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Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 3)

motorcycle design by Carefully Considered for Mac CyclesGoing a little Mad Men heavy with this one, at least at the top.

Latest blog post at my Slant Six site is all about the common ground between Mad Men and a particular episode of The Twilight Zone. It includes not only analysis but also links to watch the TZ episode in question.

If you’re a fan of either show I’d dig some thoughts on that. Here or there.

Esquire checked in earlier this year with an appreciation of “the minor women of Mad Men”. You’ve got to love Rachel Menken. You just have to.

I’m equally a fan of Crista Flanagan, who plays often-hapless secretary Lois Sadler.

That pic up top? Click it for a larger version. That’s UK design shop Carefully Considered working on behalf of a startup bike company called Mac Cycles. More info and pics available here.

If and when I have the cash to get a bike I plan to do it right. For me that pretty much means a Triumph, preferably a vintage Bonneville. But if I had to go new, then that pic is it. Wow.

Dig this awesome video of a Penn & Teller appearance on David Letterman from back in the day. It’s funny, smart, and a little bit disturbing. In all the right ways.

I don’t want to go completely sports-free here, right? So enjoy this picture of Hubert Humphrey and Dave McNally following the 1966 World Series.

Looking forward to the next time an Oriole gets the chance to soak up that situation.

13 comments to Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 3)

  • ryan97ou

    speaking of motorcycles and general “bad assedness” i am reading Hells Angels right now and it’s pretty cool. little long winded, all over the place, and def pre-gonzo hunter s. but he gets into the depths of that gang in their heyday and it’s pretty crazy stuff.

  • neal s

    Hell’s Angels is a great book. Thompson took a few bad steps in his career but that one stands the test.

    It might even be his best long-form work. He did better things with essays and magazine pieces and the like but that just might be the best book start-to-finish. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas includes his best lines, but I’m not sure it’s better in totality.

    Related: The Rum Diary is a neglected but damn fine work of quasi-fiction.

  • ryan97ou

    think i pretty much agree with you on that one. good stuff. after this i am delving into fear and loathing on the campaign trail.

    but will have to check out rum diary

  • Andrew

    I’ve been on the road the past couple of days, so I’m checking in from Hyannis, Massachusetts where I heard a radio play last night about a boy who was excited to explore a mysterious cave after receiving a flashlight for his birthday.

    I’m having a weird/hard week.

  • Kevin

    Anybody know of any good bars/hangouts in Cleveland, Chicago or Green Bay? I’m leaving for a road trip tomorrow morning for MNF. Canton and Cleveland on Friday, Chicago Saturday and Sunday, Green Bay on Monday. See you all next week

  • ryan97ou

    why yes i do. all my family is from cleveland and i was there last weekend. if your looking for good beer…you MUST go to great lakes brewing company and right next door is bier mrkt.

    wherever you go downtown you have to try a great lakes xmas ale, even if you don’t go to the brewers.

    if your looking for clubs, you can go to west 6th st…

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    just posting this because i’ve been chuckling about it for the last hour:


  • Andrew

    I had another weird experience on the road somewhere between Philly and New York that I want to share:

    I guess there are a lot of things that you hear so much that it becomes just a stupid and unrealistic cliche. For example, I’ve heard so many people (mostly in movies where such a thing is very possible and normal) talk about “time slowing down” in a special moment, usually when you first meet your “true love”.

    Me, I’m too cynical for that bunk. Time didn’t slow down when I met my Yankee-loving long-term relationship girlfriend. In fact, we didn’t get along at all for a while (probably because of that first adjective).

    But I was listening to the Pink Martinis for the first time in torrential downpour on the road, and the song Hang On Little Tomato really zoomed in and hit me hard. I mean like Ray Lewis hard. I’ve since listened to it on the you tube twice, and I swear to God I could have sworn it was at least twice as long as it really is. I wish I could repeat the experience, or even come remotely close to describing it, but it was very cool and weirdly moving.

    The only thing that ever come close for me was after a particularly rough night/month/season in Rochester a couple of years ago and hearing Space Oddity for the first time driving home into the sunrise. I drove three or four exits too far I was so wrapped up in the moment.

    I’ll spend the rest of my days chasing these two moments again.

  • neal s

    @Andrew – Spend it chasing a series of new moments that are just as good or better.

  • dan the man

    Unrelated, but I’m proposing to my girlfriend of 8 years today. I’m not going to tell her that my TLC buddies knew before she did, though.

    Andrew, you seem to be having some rough times man. Agree with Neal… I for one look to the past way too often and sometimes you have to realize all the good shit you’ve got in the present and be thankful for your health, your woman, etc. It’s cliche or whatever, but there it is. Shit is a struggle, but I’m willing to bet those two moments you speak of are going to be way down on the list of awesome memories/moments in your life.

    Anyway, for fuck’s sake, can we talk SPORTS. Winky emoticon.

  • Andrew

    It’s been a weird couple of weeks more than a hard couple of weeks. What I’m saying is not that my life is boring or sad, but for whatever reason the other day I had a moment of really strong…something. A point of random importance, I guess. It felt really, really good, and I’m gonna spend a lot of life trying to feel more of those moments (though I suspect that they’ll come around on their own).

    And of course I’m happy for you, Dan. Though it’s a little disturbing that you told some strangers first.

  • neal s

    @dan the man – Man, congratulations! AndI don’t see a damn thing wrong with leaking the info here first. If you can’t tell us, who the hell can you tell?

    More importantly, how did it go?

  • dan the man

    Let’s just say last night was one for the “WIN column”. Hahaha..