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Orioles-Red Sox: Simply, The Comeback

the oriole birdI’m not going to attempt to fully recount what happened last night. Truth is, the comments on yesterday’s post do a better job than one person ever could. That’s an organic, real, exhilarating read right there. True fans doing what you all do best.

Even in the light of day I feel no less excited. This fan base — the dedicated and frustrated alike — both needed and deserved a night like that. I wish I could eavesdrop in every office building, on every street corner, and in every pub today. For one day, at least, this really is Birdland.

Greatest comeback in Team history. Biggest comeback ever by a last place team against a first place team. Proof that Oriole Magic not only has a pulse, but is prepping for a massive reunion tour.

Speaking of Oriole Magic — I’d say now is a good time to link this again (mp3).

Phew. What a night.

And now we have Day Baseball on tap, with the Berger Cookie (he’s nearly earned that moniker) up against Josh “I have a hemp necklace, brah” Beckett. Let’s go get ’em.

82 comments to Orioles-Red Sox: Simply, The Comeback

  • neal s

    My god. Another blown call, and now the bases are loaded.

  • Tomás


  • neal s

    You have got to be kidding me.

    These wild swings of emotion are killing me.

  • neal s

    Well, I gotta go. I’ll check back in later. Here’s to finding a way…again.

  • Kevin

    come on baez. george………..

  • Andrew

    @neal s – That was debateable. What got us here is George Sherrill and Jim Johnson being rather….unsharp.


  • Andrew

    Well, let’s just win this before we have to find out who else in the bullpen isn’t any good today.

  • ryan97ou

    jesus…i leave for a couple minutes and the top of the 9th turns into a debacle.

  • Tomás

    sigh…damn you Bay.

    I don’t like this, not one little bit.

  • ryan97ou

    came someone explain what happened in the 9th that’s watching it on tv? bad ump calls? good fielding play? what?

  • Andrew

    @ryan97ou – there were a coupel borderline check swings that were all called no swing, but a lot of wildness from johnson and especially sherrill. Jason Bay made a terrific, uncharacteristic sliding catch to end the inning.

  • ryan97ou

    ok guys…second chance in life…lets give at least one pitcher a deserved win….you already blew it for bergeson

  • ryan97ou

    if sherrill’s ol’flat brim, then andino’s side-brim.

    come on side-brim!

  • ryan97ou

    me and my buddy are debating….you think DT should have put in a pinch hitter for andino?

  • Andrew

    @ryan97ou – No. The added percentage of getting on base there is, what, 5% or so, at best? And Mora, Wieters, or Salazar wouldn’t be able to run well enough on the bases to try and play small ball – and you’d be sacrificing defense. So I’m okay with it.

  • ryan97ou

    i agreed on the defensive front. kind of a reach if yah ask me…

  • Tomás

    Well that sucked.

  • ryan97ou

    damn. sucks for bergesen

  • Andrew

    @ryan97ou – Why? I mean, okay, it sucks in general, but why would it suck more for Bergesen than anyone else.

    In fact, I don’t know, I feel very calm and even satisified (bear with me here) about this game. The Orioles are rebuilding, and nobody here is really considering this year anything except biding our time, waiting for guys to develop.

    Well, we got a chance to see Bergesen develop right front of our eyes and that was great. We lost a game that ultimately means little to the Orioles as a franchise (the win was much more important for Boston and its pennant drive) while we got a little more convinced that we have one of our rotation stalwarts in place for the next few years (I’m not there yet with BB, but I’m slowly getting there).

    The loss does nothing to take away from that satisfied feeling. It sucks, and it’ll stick in my craw for a while, but this game embodies the 2009 rebuilding process.

  • james

    “The Loss Column is Baltimore’s independent alternative for intelligent sports talk”

    neal s: “Am I the first person to come up with the name Kevin Doucheilis, or is that one already in common usage?”

    Haha. I guess the bar for intelligent sports talk is pretty darn low 🙂

  • Tomás

    @james – Nice cherry picking there james. Funny how you overlooked our previous topics like books we’re currently reading or our brief foray into resurrecting our high school German.

    BTW the emoticon degrades us both, please stop.

  • neal s

    hahaha I gotta give James a +1 there. Good stuff. I’m the one who put the “intelligent” in there, so I can take the heat when I veer off to have a little fun. It’s all good, as they say.

    They’re not saying that about today’s game, though. I’m 100% satisfied and even stoked on the BB performance, but it sucks in a big way to blow that lead.

    Then again, at least we had that lead. Such is the plight of a rebuilding team.

  • dan the man

    The only important thing about this game is also the most positive thing about this game: Brad Bergesen can pitch against the AL East with the best of them. This is huge. Even Guthrie doesn’t have great success against our rivals. I suppose it remains to be seen whether or not Bergesen will “get figured out” by the league, but if he can continue to spot sliders on the outside corner and sink that fastball, he’s going to be successful more often than not.

    On the other side of the coin, it sort of figures the Sox would turn right around and come back with their own.. comeback. They’re in 1st place for a reason and yet they only got the win because of the sheer luck that both JJ and Sherrill were both off tonight. Last night, it was Boston’s shut-down bullpen that was off. That’s the game for you. And no, DT should not get any of the blame for this.

    So do we take the 1 out of 3? We coulda got 2, so it makes it tough to swallow. But we were one good JJ outing away from the series win, and to me that means we competed our asses off. I’ll take a historic comeback and another stunning outing from Bergesen and a 5-1 lead after 8 innings. We made the fuckers earn it and that’s what we’re looking for this year.

    Now we can put the Sox behind us and move Westward. Good.

    Topics of interest:
    1)Can we stay competitive on the road and against another AL team that we struggle with? (At least they’re not half as infuriating, though.)
    2)Will Dave (not David) Hernandez seize the opportunity in the starting rotation?
    3)Are we going to see improvement from Jason Berken?
    4)Is the Rich Hill era over or does he have a new lease on life with the Koji injury?

    I’m sure there are others, besides the obvious keeping a close eye on Wieters, Reimold, and Jones. Roberts and Huff are scuffling again, but Luke and Wigginton look to be breaking out.

  • I couldn’t agree more with all the positive comments about BB from yesterday.

    Yeah, the loss stung, but the development of BB and Nolan Reimold (beyond all reasonable expectations heading into the season?) are making me think that being a season ticket holder again next season is a really good idea.

    Off topic for any TLC fans who remember a similarly bleak period in the Orioles’ history, the 1980s: Catching up with former Orioles backup catcher Floyd “Sugar Bear” Rayford.

  • sci

    Rich Hill pretty much has to stay in the rotation with Koji injured, although, to repeat, that pitching performance Tuesday night was one of the most painful I have ever seen. Unless we bring Tillman up, he stays. (Tillman is pretty much the only reasonable call-up at this point, right? Or Patton?) Anyway, he’s in for the foreseeable future, I think. I really think he has no chance to be a good ML pitcher though. Decent curveball, but what else does he have going for him?

    The Berken/Hill vortex is a major issue for the rotation at the moment, but not sure what else to do… Eaton still unsigned? haha Discovering that BB could be legit is HUGE though.

  • Andrew

    @sci – I think Rich Hill will be fine, so long as he 1) doesn’t face the Yankees or Red Sox, who are famously very patient at the plate (and thus very good offensive teams), and 2) doesn’t explode like he did in Oakland.

    It won’t always be pretty, but he’ll be serviceable. The bigger problem at this point is having Hill and Jason Berken and David Hernandez simultaneously in the rotation…but like sci says, we’re stuck here. Unless we go out and get another vagabond has-been like Brandon Backe (which I do not endorse). Tillman’s not ready, Patton’s not ready, Arrieta’s not ready. The first backup plan starter right now is probably David Pauley.

    Yeah, it’s gotten bad. But you never know, maybe something starts to click for Hernandez or Berken. I wouldn’t count on it, but you never know.

  • dan the man

    I mean, what did we used to say when Eaton was sucking: we could call up Chris Waters and he’d do a better job than Eaton. Same is pretty much true for Rich Hill right now. Tillman is the obvious choice, but if not, you have some non-prospects you could throw out there. I don’t know if that’s called for just yet, though.

  • Andrew

    Also: nothing waiting for us this year will ever be as painful as watching Daniel Cabrera, Rodrigo Lopez, Radhames Liz, Sir Sidney Ponson, Dennis Sarfate, Steve Trachsel Part 2, Steve Trachsel Part 3 (also called Adam Eaton), Hayden Penn, or my personal favorite: Todd Williams trying to intentionally walk Miguel Cabrera.

    Seriously. Rich Hill was very bad the other day, but this is Birdland. We’ve been to Hell and back on the pitching mound, and Rich Hill is nowhere near even remotely painful yet.

  • Andrew

    @dan the man – It’s like nobody reads my posts. Tillman has been in a month-long struggle at Norfolk, and he at least needs to right himself before he can be called up.

  • dan the man

    @Andrew – No, I know. I’m saying he seems to be the obvious next choice, not so much the obvious right now choice. Best case scenario is he doesn’t find his way here until September because that means our rotation is holding together relatively well.

  • dan the man

    Late night West Coast baseball. Neal’s favorite and Andrew’s nemesis.

    I think we can take 2 of 4 from the Angels. Their starting pitching isn’t all that dominant and we’re missing Weaver. Lackey will be a problem, but other than that, I think we’ve got a good shot. They’re missing Bergesen, though, unfortunately. I just don’t believe in the Angels all that much – Figgins and Hunter will kill us as usual, but I’m no longer afraid of Vlad.

    Tell you what, though, Nick and Adam are way overdue for some home runs. Aubrey, too. I think they’ll get hot and we finally get a respite from the string of lefties.

  • Andrew

    @dan the man – Let me ask you if Melvin is overdue, too, or if he’s just old and not as good as we/he think he is.

    If there’s one thing this team needs, it’s pitching. But if there’s two things, it’s a legitimate 30-40 home run threat; in the corners would be nice.