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FlatBrim Sherrill: Eminently Quotable

the fans love them some George SherrillI couldn’t resist a main post for the news that popped up in this story about the possibility of trading George Sherrill. Not the news that he might be traded — read: not really news — but the news that:

They’ll have to get obviously what they want. Not necessarily be overwhelmed, but whelmed, I guess.

Here I was thinking that nobody would even enter the same stratosphere as Jamie Walker‘s “Rocketship/A-Bray-Hoo” speech, but ‘Ol FlatBrim stepped the hell up.


Gold. Absolute gold.

And, yes, I’m pretty much hoping that Andy MacPhail doesn’t get whelmed. I said last year at this time that Sherrill’s value as a both a fan favorite and a good guy — his intangibles, if you will — have to be considered as long as he’s performing on the field. I’d say the same thing this year.

This is also a good time to point out this Ted Keith article from SI.com, which offers a nice national perspective on the Orioles’ various trading chips.

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13 comments to FlatBrim Sherrill: Eminently Quotable

  • Andrew

    I know the poll stuff is available, but I don’t know how to work it.

    I love the Andy MacPhail money quote “We’re not going to be a farm system for everybody else”. But if there is one thing that the Red Sox have taught me, and taught me well, it’s that there is no room in a successful front office for touch feely loyalty.

    The bottom line is what puts the Orioles closer to being good, and the answer is almost definitely not a mid-tier closer (who, if you’ll recall, we were all way down on at the beginning of the season). I like Sherrill, but I liked Bedard, and I’ll like the next guy to put on the Oriole uniform who doesn’t suck. We as fans can find good guys to root for in any situation – this is the Orioles, not the Steelers with their rapists and cheapshot artists.

  • neal s

    There’s no question that if the return is great then Andy has to trade him. But, you don’t move a productive player who also offers ancillary benefits unless what you’re getting back is what I’d call “highly worthwhile.”

    Which roughly translates to mean that the deal has to be better than just a “move a veteran, get some prospects” proposition (see Ramon Hernandez). Sherrill is worth at least one legit building block to a contending team, and if we can’t get that then we should keep him.

    His numbers earlier this year have no bearing. On the whole, he’s been a performer. Not an A+ or even an A, but a solid B for sure. No sense in trading him just because there’s some weird collective urge to make a deal.

  • Big Ben's Going To Jail

    man where’s the roethlisberger thread.

  • Greg

    I love the Charlie Brown picture. Beautiful.

  • Andrew

    @neal s – Absolutely. Rule Number 1 about Front Officing is definitely “Never tell yourself you have to trade/sign this guy”, because the take always goes down.

    At any rate, I fully expect Georgie to be gone in a week. Everyone else I’m not so sure about. Huff is in a down year, Scott probably isn’t on the block (i.e. would cost too much), Baez might be moving, but you can almost definitely get him through waivers after the deadline anyway because of his contract, Mora’s not going anywhere.

    But Sherrill is valuable and moveable and could get us something even more valuable.

  • Andrew

    Also, more awesome than George Sherrill’s awesome quote:


  • dan the man

    Sherrill is the man. The only way we should be trading him is if he brings back not just good prospects, but definitive future pieces like a studly third or first baseman. Plus pitching. Any trades at this point need to fill the positional needs that we lack in the system.

  • Your square-headed rapist hero needs to be locked UNDER the fucking jail http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090721/ap_on_sp_fo_ne/fbn_roethlisberger_lawsuit sad that he’ll buy his way out of it like like every other moneyed douchebag.

  • It’s interesting to note that there’s no news of the Big Bro rape/gold-dig allegations on ESPN.com

  • Big Ben's Going To Jail


  • Well, they put this up eventually: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4349253
    If this was Adam Pacman or Mick Vick, they’d have been running it as the lead story since before it happened.
    Eff ESPN in it’s mouth.

  • Big Ben's Going To Jail

    honestly i was ready to chill and let the story play out but this espn shit got me going again.

  • I feel kind of variously conflicted about this whole story.

    Yes, it sucks that the media has played this down in comparison to incidents involving black players, and that’s obvious racism, and golden-boy, white QB favoritism. Seriously messed up.

    Yes, I think it’s bullshit that pro sports players seem to get away with shit like this, and the media doesn’t crucify them. “Why wouldn’t you want to sleep with a pro sports star? You can’t rape the willing.” See Kobe Bryant, etc.

    I also think the media bullshit associated with these kinds of incidents is foul. Both in the notion that they sometimes publish the names of alleged victims, and that they publicize these sorts of things before there’s any evidence produced.

    But you have to ask yourself why the alleged victim hasn’t pressed criminal charges. Not doing so makes it purely about money, not about whether Big Douche should be getting the kind of prison-style proctological attention he would deserve if the allegations are proven true.

    I’d bet that he’ll settle out of court, but that’s also a situation which doesn’t really prove guilt, since it’s WAY easier to win a civil suit than a criminal. It just makes sense if you’ve got the dough to do so, and she’s not asking for that much from Big Bro’s monetary vantage point.

    What I do know, is that I don’t have any idea how you prevent this sort of thing on a league level.