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Lookouts for the Baysox

The Fremulon Insurance Prospect of the Week

You all know my thoughts about the George Sherrill trade. It had to be done, we took the opportunity to sell high on a mid-tier closer, we got a good return, and I would have be quite disappointed if it did not happen. But I tuned in to see Georgie’s awesome Dodger debut where he stranded two inherited runners by striking out the side and it was hard not to feel a twinge of remorse. He just didn’t look right in that uniform, as if some part of the universe had shifted oh-so-slightly to the left (topwise) and now I was living in a weird parallel dimension where many things were the same, but many other things were not.Bell

No sense living in the past; the two former Chattanooga Lookouts will definitely help the O’s ravaged farm system. Steve Johnson will join the likes of Zach Britton and Tim Bascom to become the new second tier of pitching depth, and Josh Bell is our new hero. For comparisons sake, Brandon Snyder played 58 games for Bowie posting an obscene .432 wOBA and was largely hailed as the immediate future in Baltimore. Josh Bell has played 95 games with better defense and a .381 wOBA, and a more reasonable BABiP. It’s hard to not like the trade, even if it hard to fathom it.

Norfolk Tides: 58-50 (3rd IL South)

Brandon Snyder has had a pretty miserable time in AAA – owing a lot to the pitcher’s park he plays in and his own sudden inability to take walks. Over his past ten games though there have been signs of life: .378/.395/.514 and only 6 strikeouts. The bad news though: just 1 walk and no home runs. With just a month left in the season (and then the AFL), I would be shocked to see Brandon turn it around enough to seriously be considered for an Opening Day assignment in Baltimore.

Bowie Baysox: 58-50 (4th EL South)

Tim Bascom has adjusted well to the Eastern League. As he nears the innings total he complied earlier in the season with Frederick, we can start to compare the two halves to his season. His home runs are a little down (but his GO/AO is also down…hmm…) and his walks a little up, but his strike outs are a little up. It all adds up to this: Tim Bascom is more or less the same pitcher at Bowie that he was at Frederick. This is very, very encouraging, since most professional baseball people tend to think the jump to AA is the most difficult and important one, and Bascom seems to have passed.

Frederick Keys: 18-18 (3rd CAR North)

Ryan Adams was definitely a name to watch before the season. The front office was high on him, despite many clear and present defensive issues, but a groin injury basically wiped out his 2009 season. This week though showed off some of that hitting promise: .435/.480/.696 with 6 Ks. It’s a small sample in a bad minor league year (.748 OPS) for a 22 year old playing his first year at high-A ball, but the potential definitively exists. If Adams can surge into the end of the season, perhaps we won’t be looking back at a wasted year, but rather at a productive one.

Delmarva Shorebirds: 17-17 (5th SAL South)

Cole McCurry struck out 13 batters in six innings on Saturday night. A few days ago, Joe Posnanski wrote about pitchers who strike out 15 and walk none in a game being almost uniformly Hall of Fame quality pitchers. McCurry did not do that – he walked 2 batters and only struck out 13 – but such a dominating performance has not been that out of line for the 22 year old lefty, who has over 3 times as many Ks as BBs. He deserves a promotion in the worst way.

10 comments to Lookouts for the Baysox

  • Andrew

    Favorite Player Vito Frabizio update: He had a bad game yesterday, giving up 2 three run homers in 4.1 innings, despite striking out seven(!) and only walking one. Don’t get too down on yourself, Vito. Bad games happen, and they don’t happen too often to a guy with your kind of DIPS numbers.

  • ryan97ou

    so perusing some orioles notes today, and i noticed two mentions (one from tillman, and one regarding matusz) in a week about them getting used to a larger ball in the majors. am i the only one on the planet who didn’t know that they used a different sized ball in the minors compared to the majors?

    i don’t think i am, as i’ve asked multiple friends who are pretty big into baseball and they had no clue. which begs the questions: 1) why isn’t this brought up more in the media as a possible transition issue with pitchers (it would seem to be to be a pretty big deal seeing as how grips and everything are said to be so important) 2) why would the minors even have a smaller ball if it’s meant to be a league that’s supposed to be getting players ready for the big leagues.

    anyways, i was surprised this was the first time i had heard of this, thought it was worth a mention.

  • neal s

    Still working on trying to speed up the site. You guys OK with bringing back the anti-spam word? I know it was easier the other way, but that system was contributing to the slowness.

  • Dan H

    @ryan97ou – I heard about that not too long ago and it baffled me as well. The grips are affected as well as the flight of the ball. I want someone to give me a logical reason why every league associated with major league baseball doesn’t use the same balls as major league baseball.

  • anonamous

    hey i never thought i would write on somthing like this but i just wanted to say i appreciate all the support i have been getting this season . i have been flying under the radar for a while.. it was a wild one in johnson city the other night but once again i appreciate the support ..if any one has any questions u can email me at frabiziov@yahoo.com i know there is alot of things that are wonderd about me and where i came from i would be happy to answer them

  • Andrew

    You know….I’m just curious enough to find out if that IS the real Vito Frabizio…because if it is, that’s about the greatest thing ever.

  • Greg

    It’s like when that Sun Reporter came on here to comment on the “bloodbath” because I said something about how “bloodbath” seems extreme, and he took exception to it.

    I wonder whether/where those reporters have found gainful employment since then?

  • neal s

    No kidding! If that is you, Vito, that is just about the most awesome thing ever. I’m gonna send an email to find out for sure.

  • neal s

    @neal s – Rick Maese is at the Post now. Not sure about the other folks.

  • Miles

    @Greg – It’s funny, I thought “I don’t remember a Sun reporter showing up and taking debating you on Bloodbath, I thought that I was the one that took that stance”.

    Then I went back and saw David Steele’s post.

    How did I miss that???

    The internet: You just never know who’s reading.

    Looks like David Steele is still “on the beach” as those in the radio business say.