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More HD O’s On the Way

Got a press release from MASN earlier today, and the news is good: the full-time MASN HD channel is ready to go.

Basically, this means that 105 of the Orioles‘ 162 games will be televised in HD this year, along with 105 Nats games. That’s a big step up from last year when only certain “premium” games were available in hi-def.

I’m also intrigued by this nugget: The network will shoot and produce every Nationals and Orioles game in high-definition for archival purposes and for rebroadcast the next day on MASN HD.

That’s not quite as good as a full slate of HD games, but it’s something.

Props to the team and MASN for stepping it up this year.

2 comments to More HD O’s On the Way

  • sci

    Roch projects this as the rotation – Guthrie, Koji, Simon, Eaton, Hendrickson. Awful, but there are positive aspects. I think the minute one of those last three falters, Bergeson comes up. If we can survive with this into July, I think it’ll be time to consider calling up one or more of the big three, depending on how they’re doing in the minors. That’s a nice situation to have for a transition year, honestly. Eaton and Hendrickson are strictly placeholders, and everyone knows it. I now agree, Andrew, that it’s a much better situation overall than last year, when we were actually (ha!) sort of holding out hope that Liz, Olson, and Cabrera were legitimate prospects. And it’s now clear that Penn is basically done as a prospect, which is good to know. Remember when he was a big deal? We were insistent that he not be included in a deal for Burnett. Ha, I also just remembered Matt Riley. 24K arm…

  • dan the man

    Don’t forget that Hill will also probably replace Hendrickson as soon as he’s deemed ready. And I’ll bet that as soon as Bergesen puts together 2 or 3 quality AAA starts, it’s goodbye Adam Eaton. And Penn will probably clear waivers and take Bergesen’s place in Norfolk.

    And, of course, there’s the possibility that something surprising happens between now and Opening Day.