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Do They Feel Like the Worst in the AL?

Matt Wieters gets a pie in the faceI didn’t realize until today that the Orioles, at 28-37, are tied with Oakland for the fewest wins in the AL. Winning percentage-wise, their .431 is better only than the Indians at .426, but the Tribe has 29 wins.

However you cut it up, the Birds seem to be one of the three worst teams in the American League. Buried within the stats is one reason why: a respectable 20-17 at home, they’re just 8-20 on the road. In all of MLB only the Nats are worse.

I suppose it makes sense, but the thing for me is that they don’t feel that bad. Recent Slump aside, I don’t associate this team with the bottom of the barrel the way I have in past years. They have succeeded, at least, in that much.
Meanwhile, how about the guy who caught Matt Wieters‘ first home run?

If you’re out there, Sam: way to cheapen what should have been a great moment. You’re not the story, and even if you were there’s no need to go public with it. Classy people handle things like this with phone calls and conversations before taking it to the media. Hope it was worth it, jerk.

Edit: in the interest of fairness, here’s what the guy had to say to Schmuck after the dust settled, calling the incident a “misunderstanding.” I still think he handled it like an ass, but I’m glad it’s resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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  • random dude

    About the dude who caught the ball:
    It was weird to see all that he said she said stuff come up out of nowhere. But I don’t know if its fair to completely blame him. Obviously, if they didn’t give him everything they promised, I see no problem with going to the media. They’ve already lied to you once, why would you assume that a phone call to them could straighten it out. But even if he lied and changed his mind afterwards, I’m pretty sure that I read on either Schmuck or Roch that the O’s admitted that he left angry. They knew there was a potential problem. Since then, they’ve given him what he requested anyway. Why let it get to this if you’re the Orioles? Is a handful future tickets really worth any negative publicity?

    Other than that crap, and I didn’t mean to stir the pot there, sorry if I did…
    I completely agree with them not feeling like a bottom 3 team. They really feel like they’re middle of the pack to me, and they still have so much potential down in the system. I’m still really excited to see how the individuals perform the rest of the year. Most excited I’ve been for quite some time, actually. And I attended the game where Wieters got his first major league hit, and the game where he got his first major league homerun. Can’t beat that.

  • Kevin


  • neal s

    Hey, stir away. That’s why we’re here.

    I’m not defending either side because I wasn’t there. My issue is with him going public so quickly. I believe there are other (better) ways to handle a situation like that.

    And man, that’s a hell of a run being there for both hit #1 and HR #1. Awesome.

  • random dude

    @neal s – Fair enough. I guess there were definitely better ways to handle this. I just think that both sides could have handled things a lot better. Meh, to me it’s pretty much a non-story that’s already resolved.

    Ha, just watched Livan Hernandez make a terrible play keeping Wigginton’s “hit” fair.

  • neal s

    When they failed to cash in with the bases loaded and one out I had one of those “there it goes” moments we’ve come to dread as O’s fans. Damn it I hate those.

    Not over yet, though. MelmO with the chance to bring them within one in the 8th…

  • neal s

    Nice move by Samuel holding Huff at third there. Got a little something brewing now.

  • I like interleague play for one reason – It puts the regions baseball fans on the same “side” for a few series. As a Washingtonian, I grew up an Orioles fan but was glad to see DC finally get a team back. I now root for both teams and share in O’s fans’ loathing of Boston and New York, so when the Nationals pulled off a series victory over the Yankees in their disgusting new stadium, I laughed maniacally like the Joker as Gotham cried.

    Even for all the DC haters in Charm City, this had to be sweet especially since it amounts to a giant middle finger to sucklers like Yankee writer Ken Davidoff who said after a game 1 win, “If you’re a team with championship aspirations, and you’re fortunate enough to get the Nationals in town for three days, you have an obligation to stomp on them. The Yankees did that last night, thanks in part to the Nats’ incompetence. Just two more games, and then we can return to the big picture.”

    Here Kenneth, why don’t you choke on the small picture.


  • neal s

    That thing brewing was one run.

  • neal s

    @France…George France – Here here — couldn’t agree more. I’m no DC hater as you know but I agree that even those who are have to get down with the Nats spanking the Yankees.

    Might have saved Acta’s job in the process, too. Although I’m still skeptical of those rumors on account of the (Jon Heyman) source.

  • neal s

    Also, just updated the main post re: the Wieters ball. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear of it.

    Wieters leading off in the ninth, O’s down by one. Time for some Birdland.

  • Tomás


  • Tomás

    If this doesn’t get you excited about baseball, then there’s no hope for you.

  • neal s

    The ninth against K-Rod:

    Wieters with the big double, Pie in to pinch run.

    Reimold pinch hits for Andino (interesting) and exercises impressive patience to earn the walk. Roberts up with runners on first and second, nobody out, still down 4-3.

    Roberts bunts, Pie beats the throw to third! Jerry Manuel’s unhappy and the radio team says he looked out, but safe is safe. “Wow, what a break” says Joe Angel.

    Adam Jones up — just three hits in his last 34 at-bats. Bases loaded, nobody out. Takes ball one.

    Swing and a miss, 1-1. Infield is in.

    Another changeup, another swing, another miss. 1-2.

    Fastball in the dirt for 2-2. You have to wonder where Jones’ head is now. Is the slump affecting his approach?

    Ball high, Jones is staying patient. He’s got the edge back in this AB if he can protect the plate.

    No need — the bases-loaded walk comes on a fastball low. Game tied, Markakis coming up with a chance to win it.

    So many ways to get this done. Any grounder to a hole should do it, but Beltran is coming in to play the infield. Elevate the ball at all and this one’s in the books.

    Takes low, 1-0. No need to swing at this point unless K-Rod forces the issue. If he does, contact is huge.

    Low again, 2-0. Take all the way until the strike comes.

    There it is. 2-1, the at-bat evens up a bit.

    Nick swings through a fastball, trying to get the ball in the air. 2-2.

    Strikes out looking. Huge for K-Rod, but he doesn’t have the edge just yet. The double play is now an option, but any ball to a gap or in the air should do it.

    Huff with the base hit to right field, Reimold scores!

    Orioles back in the win column with a gorgeous ninth. Walk it off, fellas.


  • dan the man

    Awesome 9th inning against one of the best in the game. That’s a nice, fat BS in the books for K-Rod, though, courtesy of a lot of encouraging things in that inning: 1)Wieters lead-off hit, 2)Good move from DT to PR Pie, 3)Reimold yet another extremely impressive at bat, 4)Roberts bunting?? (I’ll have to go back and watch the replay because I can’t recall him ever laying one down with success), 5)Jones somehow not striking out (K-Rod would have done well to go breaking ball on 1-2 instead of fastball, I thought), and speaking of breaking ball, 6)AUBREY, on the first pitch.


  • dan the man

    Also, yes the Nats beating up on the Yanks is hilarious. I really have nothing against the Nats. DC kinda sucks in general, but as for the baseball team, I just feel bad for them. Which brings me to the other topic of do the O’s feel like the worst in the AL? No, definitely not. Even though in all the bad baseball categories to lead in, it’s usually us and the Nats, the Nats simply don’t have the bright future the O’s do. Sure we’re bad, but we’re biding our time for the rest of the cavalry. If we’re still bad when our rotation includes Tillman, Arrieta, and Matusz… then that’s another story. But we’ve got three hugely promising rookies up here in Reimold, Wieters, and Bergesen. The Nats have some alright pitching prospects, but…. nah. They’re legit bad. We’re on the up.

  • @dan the man – Yeah, there’s a big difference between the two teams. Every about the Nats turns into a fiasco. They lose games with bumbling defense (great job by Bowden – everyone else puts renewed emphasis on ‘d’ and he hands Acta an OF with Willingham, Dukes, and Dunn), a flammable bullpen, rookie starters that have been rushed out of desperation (sounds like the O’s of previous years). They’ve got all of these extra-curricular screw-ups like the “Natinals” jerseys, the “Rossevelt” bobbleheads, the fire chief shutting down the fireworks, the botched Aaron Crow negotiations…they’re a complete embarrassment. We get frustrated when the O’s go through a stretch of 22 runs scored in 12 games or whatever, but there’s plenty to like about this club. It’s been said before – if we lose 90 or even 100 games, it’ll be on-the-job training for tomorrow’s stars: Wieters, Reimold, Bergesen, maybe even Arrieta by year’s end. Always good to have a reminder that this losing season really is different than all the others.

  • neal s

    I wouldn’t be so quick to claim that the Nats don’t have a bright future. They are a few years behind us for sure, but they have a lot to be hopeful about. Ryan Zimmerman is an absolute beast of a player — he’d be a bona fide superstar if he played in NY or Chicago or LA . They’ll get a Strasburg deal done and suddenly have the biggest prospect in the game (now that Wieters isn’t a prospect anymore). And their farm system overall ranks pretty high — #9 in 2008 according to Baseball America. Not sure what it is now, but in general my sense is that they grade pretty well.

    On top of that, they play in a division that, while tough, is nothing like the AL East. I think they’ll be contending within 2-3 years.

    Andrew would probably have a better sense of that, though. Am I missing anything?

  • dan the man

    No doubt, man. Good comment.. I didn’t know about some of those other little embarrassments that you spoke of. Reminds me of the Orioles pre-MacPhail.

    Looks like the Baysox are getting Broken Up, and Snyder is on his way to AAA! Norfolk could use some offense. Here’s hoping his AAA debut goes smoother than Patton’s and Arrieta’s (who I fully expect to make some adjustments and be fine).

  • neal s

    Definitely excited about Snyder’s promotion (and no doubt Andrew will cover it fully on Monday — stay tuned for that). The way I read it is that they’re going to give him a little over half a season in AAA to show he can stay healthy and stay productive, then make their offseason plans accordingly. We might very well see him in position to compete for a job here next March.

  • Kevin

    Dear K-Rod,
    Your first name starts with an “F”, not a “K”. Fix that for me bud. Thanks for everything tonight F-Rod

    Your pal

  • neal s

    @Kevin – heh…tonight he was BB-Rod.

  • Kevin

    Awesome about the Nats with NYY. Anybody notice that A-Roid got off to that hot start against us, and has been sucking it up? He’s batting .219 and he’s 4 for his last 33.

  • Dan H

    Dude the Nats had 3 of the 5 web gems on BBTN. With a full schedule of games… What?

  • Kevin

    We say this all the time, but we should get a Loss Column game against the Nats next week. I think I’m going to all 3 of the games, def on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is the BP jersey giveaway for Nick

  • Andrew

    Okay, so tonight at the game was pretty fun.