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Where Do We Go From Here…?

roadside graves album coverI’ve been listening a lot lately to a band called the Roadside Graves. One of their best songs is called “West Coast” — you can hear it at their site, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. You can also see an acoustic performance of it on YouTube.

It starts out like so:

I’ve got a name / And I’ve got a place / For every scar / You see on my face / And I’ve got a heart / It won’t quit, it won’t break / No matter what you do

What I can’t figure out is: am I quoting these lyrics because they remind me of the team, or because I have a feeling that these are words we — fans — will need to heed as the season stumbles on?

Jeremy Guthrie vs. John Parrish tonight. Go Birds.

36 comments to Where Do We Go From Here…?

  • neal s

    So far, so good. Aubrey Huff will probably have huge value if a decision is made to move him soon.

  • neal s

    Also, @ JtG: Vampfangs?

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Pretty damn good pitching from Guts. I’m glad we at least have our staff veteran in place already. Now fill in with 1 ace and at least 1 more guy with tremendous upside and fill in with holdovers from our current rotation…Viola! I found this championship over here!

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    New TLC campaign, counter acting this foolish RUSH WIETERS business:

    PUSH JONES. Enough of this Kevin Millar coming up more often than Adam Jones. We want Jonesy in the 2 hole. PUSH JONES.

  • neal s

    this can’t be real.

  • Tomás

    I don’t like this, not one little bit.

  • Tomás

    did we just get … swept? ><

  • neal s

    That was devastating. Utterly deflating and, quite possibly, the worst loss of the season so far.

    I think it’s officially time to welcome back the Lost Season, a most unwanted guest.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    To be fair, the way Sherrill pitches, this stuff is an inevitability. To be even more fair, Jim Johnson shouldn’t have let the ninth be so close. But seriously, this one’s on Sherrill and his 1.319 WHIP.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I don’t think it was any more or less devastating than any of the other recent losses. The Nationals loss was real deflating, the Royals two wins were gut punches, I didn’t really expect to see us do well against Texas at that point, and these three games were all just the team throwing up. And then me throwing up.

  • Wyatt in Jacksonville

    Ouch. Just…ouch.

  • Mike L

    tune in next time when a would be game ending pop up falls between 5 oriole infielders when no one calls it, and the tying and winning runs score for the red sox.

    dont fret, we still have 2 and half months to be “no-hit” and give up 30 runs in a game.

    and now back to our regularly scheduled program, “the lost season”.

    Maybe its time for some tough love. I think we should shake things up in the bullpen. next 2 or 3 times we get the starter into the 7th, let someone like cormier, or f.cabrera, or bradford pitch the 8th and 9th. if some of the other guys can close a game it’ll let johnson and sherrill know that they are expendable, and maybe they’ll try a little harder, and do what it takes to close a game out. rather than lack lusterly blow it, AGAIN! Whats there to lose right? and i know it isnt all the bullpen, that the starters havent been great either, but theres no reason for losing the first and last game of this series.

    I’m fucking tired of it, lost season or not.

  • df1570

    Maybe I should have had the Witch fix George Sherrill when she was here yesterday.

  • dan the man

    When’s the last time George saved a game? When’s the last time Jim Johnson was dominant in an appearance?

    Let’s go ahead and dust off this phrase from ’07: “Finding a way to lose.”

  • dan the man

    What I hate is that Dave Trembley is getting flak for all of this and that’s complete bullshit. Quick hook my ass. Your starter goes 7, you should be able to bring in your set up guy and your closer. None of these losses are DT’s fault.

    The fucking Jays? Ugh..

  • dan the man

    Although I do agree it’s high time for Dave to go ahead and let his emotions boil over and get tossed from a game. Or really lay into some of the players. They’re pitching and playing defense decidedly un-WTB-like.

  • Andrew out of Rochester


    Drew, you clearly messed up and now they will only win on Sundays. Way to go.

    Sherrill’s second half is going to be dominated by one idea: he pitched nearly as many inning in the first half as he ever did in an entire year. And he didn’t do it totally convincingly. If you’re worried, you should be. Our window to trade the guy at top value may have just passed, although a dominating effort in the all star game might make him a commodity again, and we can totally sucker some team who needs a lefty late inning reliever…maybe. Odds are every other team knows to be wary of Georgie. That’s too bad, but you can always hope for the bounce back.

    I’m still totally cool with the lost season, IF we can play even respectable fundamentals through September. What’s hampering the team more than anything is injuries to key pitchers (Loewen, Albers, Bierd, Patton, Walker) and a lack of injuries to our key suckfests (Mora, Millar, Hernandez). If I’ve picked up anything from this first half (and there’s nothing I can take away from this Red Sox series unless we come in confident and trash them…and that ain’t happening) it’s that we can play pretty well, but we still have to ride out these contracts and wait for Tillman, Arrieta, Matusz, et al to develop and give us that actual depth.

    Not to mention that other guy. What’s his name? The catcher.


  • dan the man

    WTB is the catch-phrase that DT started early in the year or in the offseason. Winning Team Baseball. They had shirts with WTB printed on them. I think it’s a great slogan because they sure weren’t playing WTB last year.

    But I think they are playing it this year, even in the midst of a 5-game losing streak. It’s telling that DT hasn’t lambasted some players, actually. It means he thinks they’re playing hard and that they’re mentally tough. I think he’s right and like you said, Andrew, it’s really the injuries right now. And the fact that our top two relief pitchers, Johnson and Sherrill, both are not used to their respective roles. We’ve been lucky that they’ve excelled as much as they have, honestly.

    And yeah, a (minor) injury or two to guys like Ramon and Mora would actually do the team good. It would get new guys in here to provide a spark (and pop), and the defense probably wouldn’t suffer.

    I agree to push Jones, but the offense isn’t exactly our problem right now. We need someone to give our pitching a push.

    Let’s see a move, Andy.

  • dan the man

    Changing the subject for a second… Does anyone else kind of hope Bonds signs to a team this year? I’m not saying I like the guy – he’s obviously a cheater. But he isn’t at this point of his career, and it would add some intrigue around MLB. From a statistical standpoint only, it’s ridiculous that no team would even offer minimum salary to a guy would made the All-Star team last year and led the league (correct me if I’m wrong) in OBP, while banging out around 25 home runs and like 80 RBI. Right? Also, collusion would be pretty weak on the part of MLB. Someone needs to sign him and either let him embarrass himself, get injured, or have a monster year full of controversy. After the Mitchell Report, I feel there’s been enough light shed on steroids to kind of find it interesting to watch these old steroid dinosaurs keep playing.

  • dan the man

    er.. it’s ridiculous that no team wouldn’t even offer minimum salary…

  • Greg

    In all fairness though… it is a quick hook for a manager who has been stressing that his starters don’t go deep enough, the bullpen is being overworked, and Guthrie pitched a 1-2-3 7th. He could’ve went out for the 8th and struggled, but at least the game is on Guthrie for his own W.

    Four game skid… Rays are on one too. We had an 8 game one last year. We’ll get Bierd and Walker back, send some chumps down south again… it will get nicer.

    Our starters aren’t terrible… they’re rookies. Be positive.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Yes, but what does WTB stand for? I have no memory of this.

    Even if Mora or Millar got hurt, it’s not like we really have anyone to replace them. I’m sure Oscar Salazar could fill in okay for Millar, sure, but yeah, we got nothing down there.

    I think Bonds’ ship has sailed. He would, at this point, need like an extra month or so after signing to get ready for ball, and then you’re talking about a guy coming just for a stretch run, which several teams don’t even know if they’ll be in yet. And the teams that are sure to be in a pennant race, most of them have no need for Barry.

    Most important thing right now is how the Orioles come out of the chute after 3 days off and getting the Tigers at home for 4. If we take that series, I’d say we’re back on the horse.

    And for what it’s worth, Jayson Stark mentions the Orioles not wanting to move any of the big pieces (Huff and Sherrill) because the warehouse – and I assume Andy MacPhail – want to see this team hit .500 come October. I will say this: it’s not a horrible strategy, and it shows a lot of respect for the fans – A LOT – but I don’t think we can do it. It has nothing to do with the past 2 weeks, but are we seriously a .500 team with Millar in the 3-5 spot every night? And Ramon, Melvin, and Brandon holding down the bottom of the lineup? And our rotation consisting of guys learning at the big league level?

    I like the way the team is made up right now, actually. I like seeing Olson and Liz figure out how to pitch against big leaguers, so they’ll come back stronger than ever next year (when Burres almost certainly gets squeezed for Patton) – but this isn’t the group of guys that can realistically go .500….but I guess you never know.


  • dan the man

    WTB=Winning Team Baseball. It wasn’t publicized very much – I think I saw it in the Sun or on Roch’s blog.

    We do have to hope for the reinforcements to have an impact. Bierd and Walker instead of Aquino and Castillo is pretty huge. That is, if Walker doesn’t continue to cough up home runs.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I’m not ready to sell Castillo yet. The guy was tearing up AAA, he should be at least okay up here. One bad first major league appearance isn’t enough for me to be totally done with him. Hopefully Bierd’s as good as he was earlier. That was a total ripoff job in the rule 5 draft, and it’d be nice to keep seeing that success in the flesh.

    push jones

  • Greg

    I think we, as fans, need to start pushing the slogan WTB more. The internet, with regards to the Orioles, really gets me down after big losses. I hate seeing all the negative threads and fire this guy and trade them, and whatta buncha bums and just like the past ten years blah blah blah. Let’s get WINNING TEAM BASEBALL back into the forefront of everyone’s mind.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Its true…the internet is an angry, depressing place, generally. Whenever there’s a reasonably positive outlook, that site gets derided for “drinking the kool-aid”. I wonder what it is about the web that makes people so bitter…

    Anyhow, I still imagine that the time off for the all star break will do us a lot of good, and I think the team will bounce back a little from this dead period. But I don’t think we can make .500. I really don’t, with all the games still to come against Detroit, New York, Boston, Tampa Bay, and Chicago and LA…those are some very good teams (sometimes in the case of New York and Detroit), but fuck me, what a great season so far! What a wonderful first half!

  • I read something about the O’s holding off trading players because of the “push for .500”

    IMO, the Push For .500 and the Rebuilding Effort cannot co-exist.

    AooR – if we hear at the LC can easily and accurately determine the factors that tell us Sherrill is destined to return to his usual form (IP, WHIP) then you can bet your ass the GM’s can too

    It’s been a fun and surprisingly positive ride thus far. Even with the inevitable sweep this weekend, the positives outweigh the negatives thus far.



  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Yes indeed. People aren’t stupid anymore, now that Bavasi’s been fired. So it seems like we’re probably going to stand pat and see what we can do, unless we add a shortstop like Eckstein or FLop or someone totally uninteresting.



  • Andrew out of Rochester

    And I don’t know who Weiters is, there, Joe.

  • Greg

    I don’t understand the need to rush Wieters or buy Teixeira. It’s not like Tex is helping the Braves do any better than the Orioles are right now. Wieters won’t make this club substantially better by himself. This club needs to keep seasoning their starters, making sure the bullpen depth is sufficient to avoid injury plagues, and find an adequate shortstop. We also need to find adequate replacements at third base and DH.

    It’s a game of attrition that isn’t going to be solved by Wieters or Tex. So we might as well wait a little bit.

  • One more time through this. Just one more. I promise.

    because it seems RUSH isn’t the right word – it is bringing across the wrong feelings…

    Be honest now boys:

    Does anyone disagree that Quiroz/Weiters would be upgrade over Ramon/Quiroz?

    Would any of the remaining 81 games consist of a “high pressure situation” where we risk damaging him pyschologically? (emotionally, spiritually or whatever you guys are afraid of)

    Could we not use a better PH option than Jay Payton? Any harm in simply having another option?

    The kid will get plenty of swings up here even though limited, carefully monitered usage. He’ll get some reps behind the plate. He’d be able to begin bonding with Guts, DCab, Liz and so forth on off days and in the bullpen.

    I think those are all logical justifications for a call up after the break or once we hit mathematical elimination.

    I’d like to see that many reasons NOT to.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    There’s just so many things wrong with that argument, where should I start?

    You listed four (4) reasons to call up Wieters after the all star break.

    Counter arguments:

    1) We’re not just going to eat Ramon’s contract for this year and next, and since nobody’s going to trade for him, we’d be DFAing Quiroz, not Hernandez. And I like what I’ve seen of Quiroz and would be loathe to give him away, seeing as he’s been a pretty great backup catcher.

    2) It is not merely “high pressure situations” that cause prospects, even top prospects, to be damaged psychologically. Did Hayden Penn ever make any “high pressure” appearances? Of course not – and yet everyone even remotely familiar with our system knows that he was drastically set back by the struggles he had up here.

    3) It is your idea that Weiters – whoever that is – be a bench player, pinch hitting and satching every Sunday while he spends his early innings talking to the pitchers on the bench, as opposed to hitting and catching everyday for Bowie? You really want the top prospect in baseball riding the pine instead of getting at-bats? How much damage would it do to a guy’s swing if he stopped playing everyday? Isn’t that why back-up catchers can’t hit?

    4) Once we’re mathematically eliminated, what good does calling up Wieters, and starting his service clock, do for us? Oh boy, we’ll win maybe a handful of games (how much help does the backup catcher give to a team, anyhow?) and draft lower next year!

    5) Demanding the rushing of prospects shows impatience, and patience is the only thing MacPhail asked of us. He’s been good to us, why can’t we do the only thing he asked of us?


    push jones

    dont do anything with WIETERS

  • Greg

    The big thing here is contracts… I expect Wieters to do something like what the Rays and Reds did this year with Longoria and Bruce… wait till after the minimum time clock and tack on an extra year of service. If we’re paying Ramon $7.5M in 2009 ANYWAY… and winning a whole lot of games isn’t really on the menu ANYWAY… why not start Wieters late?

    I feel like rushing Wieters now is the equivalent of gorging yourself on Monday at Sizzler because you don’t want to be hungry on Friday.

  • Greg


    Here’s a Nick Markakis dugout to put some sunshine on the board.

  • Joe the Guy

    I have been overlooking the contract aspect of it for sure.

    Options and team control and other such things.

    I dunno. I’d let Ramon hang out with Richie Sexson and count their money. But I’m not a GM.

    Lets steal just one this weekend and Ill be happy.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    Joe, I think this is the beginning of a long friendship. You and I, both rooting against the Red Sox, not arguing over player personnel…and I say we win on Sunday, bookending this long, strange first half…and maybe we win tonight to avenge ourselves in about 6 different ways…but probably we’ll get swept.

    bounce back