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Orioles Cut Six, Terps over Tigers?

Orioles prospect Nolan ReimoldMinor news out of Orioles camp today as the team made another round of cuts.

None of the names surprise, but it is worth noting that Nolan Reimold certainly impressed while he was there. He hit .321 and slugged .750 with four homers in 28 at-bats. Not too shabby. He’s ticketed for Norfolk, and the question on my mind is: can he move over to LF and unseat Felix Pie if need be?

As for the pitching, things remain as confusing as ever. I stand by my assertion that Brad Bergesen — ready or not — has earned a spot, maybe even the #4 spot. Beyond that I have no idea. The team appears to be stretching Baez out, but his underwhelming performance today should be all the proof anyone needs that he is not the answer.

Hayden Penn hasn’t done much, either, and that troubles me. Can we really be looking at Mark Hendrickson in the rotation? Maybe him and Adam Eaton?

Yes, I’m getting worried.

It’s a 3:20 start for the Terps against Memphis, and I’ve got a feeling they might pull this one out. It’s probably just blind optimism, but I’m sticking with it.

I like what Dave Neal had to say in this Sun story:

“When you’re sitting around TV watching Memphis win 25 games in a row, you’re thinking, ‘Well, do they play as tough teams as we do?’ Not to knock Conference USA but the ACC is the No. 1 rated conference in the country and we play against better competition,” Neal said. “We’re going to be ready tomorrow to show them what ACC basketball is all about.”

The Ravens officially signed L.J. Smith and, interestingly, told the NFL that they’d rather not play a primetime game in Pittsburgh.

Finally, here’s something funny: somebody out there is using an online tool to try and snoop on Loss Column stats. How flattering.

17 comments to Orioles Cut Six, Terps over Tigers?

  • neal s

    My brackets are officially ruined, but I’m not sure I’d want it any other way. Three 12s over 5s, Cleveland State over Wake, Siena with Robert Moore doing his best Stephen Curry? Amazing. Every damn year it’s something else.

  • Greg

    I went 15/16 on day one, and 12/16 today

    Missed LSU over Butler

    Missed Wisconsin over FSU
    Missed Cleveland St over Wake Forest
    Missed Dayton over WV
    Missed Oklahoma St over Tennessee

    Must move on.

  • Andrew

    Things are getting strange looking in the Descending Rotational Probability Chart, since we heard today that Bass and Hendrickson are by default towards the bottom of it, that Baez needs to show more soon, and that Hayden Penn is on the bubble and a lot depends on his next start (which is kind of a foolish stance to take, but I digress):

    Jeremy Guthrie
    Koji Uehara
    Brad Bergesen
    Adam Eaton
    Hayden Penn
    Alfredo Simon
    Rich Hill
    Danys Baez
    David Pauley
    Brian Bass
    Mark Hendrickson
    Chris Waters

    I’m really starting to dread the coming season…I really am…

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    yeah the ravens finally noticed there was a pattern developing where the steelers never had to come here in primetime. good for them.

    not much of a conspiracy theorist but i’m glad they were proactive with the league.

    also no matter where he ends up i hope jay cutler gets clowned.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    umm maybe maryland’s run is umm…yeah.

  • dan the man

    Bergesen to AAA. Won’t be too long before one of the veterans is deemed ineffective or is injured and he’s called up


  • Andrew

    Poor Maryland. They had a very strange year. I’m sad I ddon’t get to see them more often, all in all. Maybe next year I’ll be away from the Rochester hellhole and back in Maryland. God I hope so. I miss the smell of the place.

    Surprised to see Bergesen cut. It sounds like the Orioles are mostly resigned to not being very good this year but instead just seeing who is out of options (or expensive – see Baez) and still useful. I don’t like it. It’s going to be a long fuckin’ year, and longer still if we have to watch Adam Eaton against the Yankees instead of the more exciting Brad Bergesen…although I don’t think either one can cut the mustard.

    I don’t like the cut. Bottom line, it feels like money and options are talking over quality. And that sucks.

    Guthrie, Uehara, Eaton, Penn, Hill. My anticipated win total lowers by the day, my spirits sink. I’m sick of fucking losing.

  • Greg

    I was confident the Orioles would put Brad Bergesen in AAA. I said it many times, it speaks to the MO of Andy MacPhail’s past maneuvers.

  • sci

    So this is fun. I’m writing now from Rishikesh, India. India is insane and amazing and sometimes infuriating, and there’s way too much cricket on TV, but my point here is that I got to talking to a Japanese guy on the train from Varanasi to Gaya, and he told me that we’ll love Uehara. He was a big star there, and one of this dude’s favorite players, and because of Koji he now loves the Orioles. He knew them right away, which I thought was amazing. He kept telling me in broken English that Koji “work fast.” That may brighten your mood Andrew, hopefully.

  • Kevin

    I had a feeling that the Terps would lose. Nobody will beat Memphis if they keep shooting 70% in the 1st half with 8/11 from downtown. Good season Terps!

  • dan the man

    Yikes, JPN is pounding Oswalt now, though, after that B-Rob error. Oh well. Davey Johnson left him in there one batter too many probably.

    Does anybody else really dig the flat black batting helmets that Japan is rocking? They’re sweet.

  • Greg

    I am really not happy with the Oriole pitchers right now. I’m not frustrated with the front office as much as I am almost sympathetic to their problems. They went in with 37 pitchers, and they can’t seem to drag five decent age 25+ starters out of that group? The only players who are actually performing are those that are in our farm system.

    The good news about that is that we will definitely see the young guns very soon in the Orioles rotation if things continue to go as they are.

    The bad news: I don’t want to see Brad Beregsen have to come up here and rescue the Orioles. I want the Orioles to be able to have healthy and able pitchers without needing help from their AAA reserve. We shouldn’t have to wonder if Uehara and Hill are healthy. We shouldn’t have to wonder if Guthrie is stretched out enough to start the season. We shouldn’t have to wonder if Penn will ever put it together. We shouldnt have the huge question marks that every other team doesn’t have. God it makes me so mad to think about all these guys given the golden opportunity to play big league ball and NO ONE is stepping up to the challenge.

    You know things are bad when Alfredo Simon pitches for four innings of shutout ball in one game and he’s already pencilled in as the #5 guy, despite showing up to camp 2 weeks late. Talk about ‘lost season’. Ugh. Rant over.

  • Don’t Panic.

    These kids are going to the farm – not being deported or receiving Lifetime Bans from the game.

    If our rotation was penciled in as Guts, Koji, Beregsen, Matusz, Tillman, etc… I’d bet everyone would be all riled up over that, too.

    It sucks, but come on people. The Orioles are who we thought they were. Especially in 2009.

    Let’s see if we can build a foundation around the lack of pitching and prepare for the reinforcements to arrive.

    Let’s see if we can patch a flat the first time the wheels fall off, and not damage the rims.

    It’s still March.

    “Baseball may be the national pastime in the United States,” observed Brian Roberts, “but it is played all around the world. And as you can see, it’s played very well all over the world.”

  • Andrew

    @Joe the Guy – Absolutely correct. But it is frustrating.

    Bring on April 6 – let’s do this!

  • dan the man

    I’m glad Guthrie is back, and I’m glad he didn’t pitch last night.

    Hendrickson until Hill comes back.

  • Andrew

    I’ve got Guthrie, Uehara, Eaton, Hendrickson, Simon. The following people will probably also be making starts in 2009: Brad Bergesen, Rich Hill, Hayden Penn, Brian Bass, Danys Baez, and Troy Patton. When we get really desperate, we’ll see Radhames Liz, Matt Albers, David Hernandez, and Chris Waters again. Maybe Jon Leiceister if he’s still around (he isn’t).