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Orioles in Chicago For Three

Orioles young guns Brad Bergesen and Matt WietersFirst thing’s first: tune the hell in to the Fighting Ungers radio program tomorrow morning from 9-12. I’ll be on, and I’ll even be sitting at the main mic. If you listened the last time I did that, you know it will be…interesting.

1370 AM or listen online here.

The second half of the season kicks off for the Orioles tonight as they head to Chicago for a three game set against the White Sox. Pitching matchups like so:

Jason Berken vs. John Danks (7-6, 3.91, 1.25 WHIP, Texan) tonight
Jeremy Guthrie vs. Mark Buehrle (9-3, 3.66, 1.19 WHIP, apparently bearded) Saturday
Brad Bergesen vs. Jose Contreras (4-7, 4.54, 1.25 WHIP, older than we think) on Sunday

Those first two games look brutal on paper, but they gotta play ’em anyway.

I like that second-half predictions discussion that was going on earlier. Let’s carry that over to this series thread, shall we? Yes.

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24 comments to Orioles in Chicago For Three

  • Tomás


    It’s about friggin’ time, Nick!

  • neal s

    Nice – Markakis with his first homer in over a month. Apparently it barely cleared the fence but that’s usually how it goes with slump busters.

  • Greg

    I love Jim Thome.

  • Andrew

    I’m getting tired of Berken. Steve Melewski made a good point in that Berken will get at least one more go-round in Yankee Stadium instead of throwing Tillman out for his debut at YSIII or Fenway. Can’t argue with that logic, but….damn, I just don’t want to watch Jason Berken and the Yankees.

  • neal s

    Damn you, Jim Thome. 7 RBI tonight, coming on a three-run homer and a grand slam.

    Damn it, games like this suck.


    @Greg – THANK YO


    @Greg – YOU GREG

  • Tomás

    This is why no Orioles fan should ever call it a night early…FEEL THE MAGIC

  • neal s

    So what I gather here is that Tomás, Greg, and Jim Thome have entered into an agreement to form an unholy trinity and attack Birdland with all their combined might. I detect the influence of both irony and mind control.

  • neal s

    @Tomás – I actually laughed out loud at “conan drum? you mean max weinberg?”

    Nice pull.

  • neal s

    Meanwhile, the O’s put up eight runs and still lost.

  • dan the man

    Well hey at least we scored runs. More importantly, at least most of those runs game off of home runs by Nick and Adam, which is exactly what I’d hoped to see coming out of the break. Adam with an opposite field shot reminiscent of the ASG fly balls, too. Very encouraging.

    If the schedule were of no consequence, this would be Berken’s final game if I’m MacPhail. He needs a breather in the minor leagues.

    Too soon to take back one of those 2 Baez diet sodas?

  • dan the man

    But most importantly, welcome back, baseball!

  • neal s

    @dan the man – Baez slipped up tonight, but he still earned his Sodas. No need to overreact to one bad outing.

    Agreed on Markakis and Jones — good signs in the midst of a bad game.

    As for Berken, we all know he’s not long for this team. He needs more time in Norfolk to hone his craft. Nobody can say for sure when the move will come, but it seems obvious that he’ll only get one or two more starts.

  • Greg

    Who ever it is that pulled out the Dugout reference… I love you. <3 <3 <3

  • Tomás

    The FOX broadcasting team hasn’t been too bad today, lavishing tons of praise upon Bergeron for his poise under fire, but they just had a graphic up displaying the O’s youth movement. Not only is the title “Cheery O’s” stretching it (to be nice, incredibly lame truthfully), but they also have Luke Scot as part of the Youth Movement. Since when was 31 “youthful”? I mean he’s our DUDE, but come on FOX he’s hardly a young stud.

  • Tomás

    Um…wow, did anyone see that last pitch of the 8th against Wiggi on GameCast or anything? It seemed letter-high and completely off, not to mention the ump didn’t even call strike 3 until Wiggi was 4 feet down the line.

  • neal s

    Regarding the main entry, I’m nearly 100% certain that orioles.com listed Bergesen as the Sunday starter. Was there a late change that I missed, or did I just miss?

    Regarding today’s game, well…yeah.

  • Greg

    Guthrie was scratched for Saturday’s start so they bumped up Bergy and Guthrie should be throwing Sunday now if he is up to it.

  • Miles

    Nice outing for Guts today. And props to Mr. Zaun for eating his Wheaties.

    For all the bungling you’ve seen the O’s do this season, it was nice to take one today because of the other team’s incompetence.

  • Kevin

    That’s 2 in a row on Sunday?!?!?!

  • @Kevin – 2 in a row, and 4 out of 6 on Sunday. Wild.