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Orioles: There, Then Not

Oriole Park at Camden YardsWe can say this: the Orioles were in this second Boston game. They had leads and were tied in the seventh, but Danys Baez couldn’t hold it down. On it goes.

I was really looking forward to writing that “we split the series” post.

As it happens, though, there is some interesting and good news to report away from the diamond. The O’s announced today that architect Janet Marie Smith has rejoined the team to serve as Vice President of Planning and Development. This has no direct impact on the field, but it does mean that the team is (a) serious about their new spring training facility and (b) serious about the fan experience at home. Further proof that the’re looking to build a strong overall organization beyond just player personnel.

And oh yeah: four idiots tried to steal Cal Ripken‘s number from outside the Yard. That’s phenomenal in its idiocy, but it did prompt Big League Stew to make a good point: maybe Cal should have a bigger monument than just his number?

A little early for that, but it’s something I’d like to see down the road.

10 comments to Orioles: There, Then Not

  • Cageylefty

    Hey Neil, from your friendly adversaries in Beantown.

    Congrats on the return of Janet Marie Smith, she did wonders for Fenway Park and we owe her a debt of gratitude. Hopefully, she’ll do great things in the future for the O’s.

    Just got back from tonight’s game. You will be happy to know that I saw a respectable number of Birds fans at the game. Hopefully, they were treated well and will enjoy their visit, if are from out of town. Amazing what cheap flights will do.

    Birken was an escape artist tonight, hung in there well, but kudos to our new guys, Victor Martinez and Billy Wagner, tonight. Good pickups, no Rios’ or Gagne’s …

    Best wishes,


    PS – probably no September in Camden for me this year, though our “Lost Nation” group will be there in force, one trip a year for me, and DC was it.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    hey lefty could you tell us if you think the game of baseball has been cheapened by the fact that only a handful of teams can even compete year to year?

    does it tarnish what the red sox have done the last decade?

    answers below.

    are you kidding of course it has

  • Andrew

    That’s interesting about Janet Marie Smith. When she left the Red Sox I assumed it was because she had some non-baseball things on his slate, but I suppose it was just that she was done with Fenway Park.

    It’s very exciting to know we have someone who ought to be in the Hall of Fame as an architect working on the Spring Training facilities – finally some good news on that stuff.

    BBM – who ya got tonight, Titans or Steelers?

  • neal s

    @Cageylefty – Thanks for checking in — always good to hear from you. As usual, your comment almost makes me feel bad about all the times I’ve said negative things about Sox fans. Almost.

    I’m pretty excited about Janet Marie Smith. The lack of a quality minor league facility has really hampered this team for many years, and it seems like we’ve got the right person to remedy that.

    And pay no mind to Big Ben. Hard as it is to believe, he just doesn’t like baseball.

  • @Big Ben’s Motorcycle
    The sorry state of the MLB caste system tarnishes what the P.E.D. Sox have done almost as much as their championship teams being juiced up like ripe Valencia oranges.

  • Andrew

    @Chris – does the rampant crime and PED usage in the NFL tarnish anything in there?

  • @Andrew – If by “tarnished” you mean “made better” then yes. Who doesn’t love crime and drugs?!

  • Greg

    Football is a team sport. Each play, each tackle is not one-on-one. It’s sometimes two-on-one, three-on-one– whole defenses-on-one. Individual accomplishment is hard to measure, and does go beyond who actually gets final credit for making a tackle.

    Baseball is different. It’s batter vs pitcher. No one but the batter himself helps the ball out over the outfield fence, so it’s easy to point fingers at those who do it best– Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmero, Rodriguez, Ortiz– and easy to prove and place blame when you suspect wrongdoing.

    Extreme power is rare enough in baseball where players that set themselves apart really set themselves apart from the group. In football it’s hard to tell who’s the most powerful– all guys on a football squad are huge– but is Ray Lewis a stronger, bigger, fiercer guy than Terrell Suggs? Can you prove or disprove it from your TV screen or a stat sheet with the number of tackles each has made on it?

    When it comes to football there’s more gray area about power and how to quantify it. In baseball, it’s pretty easy to tell who’s got the power and who doesn’t. This makes it easy for people to pile on baseball about chemical enhancements, but not football.

    Just my opinion.

  • Andrew

    @Greg – You aren’t defending the free pass football gets on PEDs and other morality-related issues (not that most given give a crap about those things in baseball, really…but the media sure as heck does), are you?

  • dan the man

    I love how the two games we play in Fenway involve our two worst starting pitchers. How’s that for some luck.

    @ Cagey, at least spell the pitcher’s name right. Come on now. Speaking of BERKEN, it’s funny how I am suddenly more comfortable with him on the mound rather than Hernandez.

    I sort of agree with Greg on the football PED thing. Baseball records are sacred. Football records are… just kind of there. Everybody and their mother gets into the hall of fame, too. But I watch football for different reasons than I watch baseball. It’s an entirely different mindset for me.

    HEY there’s real football tonight.

    Can the O’s win 7 more games? If not, it’s a 100-loss season. Not that I care about that, but it will be interesting to see if they can pull out 7 wins from a stupid-hard remainder of the schedule minus Tillman and Matusz and with a ton of AAAA arms.