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Breaking: Anita Marks Joins WNST

Anita MarksDidn’t see this one coming: according to multiple media sources, Anita Marks will be leaving her afternoon duties at 105.7 The Fan to sign on with Nestor Aparicio and his WNST Web/Radio Media Empire.

The move has apparently been in the works for several months and will be made official later today (April 1st, 2009).

I just got off the phone with a WNST insider who explained the move this way:

“Look, we didn’t even show up in the last group of ratings — we got beat by a sports station in DC for god’s sake. Nobody gives a damn about us during baseball season. It was time to do something that would put us back on the map and help prove to the world that we have the Mid-Atlantic region’s number one sports web radio media platform. Signing the area’s #1 on-air talent seemed like the best way to do that.”

I’m hearing that Marks will start out as Nestor’s co-host in the 2-6 pm time slot before eventually taking that shift to herself.


25 comments to Breaking: Anita Marks Joins WNST

  • dan the man


  • dan the man

    1) You see what happens when all you do is bad-mouth your hometown baseball team? 0 ratings. Thank you and goodnight, Drew Forrester.

    2) Ultimate pro-MacPhail, pro-Trembley, pro-player, kool-aid-drinking Anita Marks paired up with Nestor?

    3) Honestly, this is a brilliant move by WNST, if a desperate one.

  • dan the man

    4) She was really bad paired up with Scott Garceau, so that was only a matter of time, too.

    5) I have to commend 105.7. I thought it would kind of suck when it changed formats, but damned if they don’t have some of the best shows. Bruce Cunningham could talk about breakfast cereals and I would enjoy it. Playmakers is one of the best and legitimately funny sports shows that I’ve ever heard. Garceau is solid. And then Joe and Fred with O’s games. It’s hard to not enjoy the majority of their programming, and now with Anita gone, well shit!

  • I wish today weren’t today, because this would make me really happy.

  • dan the man

    6) Final thought. I give it a year TOPS before she and Nestor butt heads and she’s on to 1370 or back in Florida.

  • dan the man


    hahahahaa god DAMNIT

  • dan the man

    didn’t… even… check… the source.


  • Punked.

    Oh Dan…

    well played Neal.

  • dan the man

    The worst part is how excited I got. The quote got me. That’s a damn believable quote. That and I never know what the hell day it is.

    I am The April Fool. You got me good, Neal.

  • Andrew

    Bwahahahaha…wonderful Dan. Just perfect.

    Everyone should just play today like I do, which is to say, I just assume literally everyone is lying to me about literally everything. It’s actually almost more entertaining being that paranoid (kind of like Hawkeye in that one episode of MASH where he and BJ were pranking each other).

  • ryan97ou

    WOW. well played. i written off WNST about 2 seconds ago until i read the comments. well played sir. well played.

  • Andrew

    Actual breaking news: Penn traded to Florida for Robert Andino, the new backup shortstop (one presumes).

    Quick look at Andino’s stats say he can’t hit at all at any level (it took him three tries at AAA to produce at the plate). He’s old for a prospect type player (25 in April), but at least isn’t an old guy like Cabrera or Gomez.

    Color me unimpressed, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose.

  • Agreed.

    Guthrie needs to get his groove back. I’ll blame the WBC.

    Does that mean the rotation looks like:

    Shaky Guts, Koji

    and then 3 of:

    Eaton, Hendrickson, Simon, Bass

    is that correct?

  • dan the man

    It’s a good trade, Andino could be an excellent defensive backup shortstop, something we don’t have in the system at all, really. Good luck, Hayden, it just wasn’t meant to be.

    8 runs (and counting) off of Guthrie. He’s toast, fellas. I dunno what to make of it, but to me he’s a near lock to start the season on the DL. He’s just downright SUCKED consistently all spring. If you’re not worried about him, you should be.

    12 pitchers is official, so says AM, with Gomez and Cabrera getting the boot and Andino being the 4th bench player.

    Guthrie (maybe)
    Hendrickson (until Hill)
    Eaton (untl Bergesen)

  • Andrew

    Well, Dan, what can I tell you except that it’s Spring Training and you can’t just say he’s finished because he had a bad Spring. Does anyone even remember his stats last spring? I don’t. I don’t remember anyone’s stats from any spring. Because they don’t matter.

    My problem with Andino is he’s just like Blake Davis: a dime-a-dozen player. We probably had very, very few options for what we’d get back for Penn, but it’s still selling low, and that’s never a good thing.

    Remember when we could’ve had A.J. Burnett for Penn in 2005? I guess you can’t win them all, huh?

  • dan the man

    I don’t think it’s selling low because you’re not going to get jack for a AAA pitcher with no options, a storied injury history, and abysmal major league numbers. It’s either a swap like this or you lose him on waivers. And it looks like he was definitely going to get claimed, according to Andy.

    Guthrie has never had good peripheral numbers. I’ve heard people suggest that he really is closer to a 4.50 ERA pitcher than a 3.60 ERA pitcher. I don’t really believe in that stuff all that much, but you have to wonder if he’s going to take a huge dive this year.

    Spring Training or not, when your best pitcher is consistently bad, you have to wonder about his health or his arm. I don’t remember his stats last spring, but I do know that his ERA wasn’t 10+. All we can hope is that he’s just thrown off in his preparation and hasn’t gotten enough innings to be in sync.

  • Andrew

    It is by definition selling low because the Orioles waited until they had no other option than to switch failed prospects. If they had traded him two years ago, they would have gotten something back. Just because they could have lost him for nothing and they didn’t doesn’t make it not selling low. Hayden Penn, lest we forget, was at one point a top 100 prospect in baseball.

  • Greg

    I thought this story about Anita was plausible, because I’ve heard she’s working on 105.7 without a contract.

    This Orioles team is in for some major heartbreak this year I think.

  • Andrew

    Really? Heartbreak? Why? Doesn’t heartbreak presuppose high or reasonable expectations? Aren’t the expectations for the organization around 70 wins or so?

    Personally I think the O’s are distinctly improved over last year (everyone’s freaking out about Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson, but they won’t be starters by June unless they are doing well) and unless someone critical gets hurt they’ll be closer to 80 wins than 70, but even given that I’m totally prepared for the 65 win onslaught of Orioles Baseball. There’s no heartbreak.

    I guess that’s a pretty damning and sad thing to say, but it is what it is. Bring on the Janquis.

  • neal s

    I find it kind of hilarious that our friend df1570 didn’t chime in on this post (he certainly read it). He must be busy trying to find yet another way to spin his self-created credential drama into red meat for the NST base.

    In real news, I don’t like the Penn trade one bit. I think the team weighted his spring stats way too heavily, at the expense of the fact that his track record is better than anything Alfredo Simon brings to the table. If you were forced at gunpoint to pick which one of them would have a successful MLB career, you’d have to pick Penn. 2009 spring stats be damned.

    But, I’m also on board with the idea that Hendrickson, Simon, and Eaton are just placeholders who won’t be around long unless they step up and surprise us all. Hill and Bergesen are on the way, and Hernandez might not be far behind. We’ll get this figured out.

    Better rotation than we started with in ’08? Maybe so. Better by the end of the year than it is now? Almost certainly.

  • Andrew

    @neal s – EXACTLY.

    My only real problem with Drew is that the story so often is not about the games being played, but rather about his “relationship” with the team. Obviously, there’s some fault to go all around, but really – I’m just tired of it all. I’m a simple man: I want to talk about baseball games and how Mark Teixeira can go fuck a cow. That’s all.

    God, this last week is the longest of the spring.

  • So I’m sitting here and there’s a facebook notification that pops up asking if I knew that the Orioles were discussing a trade involving Aubrey Huff.

    Sounded fishy to me in that the O’s wouldn’t have a first baseman if they did, so I checked it out, and yep! April Fools with an ad about buying O’s gear. They did the same thing if you were a Suns fan about Shaq being forced to stop Twittering.

    Worst part is, if there were a notification pop up for Broncos fans right now stating that Cutler had been traded to Carolina for Delhomme I can be sure that it wouldn’t take me to a comforting April Fools day joke. I just want the trade to happen so I can resign myself to the notion that the Broncos will suck for at least ten years into the future. So ridiculous.

  • neal s

    @Andrew – the funny thing is that I have a great relationship with the team, and my experiences have been completely opposite of what the NST dudes claim is standard practice. I’ve never hesitated to criticize when I’ve felt it’s warranted (witness my thoughts above about the Penn trade) and yet, miracle of miracles, it’s never been held against me. Go figure. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t gone out of my way to push buttons and create an antagonistic situation?

    Nah…couldn’t be that.

  • Greg

    Looks to me like WNST has created a self fulfilling prophecy with the team… acting like a bunch of dicks towards the Orioles got them treated like a bunch of dicks, so now they feel justified in continuing to act like a bunch of dicks. Circle is vicious!

    I give my best to Penn and Olson and hope they figure it out for their sakes, but as far as the Orioles are concerned, I’ve been of the impression for a long time that they wouldn’t ever put it together in Baltimore. There are a lot of rookie pitchers on other teams who come out and look comfortable, have control and help their team out. Penn and Olson were never consistent and I was bothered every time either one made a start. They both remind me of the DC Cab, to be honest with you.

    Andino is not a long term option for this club, but he is a young utility guy with supposedly good hands, and part of me thinks that having a young guy with a tangible defensive upside is better than a wildly inconsistent pitcher with high but ever elusive upside. The same thing could be said about the Pie/Olson, another move I agree with even if Pie and Andino both turn out to be busts.