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Jason Berken Knocks on Wood

rain delay at Camden YardsMan, how much would it suck for the kid if his debut start got rained out?

He’d better steel himself for the possibility, because the forecast does not look good. The entire eastern seaboard is pretty much covered in green.

If for that reason the game is not played, it opens up a whole host of questions.

— Does Berken stay and take Koji’s start?
— Does he not even make it here, and Hernandez instead comes up to make Koji’s start?
— Does Koji make Koji’s start?
— If no pitchers are needed yet, what happens when Montanez goes to the DL? Is it simply a matter of swapping him for Luke Scott?
— Is Berken still the guy the next time a pitcher is needed?
— How does Chris Ray feel about all of this?

That’s probably just the beginning. This would be one strange set of circumstances.

What makes it even weirder is that I’m headed to the ballpark to watch the game from the MASN suite with a bunch of other O’s bloggers — if there is, in fact, a game to watch. The network is doing some outreach and they were kind enough to include me on the list.

Here’s to wondering.

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8 comments to Jason Berken Knocks on Wood

  • Tomás

    Despite the Candlestick Park-esque weather, so much good news tonight.

    Neal’s invite to the MASN suite, Berken solid through 5 (not freaking out with bases chucked), and … the announcement for when the Beginning of the Rest of Our Lives starts: Friday. 29th of May. 2009.

    Matt Wieters comes to Baltimore.

    And of course as I am typing this the good luck mist starts an O’s rally with a Zeus-like 2 run bomb from Bazooka Jones.

  • Tomás

    I was greeting Orioles bloggers in the MASN suite when MacPhail made the announcement. – Roch

    Wow, so Neal got to meet Roch (for the first time?) at the same time that Wieters coming to The Show was announced? That’s pretty f*ing special and surreal if you ask me.

    And AGAIN as I post this comment Nolan sends one to the bleachers to make it 5-2.

    Damn. I need to post more often.

  • dan the man

    Neal, you’ll have to tell us more about how this bloggers invitation transpired. What a great night to be up in the MASN suite. Was it planned by MacPhail and timed with the announcement of the Wieters call up? If so, you just have to love what MacPhail is doing for this club – on the field, in the Warehouse, promotion-wise… the ship is indeed sailing with a working compass. Finally.

    What a night. First of all, could I have been any more wrong about the game getting rained out? Not a hitch, somehow. Not only was I wrong about that, but it seems Berken will be getting more starts, which I had my doubts about. It was a nice performance from the kid. Nothing lights out, but it was gutsy. And somehow, it seems our young players have a tendency to possess that quality more and more.

    -A win for Berken, and another roster spot gets filled from the farm system.
    -Reimold hits another bomb and already has more than Ty Wigginton, Proven Veteran. While knocking on wood, our days of seeing the Bigbie, Conine, Matos, Fahey-types in LF are GONE.
    -Matt Albers returns to form, and not a moment too soon for this bullpen. Props, Matty.
    -Matt Wieters is coming to Baltimore and he’s going to be catching two Tides teammates in Berken and Bergesen.
    -Roberts bruises his shin, says “I’m playing” and proceeds to terrorize the Blue Jays.
    -I want to go back in time and tell the 2008 version of myself, “You don’t even know about Adam Jones.”

    Gentlemen, it’s nights like this we have to feel good about sticking with it. We’re not there yet, but the ship is righted for sure.

  • dan the man

    And it’s confirmed that Thursday’s starter is also coming from AAA, so Hernandez is a virtual lock, I would think. Wow, man. This team got real interesting REAL fast, right about when we were all sick of watching them. Wild stuff.

    I also love how when Andy dropped the date of Wieters’ arrival on air, Gary and Buck had NO idea. Haha, the look on their faces was priceless, and you could see Andy sort of give a wry smile while he was saying it. Gotta love that shit.

  • dan the man

    And while I’m literally drowning in Orange Kool Aid, why not also point out Nick Markakis announcing his charity organization and his decision to make Baltimore his permanent residence?

  • Andrew

    Berken’s line was 5 innings, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, 0 home runs…which is about what I expected. He had a .368 BABIP (unlucky) but only 2 runs allowed (lucky) while stranding 6 of 10 baserunners.

    Not bad, not good, but certainly acceptable. I’ll be back with more a in depth look in a bit.

    In the meanwhile, I saw Sugar tonight (and still saw all of Berken’s innings! How lucky for me!) – excellent movie that avoids most cliches, doesn’t get into the saccharine that easily plagues baseball movies, and is wonderfully bittersweet. I love movies where so much of the plot and the conflict is about a lack of understanding (I think this type of conflict reflects the real world a lot better than I’m comfortable with).

    Highly recommended.

  • neal s

    @Tomás – heh…didn’t get to meet Roch. I touch on that in the new main page post. Great night, though. And a hearty +1 to you posting more often. I love this comment section and everyone who checks in like you wouldn’t believe. This site is about you at least as much as it’s about me, if not more.

  • neal s

    @Andrew – Is Sugar that movie directed by the guys from Baltimore?