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Welcome to Loss Column 2.0

the final Loss Column 1.0 screencapHere it is: the new look and new brand for The Loss Column. It’s been since October that I’ve been talking about this so I’m pretty stoked to finally make it happen.

The changes will probably take some getting used to. It’s a fairly radical departure from what we had before, and I’m naturally nervous about the impact. That said, everyone I’ve tested it out with has agreed (unless I missed something) that it’s a step up.

I’ve put up a new page called “Site Redesign Info” that will stay in the menu bar for awhile so that everyone has a chance to understand my thinking and, if the mood strikes, leave comments about the changes.

This was definitely not a case of change for its own sake. My goal was to make the experience better. I know that it might still not be perfect, but I believe it’s an absolute improvement from what we had before.

Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback, either on the “Redesign” page linked above or on this post. I’ve also rewritten all of the static pages (“About”, etc) and added the “Comments Policy”. Feedback on all of that is likewise welcome. For those of you who are feeling wistful, the image on this post represents the final screencap of the old site. At this point I’m not sure I could recreate the old look even if I wanted to, so that’s it.

One important note: if you have any difficulty with commenting, please email me. I’m trying out a new anti-spam system and I’ll need to know if it’s catching false positives. If your comment doesn’t show up automatically after you leave it, that’s bad.

With that, we move ahead into ’09. The holiday slowdown is over and I’ll be back to regular posting. Here’s hoping you all enjoyed a happy holiday season. Remember to stay optimistic about the New Year. We’re living in troubled times, but with adversity comes opportunity. All you have to do is know where to look.

8 comments to Welcome to Loss Column 2.0

  • neal s

    Also: the header image is now clickable as a “home” link. That’s kind of a basic web design thing that I’m embarrassed I didn’t do until now.

    Also also: I finished this all up on a brand new MacBook Pro that I’ll be paying for until I’m 50. But man oh man… this is one sweet machine. I highly recommend it.

  • neal s

    Also also also: this site works for sure on Firefox and Safari on a Mac. I’m about 95% sure it also works on Firefox and IE on a PC. That all said, I haven’t tested it in every possible configuration because I don’t have the resources. Please let me know if you find any bugs.

    Although…the sad truth is that I might not be able to fix them.

  • random dude

    Looks good.

    Should I be able to click on the Recent Active Commenters? Maybe to get to their last post or something? No big deal either way. Just wondering.

    Really love the preview thing that shows up underneath this. And the old school banner is pretty badass too.

  • Nice job on the new look. Your hard work is appreciated as always. Happy Oh Nine.

  • neal s

    Thanks, guys. Glad you’re digging it. I’m having some trouble with the recent comments (“Discussion”) widget, so bear with me on that. As far as links within the Recent Active Commenters, the link to comments isn’t an option unfortunately. It’s pretty much just a fun way to get a snapshot of who’s driving the dialogue at the moment.

  • random dude

    @neal s – Got you. Really like the @whoever feature you added, too. Just thought I’d try it out here.

  • df1570

    New site REALLY looks good, Neal.

    It’s obvious you’ve worked a lot harder in the last six weeks than Andy MacPhail.

  • Roberts for Floyd? (MLBTR)

    I don’t like it straight up, but I’m listening…