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Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Scott Garceau

scott_garceauThat’s right, it’s back. The Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings have returned for a “hey, have we really not done this since August?” edition.

This week’s candidate is Scott Garceau, freshly-minted afternoon drive radio guy, former voice of the Ravens, and former sportscaster for WMAR (channel 2).

Garceau is a longtime veteran of the Baltimore sports media scene who was on the air for a whopping 36 years at WMAR before ending his nightly sportscasts in July of last year.

These days he can be heard weekdays on 105.7 “The Fan”, where he helps reign in previous BSMAR poll candidate Anita Marks.

Garceau is a fascinating guy to me because he’s such a throwback. His style is dramatically different from what you’d expect for afternoon drive sports talk in 2009, given his propensity for reasoned analysis and a generally cool demeanor. You can probably guess how I’ll cast my vote, but does his style work for you?

Vote below and then please elaborate in the comments — everyone is encouraged to provide a reason for their choice. Poll stays open for a week, and the usual rules apply. Keep it clean and cool and don’t say anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to Scott if you ran into him at a bar.

You can also check out the Sports Media Approval Ratings archives for past results and discussion.

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  • 8 comments to Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Scott Garceau

    • df1570

      Best sportscaster of my generation in Baltimore.

    • dan the man

      I can dig. Kind of unfortunate pairing him with Anita, but maybe it brings out his qualities.

    • Greg

      Don’t care. Never see him really. He’s pretty vanilla in terms of sportscasters.

    • pdiddy

      Its a damn shame Scott has to put up with that shim he has to cohost with every day,but when you have a complete moron that is a station managers marketing dream who “gets people talking” I guess that was their only option.We can only hope that scott will one day have a show of his own where he isnt getting talked over,argued with or just being plain annoyed so we can see how good he could really be on the air.He is making the best out of a bad situation and I commend him for that.

    • Chris

      Scott is one of the few local radio personalities that i really enjoy listening to. I am in the car all day and get to hear a bit of everyone. I think what Scott does better than most is add passion when needed. Viv is always grounded and calm but not PC. It annoys me to listen to him sometimes because he is afraid to show his real passion. Scott, in contrast, will get fired up when appropriate and unlike Bulldog, when he goes after a caller or even better Anita, he puts together cohesive thoughts.

      The unfortunate side of Scott’s return is that he must share the air with Anita. She is without a doubt the worst personality on radio. I can not stand listening to her ridiculous attempt to know sports let alone Baltimore sports. She also needs to go back to school and study the English language. Hopefully we wont have to listen to her much longer.

    • neal s

      Thanks for chiming in, Chris. Good points. I think a huge chunk of the Baltimore fan base agrees with you about him having to share time with Marks.

      (ps – this is a different Chris, I believe, than the Chris who occasionally contributes main page posts and writes comments)

    • Stewie Quagmeyer

      Anita Marks is a bumbling idiot. She can’t complete a sentence without stuttering, she rambles on when asking a question without actually getting to the point. She is horrible. Why they don’t send her packing is beyond me. I feel sorry for Scott having to listen to her idiotic comments on a daily basis. It was so enjoyable listening to the show when she was away, too bad she didn’t stay where she was. Dump her already 105.7!