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Embracing the Tides

Doing some research today I dug up an interesting article from Rainer Sabin at the Virginian-Pilot. It’s all about the Norfolk Tides and why they switched from their longtime Mets affiliation. Part of the reason might surprise you:

But Rosenfield is more excited about the less-tangible benefits, like the investment Baltimore has made in Norfolk’s community with its Orioles Reach program and the regular presence of Baltimore’s executives at Harbor Park.

“That’s what relationships are all about,” he said. “They shouldn’t be one-sided. They’re willing to go the extra mile.”

“And the Mets weren’t.”

Not necessarily what you’d expect to hear, based on reputation. It’s evidence that the ongoing makeover of the organization is taking place in areas other than just player development and on-field performance. Which is necessary, of course, if this team is going to become a winner again.

On a related note, I’ll be doing the Fighting Ungers radio show on Saturday morning from 9-12, and the author of that article will be our guest at 10:30 AM. We’ll talk about the Tides in general, and I’ll also get his thoughts on some of the prospects. Should be a good time.

Whole show should be good, actually, Marc Unger will be out of town so I’ll be taking more of a leadership role. A role for which I am thoroughly unprepared and unqualified. I will attack it with customary gusto.

9 comments to Embracing the Tides

  • Kevin

    Norfolk is a nice city and actually reminds me off Charm City in a way. It’s good to see the O’s go out there and be a part of their city

  • Andrew

    It’s funny because when the Orioles were kicked out of Rochester after the longest relationship between any two cities in the history of the minor leagues, the reason the Red Wings cited (if I recall correctly) was that the Orioles weren’t going the extra mile and further that they weren’t even trying to field a competitive team.

    So I suppose it is nice that the Orioles found a AAA home that makes sense for everyone. And I suppose it’s really weird to walk by the ballpark in Rochester and see banners of Oriole greats like Palmer, Ripken, and even Roberts next to Joe Mauer and Bob Gibson. But that’s life.

    Good for the O’s and the Tides.

  • random dude

    Nothing to do with Norfolk or minor league ball… but did you guys see this quote by Adam Jones over on Malewski’s blog on Masn?

    “Every swing I’m taking, I’m not just trying to put it in play, I’m trying to hit it through someone’s chest.”

    Adam Jones is cool as shit.

    I’m calling for a sweep of Oakland.

  • random dude

    And a random question about minor league ball that I’ve had for some time, if you guys don’t mind.

    You always hear about the different minor league leagues being either hitter or pitcher leageus. I think I read something somewhere about Felix Pie’s numbers coming in a strong hitters league in the minors. Does anyone know why there’s such huge discrepencies between the leagues in the minors? Is it just that the ballparks are that different? And what about our minor league teams. What kind of leagues do they play in? I feel like I should know more about how the farms systems work. I could probably figure this out with some research, but figured I’d throw it out there in the minor league post, if anyone knows.

  • Andrew

    @random dude – I feel like it has a lot to do with the ballparks. I’m not too sure about too many, but I do know that the Albuquerque Isotopes play in a stadium so hitter friendly scouts basically ignore strong offensive numbers there, and that the Tides play in a strong pitcher’s park.

    But that’s a good question…now I’m going to do that research.

  • neal s

    @Andrew – As the resident minor league expert, is there anything in particular you think I should ask that Tides beat writer tomorrow?

  • Andrew

    @neal s – I’m curious as to how the team has reacted to losing so many of their best players: Wieters, Reimold, Montanez, Berken, Hernandez, Bergesen, and Moore all started the season in Norfolk and are now gone for the foreseeable future (not to mention Blake Davis, who never made it out of spring training). That’s a lot of talent to lose and still maintain a winning team (they are 15-6 since losing Reimold, which is kind of crazy).

    Make sure you don’t forget to talk about Kam Mickolio, who has been coming on very, very strong lately, and also Radhames Liz, who’s been all over the place.

    If I remember what else to talk about I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m working on my draft stuff, and meant to have it done by now – but it might need to wait until tomorrow morning…sorry!

  • neal s

    Tomorrow’s probably better anyway since I often don’t post anything on Saturday/Sunday. Maybe in the early afternoon would be good.

  • Great find. It’s nice to finally see some positive press about the O’s franchise, both on and off the field.