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UMBC on the Brink

<a href=’http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/125px-umbcretrievers.png’ target="blank" title=’UMBC Retrievers logo’><img class="alignleft" src=’http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/125px-umbcretrievers.png’ alt=’UMBC Retrievers logo’ /></a>Tomorrow (Sat.) at noon, the <b>UMBC Retrievers</b> take on the <b>Hartford Hawks</b> at home with an NCAA Tournament bid on the line. Folks have been calling this the biggest college basketball game in Baltimore history, and if that statement is incorrect you’d have to go a long ways back to find one bigger.

A win tomorrow would pretty much wash away <b>Maryland</b>’s useless performance against <b>Boston College</b> yesterday.

The game is on <b>ESPN2</b>. It’s gonna be a good one.

2 comments to UMBC on the Brink

  • Mike L

    i can’t wait. were also guaranteed another team representing the great state of MD as coppin and morgan are facing off in the MEAC finals.

    A little off topic, but i feel it should be addressed…

    We all have gone back and forth and ranted and raved with drew latley. but his last comment i would like to thank him for for giving me an idea.

    On one hand, I personally have no reason to call the orioles up and voice my displeasure like Drew has. Why, beacuse who the hell am i? i’m joe blow fan. No matter how big a fan I am it is irrealavent to them. Drew, i’m sure you have called the front offices, and you can get away with it being the media figure, and knowing the people inside the closed doors of the warehouse…Which is fine. and that got me thinking…

    I’m just one fan. Drew is just one radio host, and unlike the green bay packers, none of us fans own stock in the team and have a say in certain things. it seems to me drew’s biggest gripe(besides the team losing year in and out) is the name Baltimore not on the road jerseys, and logo. Well, it’s not doing anyone any good to sit here and bitch about it to each other over and over again. I could call the FO everyday and complain, Drew could do it, the 20 or so of us that regularly post here could pickett outside the stadium, and nothing will happen.

    What could get Baltimore back on the jerseys…A Petition. I mean a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng one. The total attendece from last year was 2,164,822 people (according to espn). Subtract the out of town fans, and make it roughly 2 million. A petition with that many names will make an impact 2 million times the size of just me making a phone call, or writting a letter. And if that gets baltimore back in the team name, then we can all say “The BALTIMORE Orioles, (and Peter Angelos) have done something for ME. I asked by signing my name, and I have received.

    It doesnt guarantee that the O’s will win more games, but if people out there feel the O’s owe them something(like Drew), why not that something be this. And in the event the fans ask for it, and the fans get it, then you cant say the FO doesnt care about the fans anymore.

    What does a “free the birds” rally/ walkout prove? Nothing. Because angelos still gets his money you spent for that seat. even then it was what, 1,000 people, maybe? I belive when I go opening day, just in the bars pregaming, and on eutaw street before the game, and around the concession areas between innings, i could get 20,000 that day alone. Then, at the end of the year, regardless of the teams performance this year we turn it in. (Somehow get it to MacPhails desk, not Angelos’).

    The criteria for the petition will be as follows…

    Prior to the start of the 2009 season:

    1. Putting Baltimore on the road jersys
    2. Putting Baltimore on at least one logo the orioles carry
    3. The FO answers phones using Baltimore Orioles instead of just the orioles.
    4. Local Radio/TV analysts must use the word Baltimore noticably more.

    I dont know if people have tried this in the past, but its worth a shot. I frequent bars enough anyway, and what better place to interact with other fellow BALTIMORE fans, so I might as well get started.

    Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?

    I hate the yankees. GO UMBC!!!

  • neal s

    I’ll get to what Mike L said, but…

    Hell of a first half by the Retrievers! They’re shooting lights-out and absolutely dominating a Hartford team that looks thoroughly overmatched. If their Terrapinitis vaccines are up to date they should be able to cruise through the second half to their first ever tournament berth.

    Morgan vs. Coppin later today on…wait for it…ESPN Classic. I’m pulling for the Eagles in this one, but it’s truly a win-win.