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Game Seven and the Return Of MelmO

Orioles third baseman Melvin MoraIf you haven’t been following the CapitalsRangers series at all, you’ve been missing out. Lots of action, lots of controversy, and lots of personality. Regarding the latter, Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog has a typically entertaining look at various off ice matters.

It all comes to a head tonight down at the Verizon Center in one of the most glorious displays on earth: a playoff game seven. Do yourself a favor and watch at least a period or so of this one. It’s going to be something.

In Orioles news, the Angels are in town today for the first of two. They’ll be greeted (at least in part) by Melvin Mora, who skipped his rehab assignment and joined the team today. To make room, Matt Albers was sent down.

I think that transaction makes us better immediately. Mora > Wigginton (although I do love Ty in the utility role), and Albers really needs to get himself straightened out. And who knows, maybe MelmO will provide us a shot in the arm.

Tonight it’s Adam Eaton on the hill against Joe Saunders. Koji goes tomorrow against Shane Loux before it’s off to the Blue Jays for a weekend series.

One that, incidentally, will feature a Mark HendricksonRoy Halladay matchup on Friday. Yep.

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15 comments to Game Seven and the Return Of MelmO

  • Greg

    You know, it was less than a year ago when I hated 2008 Melmo for playing similarly to 2009 Ty Wigginton. Now I feel like swapping the two will really heat the offense up again.

  • dan the man

    @Greg – Greg, I was going to post something similar. It seems like yesterday I was jumping on Mora for his questionable base-running and pouty demeanor, but since Miggi got shipped out he seems happier. And he’s really grown on me with his solid play (defensively and offensively), his quirkiness, and just being the longest-tenured Oriole. Everyone wanted him extended a few years ago, and then that looked like a really bad decision with his poor ’07 performance, but now I’m back to being happy that he’s here and happy that we can say this is our Oriole elder statesman. He went nuts last year in the 2nd half and we’ve learned what it’s like not having a legit 3rd basemen the past couple of weeks.

  • neal s

    Ryan Freel is, ahem, irked. He absolutely tore into the club today over on Steve Melewski’s blog.

    I can’t say I totally disagree with him. He doesn’t have a spot with Pie and Montanez both here, so best to move on.

    Speaking of, that Pie trade looks worse and worse with each passing day. I say he gets 40-50 games, and if it isn’t happening then off to Norfolk you go. And if he doesn’t clear waivers at that point, will anyone really be that upset?

  • Greg

    Wigginton has disappointed me more than anyone on the whole club. He was supposed to be the big power hitter. All he hits are GIDPs.

  • dan the man

    @Greg – Yeah it’s pretty confounding. It’s sort of like Aubrey’s first year with the O’s – he was a pretty big disappointment, hitting only 15 or so HRs. He’s clearly pressing or something. He does have 8 RBI, which is alright, but only like 2 doubles and 1 HR. He needs a couple days off, I think. I was ripping into him last night, but the thing is… all it takes is like two games in a row where it clicks and he starts slugging for his season to look alright. Things can change real quick, so let’s just hope it does.

    Meanwhile, we are losing. Sigh.

  • dan the man

    @neal s – Agreed. Can you imagine we were considering dealing Roberts to the Cubs for a deal involving Pie? I shudder at the thought now.

  • dan the man

    Come on let’s jump on Shields right here.

  • dan the man

    Cesar is suddenly batting .250 with 8 RBI. That’s solid.

  • dan the man

    Wow nice pinch hit, Luke. Nope. Not at all.

  • dan the man

    Brian Bass is on a roll! Good for him. Also, nice to see DT get into it with the ump on that lousy balk call.

  • dan the man

    adam jOnes!

  • neal s

    @dan the man – that ninth inning homer was amazing. The loss hurts, but losing is part of the deal. Jones coming through like that was a real positive sign.

  • Kevin

    I wonder if Trembley went in and had a diet soda when he was ejected……

  • rick

    good to see DT go ballistic; he had every right too. Terrible call. Walker will surely get a big fine, and possibly a suspension; throwing in the gambling comment was really stupid – albeit in the heat of the moment.

    Hendrickson v. Halladay. . .speaking of gambling, there’s likely to be “no line” on that game – what’s there to bet on.

  • dan the man

    That was an opposite field shot by jOnes, too. Very encouraging. He just flipped it out there over the scoreboard.

    Jamie Walker is awesome. He’s sure to get suspended, but that’s ok. We need some guys talking shit on the umps. According to Schmuck, Hernandez gave a “no comment” to reporters, too. Weak. At least say why you think you’re right.. unless, of course, you don’t think you were right.