOW! What a game. When’s the last time you can remember the Ravens being down 2 TDs late in the 3rd quarter and coming back to win it. I honestly didn’t feel comfortable until Suggs got the TD. I kept envisioning Braylon breaking away again, but actually holding onto the ball while we were only up by 3. But it didn’t happen, HUGE WIN! 5-3, baby. I’m still Wacco for Flacco.

  • neal s

    That was an amazing win, coming back on the road after looking pretty flat. I mentioned while watching the game that we were witnessing the transformation of the Ravens. It’s a hell of a thing to see.

    Harbaugh, though, had better learn what that little red flag is for or it’s going to cost them a game.

  • neal s

    That didn’t take long: the national media officially “notices” the Ravens, at least if this piece from ESPN is any indication.

    Now I guess Flacco faces his next Big Test, way earlier than anybody anticipated: learning how to play with the lead.