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Day Baseball and David Hernandez

Orioles pitcher David HernandezAs far as today’s game goes, count me among the less-than-optimistic. Roy Halladay is an android, and the O’s seem to have trouble both (a) winning in daylight and (b) completing the sweep.

Although now that I think about it…nope, not going to get my hopes up. I’m looking for another solid outing from Rich Hill and beyond that it’s all gravy.

Lost in all of the excitement surrounding last night’s Matt Wieters announcement is the nugget I’ve been waiting for: it looks like David Hernandez will be starting in place of Koji tomorrow.

Hernandez first came to my attention last July when I noticed his exceptional K/BB numbers. My thought then was the same as it is now: that he absolutely deserves a long look as a starter, and could very well be a Jim Johnson type down the road if starting doesn’t work.

I like this kid. Partly because of his numbers, but partly because I sometimes get gut feelings about guys and decide that I’m going to pull for them. It’s like that.

Want to see something funny? Check out this list of the Orioles’ best catchers, courtesy of the Washington Post. Yet another aspect of the franchise for Matt Wieters to redeem.

24 comments to Day Baseball and David Hernandez

  • Andrew

    That’s not a horrible list of catchers. Most organizations haven’t had a bunch of really good catchers (of course the Janquis and Pink Hats jump to mind as exceptions…).

    I’ll take Chris Hoiles and Gus Triandos over 90% of all the other catchers out every day.

  • neal s

    So this one is, ummm…not going well.

  • neal s

    Also @Andrew – I’m with you on Hoiles and Triandos, and of course I’m cool with the Demper. Tettleton rules because of his weird batting stance and his love of Froot Loops. I can’t help but laugh at Ramon, though.

  • Andrew

    And we….are…BACK!

  • Andrew

    seriously, this is probably the best game the Orioles have had (offensively) in a loooong time. Let’s fucking win this now and take a shower in beer and joy.

  • neal s

    No shit! What a comeback, man. Amazing stuff.

    Not over yet, of course, but still awesome at this point.

  • Andrew


  • Chris

    Wow! That was an exciting, dramatic baseball game.

  • Tomás

    I watch the game up until the 7th to go workout and just before I leave to go running I check to see how badly the O’s lost and they’re in the friggin’ 11th.

    5 run 8th inning BEFORE Wieters even shows up?!

    down by 2 in the 11th and Reimold hits a Weaver?

    The Great Andino goes 4 for 5 against one of the best pitchers in the majors?

    And think, this is just how the Orioles play when Wieters is ANNOUNCED that he’s coming this week. GOOD LORD I CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY.

    Heck tomorrow Hernandez will probably throw a no-hitter and Friday Wieters will go 4 for 4 with medallions out on Eutaw St.

    Andy MacPhail is looking like a f*cking warlock right now; check that man for a broom!

  • sci

    Well, I think Reimold might be here to stay. What an outfield!

  • Andrew

    Lost in this all was how terribly Rich Hill pitched today. And he was Awful. That is bad biscuits if he can’t figure out how to control the fastball (that’s 2 of his 3 starts with almost no control on that basic, bread and butter, mid to high 80s pitch…and that is rather worrisome). His next start will come against the Mariners, not exactly a strong offense (excepting Ichiro, who is a beast). So that’s at least a lucky blow for him (avoiding Detroit, that is).

  • Andrew

    By the way, Nolan Reimold has quite the sweet swing, doesn’t he? Incredibly balanced, even in high leverage situations.

    I love the kid, what can I say?

  • dan the man

    Joe Angel rouses me from my 11th inning nap on the couch with this one: “WAVE IT BYE BYE, YOU ROOKIE!!” Ridiculous. Orioles magic, baby.

    Nolan is the man. As we had a hunch he would be. He is legit, and yeah, that swing is sweet. We will be seeing a lot of sweet swings between Reimold, Wieters, Markakis, and Jones. Shit is about to get silly.

    All of a sudden, this team feels a lot like the “magic” team of last year when you inject some youthful pitchers, you replace Wigginton in the lineup with Luke again (who always seems to be a part of these comebacks), and the bottom of your order isn’t an automatic 3 outs. The Great Andino, indeed. I was pretty down on him after his poor play when Cesar was out, but credit where credit is due. That backhand play with the long throw as he was running the opposite way was just SILLY.

    I called the poor outing from Hill – three good ones in a row was kind of a lot to expect in my opinion. Hopefully he shows some kind of ability to regroup after outings like this. If not, he’s the same guy as last year and we’ll be welcoming in Troy Patton next. Come to think of it, Troy’s left-handed, so you have to wonder if that’s kind of the plan.

    Very excited to see Hernandez pitch and see exactly what he’s bringing to the table. The upcoming roster moves should be very interesting. Ray did alright today, but it wasn’t sharp. I say you’ve got to send him down or release/trade Walker. Should be interesting. It’s a move a minute recently.

  • neal s

    That was my Defining Moment.

  • Greg

    What’s the roster move to bring up Hernandez? Koji went to the DL to bring back Scott.

    Ray to AAA?

  • Kevin

    One of the best games I’ve ever seen…………

  • Greg

    The play-by-play in the comments section of the Drunk Jays Fans entry for todays game is hilarious to read. Ahhhhhhh sweet sweet shadenfreude.

  • random dude

    haha. Since it was a day game, I stopped following gamecast when it looked like we were getting crushed. I was just talking to my friend and he was talking about Reimold’s walkoff. I had no idea.

    I was just thinking last week that I couldn’t believe how uninteresting this team was when it was supposed to be such a youthful and interesting year. Well that all changed in a week. They are so much fun to watch right now.

  • Andrew

    From the Did You Know? files…

    ‘Matt Wieters adopted Mark Texiera’s parents because he felt they needed a son to be proud of”

    It’s true!

    I went out and had a scotch because this felt that damn good. What a week to be an Orioles fan! What, to be an Orioles fan!

    I cannot wait until June 16th. Oh, to be in the yard with a cold Clipper City Ale, an Adam Jones Baltimore jersey, and Matt Wieters behind the plate.

    Oh, to be in Baltimore when baseball gives me this feeling, this addicting, heady feeling. I’ll spend the rest of my days chasing days like this one.

    I really will.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    okay andrew that even warmed my charred ashtray heart (not kidding).

  • dan the man

    What a week to be an Orioles fan, indeed. Savor that feeling, AiR, because it’s well-earned – for all of us.

    I find myself thinking, if the bullpen manages to not get injured, and these kids don’t struggle too badly up here… what the hell happens when the real cavalry is ready to ride? What an awesome dilemma to have. You have to think we will turn a couple of these kids into a stud third baseman at some point.

  • Tomás

    @Andrew – LOL, did you come up with that new Wieters Fact yourself or did you get it from the site? I think it’s my new favorite, it encapsulates everything we feel right now.

    You’re right, the turnaround is just stunning, heck the O’s are projected winners over Los Tigres today.

  • Andrew

    @Tomás – Someone left it on Roch’s blog.

    I’m just as curious to see David Hernandez as anyone tonight. What I’m hearing now is that his problem has been an inability to put guys away quickly (owing to his not sparkling stuff that we already know about) and thus an inability to go deep into games. I can’t say I noticed that (although I am noticing Matusz consistently getting through 7 strong innings).

    In 8 games at Norfolk, Hernandez threw 43.1 innings, or just under 5 and a half per game. So that could be trouble against a good, balanced, patient lineup like the Tigers (who swing at almost the exact same number of balls as the O’s do, and we’ve all been very impressed with the Orioles’ plate discipline, even if it hasn’t amounted to a heck of a lot of walks).

    Of course, the fly ballness of Hernandez’s stuff also worries me against the likes of Cabrera, Granderson, and Ordonez in OPACY. BUT! I’ve heard repeatedly that Hernandez gets by on a very deceptive delivery (I don’t recall from the one time I saw him in Bowie) and without much in the way of a scouting report, the Mystery factor could boost Hernandez past these Tigers.

    So I’m cautiously optimistic. More than I was with Berken (And I’m STILL trying to figure out how he only gave up 2 runs).

  • Andrew

    Joe, if you’re out there – I’m going to Boston this weekend and need some tips on places to go out to. I know you can help me, even though I have constantly made fun of your inferior fantasy baseball skills.