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Caps GM McPhee on Building Winners

Here’s Capitals GM George McPhee, courtesy of Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog:

“Ideally, you get your best players through the draft, so you always put the emphasis on that part of rebuilding. If you look at any successful team, they’ve drafted well.”

And then:

“That was the process and there were going to be some tough nights. It’s not much fun walking into a building knowing you’re probably going to get thrashed. But you get through that and you make sure your team is gritty and competitive and the wins will come at some point.”

Here’s the Homer McFanboy blog post from which Steinberg got the quotes, where McPhee also talks about the importance of making good trades and signing “the right free agents.”

McPhee is talking hockey, yes, but it’s the same in any sport. Draft well. Make smart trades. Use the free agent market to fill the last few holes when you’re ready. The wins will follow.

The Orioles under MacPhail are following the blueprint. That’s not news, but it was interesting to read McPhee’s quotes in light of the situation here.

Moving on to Wigginton, I like the pickup. It’s interesting that he chose Baltimore, too. At least one other team — the Phillies — was interested. So, I have to figure that he’s been promised significant playing time, probably as a super utility guy who will also get plenty of looks at DH. My gut tells me that the moves aren’t done, but even if they are we’re suddenly a pretty well-stocked team.

And, oh yeah: we’re only ten days away from pitchers and catchers.

11 comments to Caps GM McPhee on Building Winners

  • dan the man

    Good post.

  • neal s

    I’m pretty impressed that the Terps put up 91 against UNC tonight. They lost, of course, but that’s a nice total.

  • neal s

    Interesting thoughts from Tom Verducci, where he actually includes the Orioles among his list of teams that could pull a turnaround. He rightly predicts that they have no realistic shot at the playoffs, but also rightly points out that they are “on the right track.”

    Your move, Drew. Oh, wait…

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Verducci is one year early for any surprise talk, I think. It would take Rich Hill to suddenly turn back into a stagecoach and for one of our other guys to surprise for the Orioles to be viable this year, and those are two too big ifs for me.

    And as for Sherrill, I agree, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but if I’m Andy MacPhail (and I’m not saying I’m not) I think having to go to arbitration for anyone is a Bad Idea.

  • rick

    Glad to see a respected baseball writer acknowledge the O’s progress and concur with their path.

    I believe Kranitz can get Hill back on track; Hill has impressive potential. His problems are likely as much mental as mechanical.

    Still holding out hope we can bring Looper aboard.

  • neal s

    Here’s one from the Tales of the Unexpected file: looks like John Parrish is coming home.

  • dan the man

    Can’t argue with that, I guess. He was one of the first to go when MacPhail got here, along with Gomez. Funny to see them both back. Depth! I wonder if Parrish ever found any control. His ERA in 16 or so Toronto appearances was like 4.00… I’ll take that.

  • dan the man

    13 appearances, sorry. 1.465 whip.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    @dan the man – Gross. Hope he likes that Norfolk summer…

  • Tom├ís

    Burres claimed off of waivers by the Blue Jays.

    I’m totally ambivalent on this one, I mean the guy isn’t a volcano to me like Baez, but he’s hardly an up-and-comer. *shrugs*

    K-Bye, Brian. Say hi to SweetNLoewen for us.

  • dan the man

    I had faith in the guy, but I’m glad we won’t see him pitching again this year.