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Breaking: Tejada Charged

Here’s a link: Tejada Charged With Lying to Investigators.


7 comments to Breaking: Tejada Charged

  • This makes me feel gross.

    There aren’t enough Real Problems in our country.

    Lets focus on baseball players lying about other players taking drugs six years ago, a time when said drugs weren’t banned by the league.


  • sci

    That Tejada trade looks better and better every day.

  • neal s

    Agreed on both counts, fellas.

  • Greg

    I really don’t have a lot to say about the whole steroid thing, other than I think that Bonds, Rodriguez, Clemens and McGwire all belong in the Hall of Fame. I don’t think whitewashing history diminishes their contributions to the sport.

  • Andrew

    Steroids were in fact banned by baseball way back when. That it wasn’t enforced is clearly the problem…but they distinctly against the rules (albeit without a penalty).

  • Tom├ís

    Greg and JtG, I absolutely agree. This is sad and ridiculous, I thought the witch hunt was over at this point.

  • dan the man

    Oh, Miggy. If there was one guy who seems like he was badly advised and got mixed up in something he didn’t realize he was mixed up in, it’s Miguel Tejada. That excuses nothing, of course, but you know?

    The Tejada trade will probably always take a backseat to the Bedard trade in terms of talent received, but in the case of unloading Tejada, it goes beyond the talent that comes back. Not only did we get 5 players, but we got them to pay the rest of his salary, and we missed out on the Fake Age Fiasco and the Conviction.