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The Sports Latitudes: New Beginnings Edition

Robby Gordon Dakar RallyWherein we begin with a few Orioles notes…

The Mariners still have a strong interest in trading for Erik Bedard. I’ve also read that Toronto still likes him, and I suppose we can’t completely discount the Reds. Nothing appears close, though, which tells me that nothing’s going to happen before spring training.

Here’s an interesting article about recently acquired Mike Costanzo. Dig this nugget:

Then, former Phillies general manager Ed Wade, now the Astros’ GM, called Costanzo and told him how much he liked him. But Wade had to part with Costanzo in the deal with the Orioles.

“He told me I was the key part of the trade, that they wouldn’t do it unless I was a part of the deal,” said Costanzo, who plays third base.

Here’s a short piece on Dave Trembley. Nothing new there, but it’s worth a read.

Here’s a piece on the O’s prospects. Again, nothing new but worth a look.

Moving on…

If you haven’t been tracking WNST‘s reaction to the Brian Billick dismissal, you’re missing out. Head on over to the site and read Nestor and Drew‘s latest blog posts. There’s a whopper of a conversation taking place.

If you’re still out there, Drew, I’ve got a question. I heard you insist repeatedly this morning that Ozzie Newsome didn’t want to let Billick go. You refuse, though, to talk at all about your source. I understand you can’t give a name, but it’s simply not enough, journalistically speaking, to just say “trust me, I know.” What kind of source do you have? Are we talking a high-ranking official or just someone with the team? And have you done your due diligence to corroborate the story?

You’re effectively breaking the news that Newsome lied during the press conference and that there’s a high level of dissent within the management group. Those are serious charges that need to be treated seriously.

Rex Ryan will be interviewing for the vacant spot in Atlanta, in addition to his interview with the Ravens. He’s also been contacted by the Dolphins, but no interview has been scheduled.

Had enough football drama for awhile? Check out this article about the Dakar Rally. Seriously fascinating stuff, made even more so by the fact that an American has a legit shot this year.

20 comments to The Sports Latitudes: New Beginnings Edition

  • df1570

    When Jay Glazer tells you who told him that a Ravens exec (Cass) was polling people in the organization last Friday to determine if the club should fire Billick, I’ll tell you how I know about Ozzie.

  • neal s

    Fair enough, man, but here’s the thing:

    This is a bombshell of a story if it’s true, and I don’t think you’re lying. I think you do have information, because I don’t think you’re the kind of guy that would roll with a rumor. Having said that, you’d have a lot more credibility if you said something like this:

    “I’ve talked to two high-ranking Ravens officials, both of whom declined to give their names but who have confirmed to me on the record that Ozzie Newsome did not want Brian Billick fired.” Then, work your sources a little more to find out as much as you can before putting it in a blog post or on the air. As news.

    As of now, you’re still firmly in the realm of opinion. To me this story belongs in the realm of news, and I’d like to see NST break it.

  • df1570

    I did break it.

    You’d “like to see ‘NST break it”…that’s funny…as if you’re a big fan of our’s and want to see us get credit…lol

  • neal s

    Well, first, I am a fan of the station. That ought to be obvious. How often do you see me talk about BAL or JFK here? I don’t think you guys are right all the time, but I’m still a fan.

    And second, why wouldn’t I want you to get credit if you have it first?

    Little sensitive, maybe?

  • df1570

    I do have it first.

    So, then, how do I cash in my “credit chips” with you? lol

  • dan the man

    Drew, talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, man. YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

  • dan the man

    It’s good to have you back, but it’s funny how defensive you are about some shit. Take it easy. We all like to hear your opinion because you are a respected source of sports info in Baltimore. But when you’re challenged to be a little more specific in giving that information, why not take it as constructive criticism or at least explain yourself as to why you weren’t more specific. No need to be snotty and defensive. Your job is a rare one and you shouldn’t be so quick to toss your listeners and, yes, supporters, aside with snide remarks.

  • dan the man

    Count me in as a guy who is excited about Costanzo, btw.

  • neal s

    Seriously, Drew. If you’ve never considered going into politics then you really should.

    But I get it. You’re not interested in a free exchange of ideas on this. Your point is made for everyone to see, and in light of that I suppose I’ve got nothing else to say about it.

  • Joe the Guy

    A new third basemen!

    Finally. I’m surprised we didn’t toss him in the Miggi deal after the fact, hoping the Astros wouldn’t notice…

    I hope Mike doesn’t mind if I call him George…I just can’t help it.

    but I’ve heard from two high ranking Seinfeld officials that he won’t mind the nickname……

    The Orioles, of course, wouldn’t comment when I asked

  • Joe the Guy

    that ambiguous “him” I vaguely and poorly referred to was Melvin Mora for anyone who can’t decipher my jive

  • df1570

    Christ, talk about freakin’ defensive.

    NO ONE with a brain tells people where they learn stuff when that “stuff” isn’t for public consumption.

    Jay Glazer won’t. Mike Preston won’t. I won’t.

    If you don’t think I know what I’m talking about, I’m actually OK with that. Think what you want.

    But don’t get pissed off with me because I can’t tell you anything else other than…”I know”…

    I’m sure the Ravens are STILL trying to figure out how Jay Glazer knew about the secret polling of the janitor, chef, masseuse and office cleaning people.

    I can’t say anymore about anything I’ve found out about Billick’s shady, shameful termination other than, “I know”.

    Saying anything other than that could somehow, possibly, implicate people that I’m not interested in implicating.

    Believe what you want.

    This…*what’s happening right now*…is one of the reasons I can’t hang out here much anymore. It’s nothing against you guys. You all seem like reasonably good people.

    But I’m not going to hang out, chat, defend myself, get shit on, get accused of being an asshole or snide or snotty, defend myself some more, chat some more and get called an asshole again.

    I already do that 20 hours a week as part of my job.

    It’s not you guys. It’s just the way it is. I like the site, enjoy the perspectives of “the common fan” and think you all are on top of most things sports.

    And I don’t care about being called an asshole or any other critical comments you throw my way. It happens to me every day (well, at least Monday through Friday) just about. Snide, snotty, dick, ass-kisser, piece of shit…I get it all, believe me.

    I’d rather just get called an asshole from 6a-10a and then be a regular guy the other 20 hours of the day. Maybe that’s not possible, but that’s what I’m holding out for.

    I’d hug all of you right now if I could, but I can’t.

    So carry on.

    Go O’s.

    58 wins or bust should be their motto.

    Unless Luke Scott has a bang-up year and they hit the 65-win mark.

    There won’t be any O’s controversy to talk about until late March when they deny me a credential for ’08.

    And, even then, I’m not sure I’ll care all that much.

    Speaking of politics (since Neal brought it up) — is there any way at all we can just have NO ONE win next November? Sort of like the baseball Hall of Fame might not vote anyone in this year…can we do that in our country?

    Probably not.

    What the hell, then…elect Ron Paul.



  • Joe the Guy

    so many people have died to give us the right to vote that we HAVE to use it on some asshole…

    or maybe that’s what they want you to think…have I been brainwashed and didn’t realize it until now?


    I sympathize with your post, but the Common Fan is pretty tired of the Common Media Guy throwing out words without backing them up.

    It’s not your fault, it’s the nature of the Instant Gratification Media in General, but especially in sports…

    But I hear ya….Anyways:

    I’ll take the OVER 58 and the OVER 65 – lemme know what we’re betting

  • KonaBoy

    Joe, I don’t know about you, but I’m sure as hell gonna throw wallets loaded with coupons onto the field when hits a homer while yelling “I was in the water!!!”. And no, the jokes connected to him will NEVER get old. LOL Oh man…bring on the 50-win season and a pitcher named Kramer!

  • KonaBoy

    *Costanza is to whom I am referring in case your jedi mind tricks are turned off.

  • dan the man

    I bet Clemens has shrinkage..


  • dan the man

    Um… so yeah, that 2632 blog? Apparently a pro-Obama political machine in the offseason…

  • steve H.

    wow…is there anyone else left in Baltimore, who doesn’t realize what a complete and total A**hole Drew F. is?

  • neal s

    I try to keep it above that level, Steve. I have a feeling that he’s been getting it from all sides with the Billick thing and is more than a little frustrated. In general he’s been a welcome addition to the discussions here, even when it spawns disagreement.

    That said, I think WNST could have handled the last week much, much better. But they didn’t ask for my help.

    Welcome, by the way. Always good to see a new name pop up in the comments.

  • random dude

    To be honest, I got bored with this article about half way through and didn’t find it that good. But I think the first few paragraphs are pretty interesting and REALLY relevant to everything going on right now. It lists coaches that have been fired after the owner/team officials told them they were safe. I have no idea how similar those situations are to the one we just had (and again, I saw no problem with the way it was handled), but just thought it was worthy of a note.