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On the Many Ways in Which I Love Jamie Walker

Orioles pitcher Jamie WalkerLet’s get one thing out of the way: if you didn’t see the game last night, there’s no way Jamie Walker balked. It was a terrible call, and it quite possibly cost the O’s the game. But don’t take my word for it — let Jamie tell you himself (link includes video):

“It was a one-run game and that’s the second out. I gave up a rocket ship to center field and we threw the guy out. We pick the guy off, that’s two outs. I got two strikes on Abreu and struck him out. It’s still a one-run game if you look at it that way.

“I don’t know if he had money betting on the game or what, but it’s a horse (expletive) call.”

Let’s see…

“Rocket ship” used — amazingly — to refer to a hard hit ball? Check.
Reclaiming “horseshit” in the name of Orioles fans everywhere? Check.
The fact that he pronounced “Abreu” “A-bray-hoo”? Checkmate.

Man, I don’t even care if he’s good or not. I don’t care that he’s strictly a situational guy in a bullpen that could probably use another generalist. All I care about is that he keeps talking, because Jamie Walker is bad ass.

He’ll be fined and probably suspended, though. Whatever. Worth it all the way.

Back to the games with an early start today for Koji. Go O’s.

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18 comments to On the Many Ways in Which I Love Jamie Walker

  • Greg

    TrembO was maaaaaad.

  • neal s

    Yeah he was. He was like “the umpires aren’t always right. Boom. Case closed.”

    We needed a little fire, I think. That was fun to see.

  • dan the man

    I’ve seen on some message boards people being like, “Trembley doesn’t show enough passion”. The thing about sports that bugs me is the ignorance of a lot of sports fans. Trembley is stoic in the dugout, but all you have to do is take a look in the dude’s eyes. He’s not laying back and chewing sunflower seeds. He’s got his eye on everything. What do people want, DT to be angry all the time? He’s intense even when he’s calm. I even think AM was concerned that he was too involved last year and taking the losses too hard.

    Anyway, all I can do is point to when the guy tossed an ump last season. Is there anything more glorious than givin the ump the “yer outta there”? I was too young to catch Weaver, but that had to be the closest thing to Earl Weaver since Earl Weaver.

  • Andrew

    @neal s – We need some starting pitching. Eaton’s fluke notwithstanding, the O’s have had nothing out there at all, except for Koji – and he’s no sure thing to keep going this well.

    It’s why I’m so enthused by the minor league pitching. Every single day there is another good performance. Yesterday it was Patton and Zagone. Today it looks like Erbe is spinning another gem.

    That’s exciting, and then I turn around and see Mark Hendrickson versus Doc Halladay and part of me shrivels up. So it goes.

  • dan the man

    Hendrickson vs. Halladay has “reverse lock” written all over it.

    Or not.

  • dan the man

    I guarantee you that we will be more frustrated with the hitters against Halladay than we will be with Hendrickson. The Good Doctor always makes us look bad.

  • Andrew

    Also, my absolute favorite thing about Jamie Walker is that his youngest son’s name is Jim Leyland Walker. That’s hysterically creepy.

    Meanwhile, I just saw the strangest goddamn play ever where like 3 players all made critical mistakes. Maybe the Orioles’ strategy with Pie is to get more plays like that.

  • dan the man

    The fact that we only scored once after loading the bases with no outs in the first inning is going to bite us squarely in the arse, I feel.

  • Andrew

    Good news! I’ve crunched the numbers a little and am confident in saying that Pie has been real unlucky.

    Right now, Pie’s OBP is a dreadful .259, but his BABIP is also .206 (this despite a LD% of 24.2), which is hardly sustainable. If his BABIP had been the average .300, we’d be looking at an equally average .340 or so OBP.

    But, if Pie’s BABIP had been the expected valued of .362 (which is unsustainable in the opposite direction, which goes a long way towards revealing how unlucky he’s been), we’d be looking at a .389 OBP, which is pretty darn good.

    Of course, this argument completely ignores the lack of power (1 XBH) and how underwhelming he’s been in the field (0.4 UZR), but it certainly goes to show that we aren’t seeing the whole picture of Felix Pie.

    I have to go, I have a math test. Go O’s!

  • ryan97ou

    I was at last nights game and lets just say it’s a good thing my seats weren’t next to the field. I may have ran on and body slammed that ump.

    The best part was…after he called that ridiculous strike to end our comeback bid in the 9th…he was BOOM…right into the tunnel like a bat out of hell.

    as for walker…i thought the same thing about everything neal mentioned. I beleive he actually said rocket ship twice…that guy’s bad ass.

    As for trembley, i was fairly close to the field and didn’t realize just how mad he was until i watched the replay over at mlb.com. Also funny that palmer was ripping the ref during the entire exchange: “trembley’s really giving it to him….as he should, that was a totally blown call”

    I have an interesting question about the lineup yesterday though. After eaton had his great previous start, he mentioned many times how much him and moeller were on the same page, had a plan, etc. So why did DT not start moeller yesterday? Sure these guys are “pros” and should be able to pitch to any catcher…but why not just put moeller in…especially if you were planning on starting him the next day (today) anyways?

  • ryan97ou

    hope koji is ok.

  • Kevin

    What happened to Koji? I saw him come out but didn’t actually see what happened.

  • Andrew

    There is good news on Rich Hill, who is rehabbing in the minors: he isn’t walking guys. In 2008, after he struggled mightily with the Cubs, he went to the minors and walked nearly 9 per 9 IP between three different levels. Rehabbing in Frederick and Norfolk, Hill has 1 HBP and 1 BB against 8 Ks.

    So that’s something.

  • neal s

    @Kevin – I think he got hit in the chest, but from what I heard on the radio the x-rays came back negative. I’d imagine it’s a day-by-day thing, but nothing too serious. Cross your fingers.

    @Andrew – Everything I’ve read about Hill has been good. If he can put it together in rehab and come up here to replace Hendrickson or Eaton it could be big. Not huge, but big.

    One thing I worry about with the recent string of losses is chemistry. I know that many folks will claim that chemistry is a myth, but when I use the term I’m simply talking about collective attitude and emotion. Those things won’t make a good team bad or a bad team good, but they can make an iffy team bad. The O’s are nothing if not an iffy team. They need to hold it together.

  • Andrew

    originally posted by neal schemistry is a myth

    True. 99% of baseball is played without any kind of working together at all. Pitcher and catcher springs to mind as the exception. And even that is rather arbitrary.

  • neal s

    Hahaha — nice selective quoting! Truth is, I only included that line because I knew you in particular (though not you alone) would have a beef if I just brought up “chemistry” without elaboration. Your perspective definitely pushes my analysis, which is always a good thing.

  • Andrew

    Seriously, I think in baseball (and all things, really) you need to constantly be thinking about why you think the way you do, and you have to constantly be challenging how you think about the things you think about. It is not acceptable to me, and it shouldn’t be to anyone, to just spout off the same things everyone is saying.

    And everyone is always talking about how important chemistry is. Well, not everyone, but a lot of people who talk a lot.

    But the thing is, chemistry is important. I accept that. It just isn’t important to winning baseball games. It’s important to fans to have guys they want to root for – the proverbial “these guys have heart and never give up” team is the fun one to root for – but if my Yankee-loving girlfriend has taught me anything, it’s that you really don’t need to like the individual players and they don’t need to like each other or have heart for them to win, and for you to enjoy watching them win.