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Teixeira’s List is Narrowing

As noted by Tom├ís in the last thread, the Angels have reportedly dropped out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes. This appears to be a real dropout, as opposed to the “will they or won’t they” dropout the Red Sox handed us last week. Emphasis on appears.

Assuming it’s true, the list is now down to two teams who haven’t claimed to be out: Orioles and Nationals. The Yankees continue to lurk, but their role seems to be more about the needs of a hopeful media than anything else. The aforementioned Sox may or may not be out, but at the very least it’s clear they won’t be the team that outbids all others in order to make Scott Boras that much richer.

I become less certain each day that a huge bid for Teixeira is the best move. I would love to see him here, obviously, but the price is outlandish. There’s one point I come back to that makes me think it might be OK: while the price is ridiculous in 2009, it might look like a deal in, say, 2013. That assumes that (a) we’re in a position to contend in 2-3 years, and (b) MLB doesn’t experience widespread salary deflation.

Some folks assumed the Alex Rodriguez contract with the Rangers was a harbinger of continued escalation. In fact it ended up being the high-water mark from which everyone else subsequently retreated. That’s worth thinking about.


In other news, mercurial big man Daniel Cabrera has signed with the Nationals. I wish him well.

And (as the Sun notes in that Cabrera link), one of baseball’s all-time great characters has died. Dock Ellis will be missed. I once had a conversation with a director friend of mine about developing a screenplay based on Ellis’ life. It never materialized, but here’s hoping someone does it. There’s enough material there for something amazing.

Finally, the O’s are apparently in the running for both Braden Looper and Tim Redding. I’d have no problem with either one (or both), but I still think that making a play for Ben Sheets makes sense. Injury history be damned.

58 comments to Teixeira’s List is Narrowing

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I agree, Drew. If Tex announces today that he’s going to anywhere that isn’t Baltimore…it’ll be time to bring down the hammer, because the Orioles will have dropped the ball mightily (if you believe the widespread reports of Oriole dormancy in negotiations lately…which I suppose I do). This is a big, big day for the Orioles: a watershed moment. And what happens next is going to really make or break the fanbase (well, as much as it can be at this point).

    And I swear I’ll be the loudest, most critical of them if they a) lose out, and b1) don’t explain themselves, or b2) explain themselves in a way that appears to take Teixeira, Boras, you, and me for fools. Frankly, if Tex ends up in Boston or New York or Washington, I don’t expect an explanation. I will be angry.

  • df1570

    Andrew, the O’s WILL explain themselves. They’ll arrange a hastily called press conference tomorrow afternoon when most of the working world is thinking about anything except Mark Teixeira. It will be done by phone. And no one that really wants to sit down and ask about the process (like me, for instance) will be allowed to do that.

    However, sometime next week, someone from Orioles.com or MASN will get the chance to quiz Andy on how it all went wrong and you’ll get the explanation you want and deserve.

    But they will not allow anyone not under their thumb to have any access to Andy that might result in the team being thoroughly questioned about how they couldn’t even get the kid who grew up 25 miles away from the ballpark and hinted as loudly as he could over the last 16 months that he’d eventually like to play in Baltimore.

    That, I assure you, will not happen.

  • neal s

    Ugh. New main page post coming, wherein we can indulge the fallout.

  • dan the man

    Tex will be an Oriole. And I will rub it in Drew’s face over

    and over

    and over

    and over

    and over


    And if I’m wrong…. then nothing changes since Drew is always right.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Drew, I mean no disrespect or offense, because I love you – I really do. But I couldn’t care less who asks the questions. You’re always talking about “the tough questions”, but I have no idea what those are. What hard question do you want to ask Andy MacPhail about Teixeira that won’t get asked?

    “Why won’t you spend money?” He’d just reply that the bidding got out of hand or whatever his excuse will be, which we’ll hear anyway.

    “Why aren’t you spending the MASN money?” He’d just offer something akin to “We won’t discuss our budget” – and I sort of see his point. In a negotiation, it’s certainly better that your opponents, and whoever’s agent you’re talking to, not know how much money you have to spend.

    So what would you ask him that won’t get asked anyway? And I still doubt that there’s any public excuse anyway…it’s hardly Andy’s style to be transparent in his dealings (which, ironically, is the only thing that has me clinging to hope today).

  • df1570

    Dude, I would LOVE to have the Orioles sign Teixeira.

    It would be, other than the team finally caving in and putting Baltimore back on the road jersey, the most glorious day we’ve had as baseball fans since 1997.

    You remember that year, right? That’s the last year the Orioles played a game that mattered for all of us.

    You could rub “O’s sign Tex” in my face from now until opening day and I’d gladly take it.


  • df1570

    Andrew, I don’t know that I love you, but I think I like you a lot.

    Close enough?

    I’m sure you don’t care about “tough questions” but that’s because you’ve been conditioned – well, evidently – to not really CARE about the answers.

    And it’s almost not even about answering tough questions.

    It’s about their communistic style of not even allowing the questions to be asked.

    If I ask a hard question and they dodge it, that’s one thing.

    Not allowing anyone to ask a legitimate question is just bush league.

    To me, that is.

    Maybe not to you, though.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Com’on! I thought we could go fishing later. Maybe head out to Perry Hall and try to bowl a 900 together. Or something.

    And maybe I have been conditioned, but you didn’t answer my question. Was it…TOO TOUGH FOR YOU!?!?!

    Yes, I agree that it’s stupid that the Orioles have blacklisted you. Although, I dunno, this is most likely a case of both sides being wrong and neither willing to admit it. There’s certainly more than a little bit of anger on both sides, and more than a ton of badmouthing to go around. It’s too bad, is what it is. So it goes.

    But I’m satisified with the questions being asked. I don’t listen to Anita Marks, so I get my question and answer info from Roch and Schmuck mostly, and what I get I’m satisfied with. I never walk away from the interview thinking “Why didn’t they ask about this?” or whatever.

    So what aren’t they asking about that’s so important?