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News, Notes, Roundup

this picture has nothing to do with sports So who thinks the Phillies have a chance to take two in a row at New York and win the Series? Me neither.

I think I’ve watched less than nine total innings this year. It feels strange and not quite pleasant to care this little about baseball on the ultimate stage. WIth the Yankees poised to win it yet again, I just want it to be over. For those of you who have watched, I wonder: have I been missing anything?

What I am excited about is the return of Terps basketball. Greivis Vasquez has something to prove beyond his worth as an NBA prospect. I think we’re going to see a man possessed out there. Already looking forward to that first Duke game on February 13.

The road to March starts tonight with an exhibition game against Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Three OriolesRich Hill, Jeff Fiorentino, and Guillermo Rodriguez — have refused their minor league assignments and will become free agents. According to the article, the O’s would welcome Hill back if things work out that way. It’s so strange to think that he was a serious part of our plans entering 2009.

Alfredo Simon swallowed his medicine and took the deal.

Brandons Erbe and Snyder will rep the O’s at the AFL Rising Stars Showcase. What are the odds that Snyder gets an honest shot at winning the first base job out of spring training? And would we be OK with that, given the fact that it would mean we didn’t sign anyone for that spot? I can’t answer either of those questions. I kind of hope to not have to.

I’m still keeping tabs as much as I can on the Baltimore Grand Prix. There isn’t much news out there but you can find the event on Facebook and on Twitter (although they don’t seem to be doing much with either).

Not sports-related, but of interest: A Continuous Lean. I discovered this site about a month ago and it has been consistently impressive. Hard to describe what you’ll find there…stylish, rugged Americana sounds about right. Think Paul Newman. This one’s going to end up in a sidebar link here when I get them reorganized.

All that and whatever else is on your mind. Lot of lost souls stirring these days. It’s a potent time.

20 comments to News, Notes, Roundup

  • “And would we be OK with that, given the fact that it would mean we didn’t sign anyone for that spot?”

    We haven’t reached the winter meetings. There could still be a major signing. Who am I kidding?

    B_Snyder will adjust wherever he goes, but he is going to need time like Riemold and Wieters. God Bless Lou Montanez who didn’t have enough time to adjust this season before getting injured.

    I think the challenge is finding the right time for Snyder to have his growing pains. The first 2 months in the season when we still think the O’s are competitive is not the right time. I’m thinking mid-June or July. I think Snyder still has some unfinished business in Harbor Park.

  • neal s

    @Sadler – Good points about Snyder. I think you’re pretty much dead-on.

    My hope for this offseason is that we sign bats for both first and third and let Snyder and Bell force their way into the lineup. Neither of them will suffer for more time in the minors, even if that means a full year. I’d rather have proven or at least semi-proven talent at those positions entering 2010. How realistic that is remains to be seen. Andy’s got some hard work ahead of him.

  • neal s

    Both of the below comments apparently came from the future. TLC time has been adjusted accordingly.

  • dan the man

    I’m intrigued by your “lost souls” comment and it’s been lingering in my brain for about 5 minutes. I think you’re right, but I wonder exactly what makes this time more potent than, say, 10 or 15 years ago. I also wonder exactly what you mean by “lost souls” and what spurred that sentence into being written. And then I realize that I’m thinking about it a lot, so I must relate to it somehow, so I must be a lost soul. Fuck.


    I’m not sold on Brandon Snyder playing at the big league level out of spring training. I’m also not sold on any free agent 1B on the market, hence our dilemma. I almost think you’re better off playing Luke Scott over there and signing a bat to DH, because that at least widens your options. I liked what Aubrey did late in the season and he deserves a shot in spring training.

  • ryan97ou

    i’m with yah neal. i listen/watched game one but then the series got lost during the busy halloween weekend. i watched monday…but overall at this point kind of seems like a lost cause. i mean i hope i’m wrong, but i agree with your feeling of inevitability.

  • sci

    I have actually watched every game except for game 3. (Which ironically, my wife Lauren watched alone without me, which is unheard of.) Believe it or not, it’s been a great series — extremely close and well-played. I am unabashedly for the Phillies. I really like a lot of their players. Chase Utley is a true beast and has had an unbelievable series, as has Cliff Lee. Really looking forward to tonight. This is not as much of a done deal as folks think. Pettite is going on 3 days rest for the second straight start, and that’s a true gamble. I think it’s going to game 7.

    The whole series has just reinforced my hatred of the Yankees, too. I am SO glad we did not get Girardi as coach. Lauren calls him “the weasel”, which pretty much sums it up. He is a micro-manager of the first order, and not a very good one at that. I must say, though, that Mariano Rivera character, he’s good, and hard to dislike. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever see a closer this consistently good again. How could we?

  • Larry

    Caution: Old Guy Alert. The Phils probably won’t win, but the O’s looked like a lock when they went up 3-1 in the 1979 series. The O’s pitching was lined up perfectly for games 6 and 7 at Memorial Stadium, while the Pirates cobbled together a group of relief pitchers for Game 6. You know the rest – the O’s folded and the nauseating “We are Family” became the anthem for our defeat. Will it happen again? I doubt it, but Petite, on short rest and a cold night, is beatable. Then we’ll see . . . On a separate note, will the Yankees be any less aggressive over the winter if they win this thing?

  • Andrew

    @Larry – No. I’ve heard that mentioned elsewhere and it is just stupid to think that suddenly they’d be satiated. I imagine either Lackey or Holliday will be in pinstripes by Christmas. Or (gulp) both. It’s interesting because a lot, if not most, of the Yankees success over the past ten-fifteen years is due to their developing of Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Cano, Wang, and Pettitte (and Soriano who became A-Rod)…but with four of those guys leaving their good years behind and another perhaps gone for good, it will be interesting to see if they really can build a winner entirely from the market. I suspect they can (it isn’t like they are paying Jeter and Posada nothing), but I’m just not sure.

    Anyway…has anyone seen any good movies lately? I saw Paranormal Activity on Saturday and it was a little disappointing (great concept though), and I’m looking forward to this week’s trio of movies I’m finally going to see: Where the Wild Things Are, A Serious Man, The Men Who Stare At Goats…but I haven’t seen a really solid movie in theatres since The Informant! which feels like a long time ago.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    nice to see that nfl players have confirmed what we’ve known all along:


    also nice showing by polamalu at 9 to make the steelers the dirtiest team (knock me over with a feather).

  • Andrew

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – I feel like I’ve already heard this story a couple of times in the past couple of years…

  • neal s

    Well, there we go. The Yankees have it.

    I think I’ll probably have a main page post on it tomorrow. Maybe not, though, because I find myself feeling surprisingly indifferent. I hate the Yankees but this one seemed so inevitable that it’s hard to get worked up.

  • Andrew

    @neal s – I’m just depressed. Don’t main page it, Neal. Let’s just move on from a Steelers-Yankees year and forget any of it ever happened…

  • Kevin

    @Andrew – yeah, no kidding dude. now if only duke could win, that would be the most depressing thing in baltimore sports

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    yankees, steelers, duke

    The Perfect Trifuckta

    i actually watched two games of the series because of my rooting interest. i was hoping i’d feel even the slightest twinge of sentimentality, disgust, or even any emotion about the whole deal…but nothing.

    bring on the bengals. i feel like the ravens have a little something for them this weekend actually. though those losses could still haunt them terribly, i like what i’m reading about where the team seems to be right now.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    one thing i just realized…

    GOOD TIMING MOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Oh, yeah, Happy Guy Fawkes Day everybody. I’m planning on celebrating it by blowing up Yankee Stadium III!

    No seriously, don’t ever watch that movie ever again, it was awful.

    But I love this line (not from the movie or the book): “Guy Fawkes: the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions”

  • Mark Teixeira's Ring

    LOL @ baseball

  • ryan97ou

    such a well written post about the yankees payroll (i know it’s over talked about, but this is really good):