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An Orioles “Remember When…”

former Orioles pitcher Steve ReedRemember when the Orioles were this close to acquiring A.J. Burnett? Friend/reader/occasional commenter sci does, and he checked in with the specifics.

The O’s were poised to send Larry Bigbie, Jorge Julio, Steve Reed, Steve Kline, and Hayden Penn to the Red Sox Marlins in exchange for Burnett and Mike Lowell. The deal fell through when Peter Angelos balked at taking on the remainder of Lowell’s contract.

Which is funny because, as sci remarked in his email, “This trade would have been good just for Lowell alone.”


On the one hand, this serves as further proof that the Orioles are in a much better spot today than they were a few years ago. There’s a flip side, though, and it’s that prospects are just that. Sometimes it’s right to make the deal even if it looks like you’re giving up a lot.

That picture, by the way, is Steve Reed. Thinking about him got me thinking about Keith Reed — remember him? He was part of our “outfield of the future” for awhile. Yeah…things are better now.

3 comments to An Orioles “Remember When…”

  • sci

    And I do think this is one of those that looked good for us at the time as well. Not this good obviously, but I remember being very disappointed that we didn’t pull the trigger. Who could have possibly known though that every single player in this deal going to Florida would end up being a bum? That is pretty hilarious. It’s rare that it happens to that extent. Would have been a total heist. I know, I know, hindsight is 20/20. haha.

  • dan the man

    Neal, you mean the Marlins right, not the Red Sox?

    To think the Sox then nabbed Lowell and Beckett from Florida and won the World Series with those players. Yeah that’s one the O’s missed out on for sure. But wow are we in a better place than back then. Beattie. Flanagan. Duquette. Ugh…

  • neal s

    @dan the man – D’oh. Yes, Marlins. Fixing now. Thanks for pointing that out.