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Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 4)

Wasmund's Rye Whiskey barrel kitGoing a little Orioles and baseball heavy up front, since we talk Baltimore sports.

If you haven’t heard, Peter Gammons is leaving ESPN. You can read his farewell here, and it’s worth the time. He’s a class act and a huge part of baseball’s media landscape for the past 20 years. I don’t have much of an emotional attachment to his work but I’ve always respected him.

Architectural plans for the Orioles’ new spring training stadium have been revealed. Click that link to find out all about it.

Schmuck has the third base rumors.

I happened by chance upon an article from Rolling Stone called Rock and Roll’s Worst Day: the Aftermath of Altamont. Great read.

If you haven’t seen Gimme Shelter you need to track it down. Watch as it documents the end of sixties-style idealism in America and it’s hard not to think about what’s happening today. Maybe I’ll have more on that in the coming weeks.

Endorsement: rye and ginger. Right now it’s Sazerac Rye and Reed’s Original Ginger Brew. Rocks glass, ice, a shot-and-a-half of the rye, top with the soda. The combination makes for a unique, spicy bite that you don’t get with a bourbon cocktail. The sugar mellows it just enough.

In general you don’t want to bother with “ginger ale” — stick to something made with real ginger and real sugar. Rye is new to me but I like it. I recently acquired a Wasmund’s Barrel Kit, which consists of two bottles of un-aged, craft-distilled rye spirit and one charred American white oak mini barrel (see above). Put the young rye in the barrel and age it as you see fit. I haven’t started yet but the prospect satisfies me in a way I can’t fully explain. My plan is to add some black peppercorns — rye has a natural spice and I want to push it even further in that direction.

Two sites you need in your rotation: A Continuous Lean and The Selvedge Yard.

11 comments to Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 4)

  • Andrew

    Hey hey hey! I make genuine Ginger Ale with a couple fingers, some sugar, a lemon, and yeast. That’s Ginger Ale. I use it to make a modified Dark and Stormy, which is basically what you’re saying here, but with rum. But my point remains: make your own ginger ale. It’s easy, not expensive, and awesome.

  • I care about the soda I drink because I care about...me

    you can’t tell me what ginger ale to drink. NOTHING GIVES YOU THAT RIGHT!!!

    Canada fucking Dry all fucking day. HFSC up in your ass. FUCK YOUR CANE SUGAR HIPPIE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan the man

    I recommend taking a sharp object and a can of not-too-cold National Bohemian and creating a large hole in one end of said can, popping the tab, and enjoying thus.

  • neal s

    Bass is out, Albers and — most importantly — Cla Meredith are back.

  • dan the man

    Gotta say, I love “motorcycles” as an anti-spam word. Motorcycles are sweet!

    Yeah, good to see those transactions as expected. Although, you have to wonder if they knew they were going to non-tender Bass, why not do it earlier and keep Johnson on the roster? Meh.

    I expect a Hendrickson signing to be next and bring the roster back to 39, followed by signing one of the non-tendered guys like Atkins for 3B or Garko for 1B.

  • Andrew

    Truly random thought:

    I just found how that the word “humbug” doesn’t mean what you probably think it does. I suppose that the modern assumption is that “humbug” is just a grouchy exclamation to make when you’re being a grouch.

    In fact, humbug is a noun meaning “hoax”. This fascinates me because it turns Scrooge from a horrible, grumpy man with no redeeming qualities who seems fine to sit in his own miserableness, to a sort of strangely admirable anti-hero (in a way).

    He runs around yelling “humbug” at everything during Christmas because in his eyes, he is the only person honest and smart enough to not indulge in the hoax of pretending charity and goodwill simply because of the calendar. It makes the character an awful lot more interesting.

    I have a fascination with literary villains and anti-heros, because they so often are just cast as irrationally evil and mean. This is cool – my favorite Shakespeare villain is definitely Aaron the Moor, who at the end of Titus Andronicus proclaims “If one good Deed in all my life I did,
    I do repent it from my very Soul”. That’s some badass evilness going on.

    But I tend to be more interested in what drives the bad guys. I think that if Othello began two scenes earlier, the audience would side with Iago. I like to read Hamlet as if Claudius didn’t actually kill King Hamlet. And now I can read Christmas Carol thinking a little more of Scrooge (even if he is completely wrong), and that’s cool.

  • ryan97ou

    hysterical – i spent the entire weekend drinking sazeracs in NOLA. so good.

  • As the resident broo dood here, I’ll tell you that the ginger and rye combo is damn fine. IF you’re gonna’ mix good whiskey with some adulterant. I generally like my whiskey straight up or with one ice cube. Rye is definitely under-appreciated in its purest form, but I can also tell you that the Canadian blends are all supposed to be pretty rye heavy too.

    I’ve also made my own ginger “ale.” Definitely nice to be able to control how much heat you have in there. I like it pretty intense.

    It’s interesting to point out that a lot of better ginger brews also have a little heat coming from some hot peppers — probably Scotch Bonnets in the “Jamaican style” ones.

    That said, I also wanted to drop some shameless collective promotion too. If you’re local and into it, I started a new brew club you can check out at http://www.baltibrew.com. At some point we’re actually going to make soft drinks too, but the focus is definitely on beer. We’re focused on beginning brewing, so it’s a good place to check things out if you have any interest in beer or brewing in general. I’m also running an anniversary contest over at So Yeah, Dood… Can’t believe it’s been a year.

  • Andrew

    Ryan, that reminds (though I don’t have my copy of “On Food and Cooking” here at work, so I can’t check if this is a coincidence or not) of how hot cocoa is greatly amplified by just a smidgen of chili powder (which is how the Aztecs did it, and they basically worshiped chocolate). The heat really cuts through the bitterness and makes a very nice taste chord indeed.