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NFL Opening Night Open Thread

Just what the title says: here’s a dedicated spot to discuss tonight’s opener. It’s Steelers vs. Titans in Pittsburgh at 8:30.

In general I’ve tried to move away from straight open threads, but this seems like a right time to do one. Also I know we’re thought of primarily as an Orioles site — justifiably so — but I do hope we can generate good discussions about football and other sports between now and the spring.

Enjoy the game.

9 comments to NFL Opening Night Open Thread

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    just listen to these announcers fellate the steelers.

    it’s unparalleled in football (besides the patriots maybe).

    they’re the yankees and it’s sickening.

  • Andrew

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – It really is (sickening).

    I thought the Steelers had a good first half, though, considering that Tennessee seemed to completely dominate the field position battle and Pitt had a bunch of bad calls go against them, but yet here we are the score is still tied.

    Boy, without that long-haired goon the defense looks weak.

  • Andrew

    I know it is off topic (sorry BBM – really), but fangraphs has a very cool link up right now about prospects…and since this is my job around these parts (prospects that is), I feel obligated to tell you that according to historical reality (let’s not use that filthy s-word):

    Tillman and Matusz have a 68% chance of success (not to be confused with stardom, All-Starness, “being an ace”, playoff victories, or clutchness – which doesn’t exist). That’s just the reality of guys who succeed like they do at the higher minor league levels with their stuff. This is not news, really, since it’s common sense that prospects don’t always work out, event the very, very good ones (Matt Wieters has a historical 90% chance of turning into a decent catcher).

    So, anyway, that would mean a 46% chance of both of them turning into acceptable pitchers. Food for thought as we slowly turn into the offseason…

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    “Pitt had a bunch of bad calls go against them”
    “Pitt had a bunch of bad calls go against them”
    “Pitt had a bunch of ba”

    this is how many times i read this before i vomited.

    i suggest revisiting their last two significant playoff runs.

  • Andrew

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – Ok. But tonight, in the first half when I was watching the game, it felt that way to me.

    Being a hater doesn’t mean being unfair.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    for the 740th time, congratulations prevent defense.

    am i fucking crazy? AM I FUCKING CRAZY?

    i feel like i’m fucking crazy every time i watch team after team after team after team after team after team after team after team after team after team after team lose with it.

    it seriously confounds me more than anything in sports, baseball included!

  • I can’t watch the NFL any more. I give up. Sports blows.

  • random dude

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – You are 100% right regarding prevent defense. Wow. Pitt’s offense looked abysmal… up until the point that Tenn rushed 3 or 4, got no pressure on the QB, and let him absolutely pick apart the secondary. If I can sit at home and see this, how the hell do coaches not see this. Oh well, as much as I would have loved to see the Steelers start 0-1, it wasn’t all bad. It was worth staying up all night watching Ward cry and pout on the sideline after fumbling. It was encouraging to see the Steelers not be able to run the ball. Their O-line didn’t look that improved from last year, so hopefully the Ravens can get pressure and win all 3 games this year (yes, I’m assuming we play 3 times again).

  • dan the man

    The Steelers just seem to always pull it out in the end after sucking for like 3 quarters. WTF.