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The Sports Latitudes: Mostly O’s Edition

Eddie Murray rulesI’ve had a few interesting things building up over the past week or two, so here we go:

This one comes from the “this is what the Internet is really for” files: NumerOlogy, a site dedicated to Orioles uniform numbers.

It’s an absolutely amazing piece of work, chock full of both interesting information and incredible photos. I can’t imagine the effort it took to put this thing together, but I’m grateful. Plan on wasting a good chunk of your day upon clicking the link.

A site called Hardball Scouts sent me an email a few days back with their list of the Orioles’ top 20 prospects. Check it out here. You have to figure it’ll change if/when the Erik Bedard deal goes through, but it’s a decent list.

For my part, though, no rundown of O’s prospects means much until we’ve seen some of these guys sort it out at Spring Training and then in the minors this year. Who can really say what the difference is — right now — between Adam Loewen and Troy Patton? 2008 is going to go a long way to establishing just what we have on the farm, and to what extent we can count on it in the next few years.

Admit it: you’re dying to know what’s up with Jay Payton. Well, wonder no more.

You might not realize it, but Baltimore has a new indoor football team, the Baltimore Mariners. They’ve taken the place of the short-lived Baltimore Blackbirds, who were around for one useless season. They’ve also got cheerleaders.

I’m officially in “no idea why it’s taking so long” territory with the Bedard trade. As of tonight, he’s still not in Seattle. Also as of tonight, it still looks like the trade will happen. At some point. Eventually. Soon.

That’s about it for now. Posting might be light over the next couple of weeks, depending on what happens with trades and such. This is The Great Lull for sports fans, as we wait between the end of football and the beginning of Spring Training. As always, though, seize the day in the comments if something strikes your fancy that I haven’t covered in a post.

Also, feel free to take this time to send me any suggestions you have about the site. Want something changed? Have a comment on the layout or design? Want to write a guest post? Want more coverage of something? Send me an email and I’ll do what I can. Thanks for all of your support.

(that bad-ass photo of Eddie Murray, by the way, comes from Robert K. Hamilton at the Sun)

13 comments to The Sports Latitudes: Mostly O’s Edition

  • dan the man

    Great post. That NumerOlogy site is why Orioles fans are indeed some of the most die hard and intelligent baseball fans in the game, despite our current bitterness about things.

    And a really interesting Payton link – that’s the kind of thing that no one notices with all this trade mess. The guy had a crap year, but he isn’t done and he’s apparently working hard. He just doesn’t have a place on this team and it would be both smart and classy to get him to a competitive team. That’s pretty much a lock to happen, I would think.

    Speaking of 4th outfielders – I found myself watching MLB.com O’s highlights from last season by way of the individual player pages on the Orioles.com roster site (I recommend it if you need to scratch that baseball itch). And Tike Redman, man. I like Tike. He likes going opposite field with that little chop/slap swing of us. Somehow the guy was just getting hits – and not just singles either. Which brings us to the spring training topic, that it will be interesting not only to see what we have in our slew of young pitchers, but also position-player question marks like Tike, Luis, Moore, Fahey (will this kid ever hit?). All the guys that were easy to get behind and had relative success the last month or two of the season. Can’t wait, crappy sub-.500 team or not.

  • neal s

    This is worth a post by itself, but let’s consider the current numbers:

    You have to figure they’ll carry 12 pitchers. Then, add the following 7 starters:

    Ramon Hernandez
    Kevin Millar
    Brian Roberts
    Melvin Mora
    Luke Scott
    Adam Jones
    Nick Markakis

    That’s 19. Let’s say that Luis Hernandez gets the nod at SS, which puts us up to 20. You’ve gotta have a backup catcher, so that’s 21.

    Gibbons gets a spot (unfortunately) — that’s 22. Huff makes 23.

    Jay Payton will almost certainly get the fourth outfield spot. That’s 24.

    After that, then what? Freddie Bynum? Tike Redman? Scott Moore? Mike Costanzo? Brandon Fahey? Maybe they only carry 11 pitchers — that could open up a spot.

    This is all assuming that we don’t see any more trades. One Roberts-to-the-Cubs trade throws it all for a loop.

  • neal s

    Another great link that, frankly, should be in the original post:

    PressBox talks to Dave Trembley

    It’s my mistake that this isn’t in the post, but now I feel like putting it here has more value than going back and editing.

  • dan the man

    @ your first comment: You would think the O’s want to find a spot for Scott Moore, but you’re right, the roster is tight. If Payton gets traded, Tike is your 4th outfielder. Bynum should get the infield backup role. I believe that’s 25 with 12 pitchers. Of course we would love to see Gibbons get waived in favor of a guy like Moore. Maybe this offseason isn’t done yet after all.

    @ your second comment: DT is so great because he says things like this:

    DT: I think it’s the Baltimore Orioles’ way of doing things. I think our responsibility is to implement the way to play the game and the philosophy that’s agreed upon by all of us that are a part of the Baltimore Orioles.

    The man has a vision, and that’s to restore the credibility of this team back to what it was in the past. How many times have we seen quotes like that where DT will pass up talking about an individual to instead speak of the pride of the franchise instead? Fans love that shit and the guy just seems to get it.

  • Joe the Guy

    welcome to Oriole’s Purgatory

    welcome to the Great Lull

    They need to understand that without making these trades we cannot truly begin rotation/lineup speculation.

    Without even the promise of Heavy Speculation I may never survive The Great Lull.

    They’re tying my hands.

    They’re trying my patience.

  • dan the man

    “How many times have we seen quotes like that where DT will pass up talking about an individual to instead speak of the pride of the franchise instead?” That sentence is a product of 2:11AM.

    Roster speculation is all but impossible right now. What’s worse is that it really doesn’t hinge all that much on this Bedard trade (if it’s the 5 for 1 as reported). It hinges more on a possible Roberts trade. If Payton in included in either, it would go a long way towards making things a little clearer. He obviously doesn’t want to be here.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    It’s stupid that the roster is going to be tight, and either Scott Moore or Tike Redman or heck, even Freddie Bynum are going to Norfolk because we’re stuck with a bunch of has-beens in Huff, Mora, Millar, and Gibbons.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll it many times yet in the next few years: The Detroit Tigers started turning it around when they lost 119 games. They HAD to wait on their stupid signings to go away before they could really do anything because of this exact same stupid roster tightness.

    You trade who you can and draft as best you can to give you a good young base (Guthrie, Loewen, Markakis, Jones, Wieters) and then slowly supplement that with free agent signings (we don’t have anything like that yet, but one would imagine that Tex pops into most minds – but the Tigers had Pudge Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez, Kenny Rogers to illustrate my point). When the bad contracts run out, then you’re left with a good talented base, and bam, you’re the 2006 Detriot Tigers, and then the 2008 Detriot Holy-Fucking-Shits!

  • dan the man

    That’s what I’m saying. I can’t see MacPhail wanting to throw Payton and Gibbons out there, or Huff for that matter, when the plan is to get younger. We’ll see. Gibbons will be on the DL the first couple of weeks serving that suspension. How can they really tell a guy like Scott Moore to go back down to AAA in favor of Jay Gibbons, who clearly has no baseball left in him? If you trade Millar or Huff, then fine, bring in Gibbons since he’s got the stupid contract. But I can’t see how they will make room for him with Huff, Millar, Moore, and Scott. It’s going to be great Orioles theatre this year.

  • dan the man


    Check out the highlights of Sarfate…kid can throw!

  • dan the man

    Man, that “baseball card of the day” blog on NumerOlogy is SO GOOD. Just had to say that. Required reading for all TLCers.

  • random dude

    Big win for the Terps tonight. Unfortunately I had to watch the ESPN game cast. Stupid ESPN U.

  • dan the man

    Just noticed that there’s a Nick Markakis bobblehead night at OPACY and the visiting team is Miggi & the ‘Stros. Count me in for that one. O’s also play the Mariners early in the season, I might try and check out Bedard make waste of our entire lineup with the off-chance bonus that maybe we hammer him if he’s anything like he was in the beginning of the last season, that is to say, not that good.

  • KonaBoy

    Here’s a good write-up of the Trembley-esque Boudreau from ESPN, which had chosen at the beginning of the season to document one team’s progression. With such a good dramatic reversal of fortunes this year, I’m sure they’re pleased they picked the Caps.