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Ravens-Chiefs: Too Close For Comfort

Chiefs lose to RavensThe Ravens vs. the Chiefs was another one of those games where the final score sounds like it’s from a different game. When you realize that up until the last few minutes of the game it was 24-24, it gets scary. This was against the Chiefs. At home. With second- and third-string quarterbacks. What the hell? This game was supposed to be a rout—and after the first drive it looked like it could be.

I did like how the Ravens came out firing. They seemed to do better when they went no-huddle; the passing game was working well early. It appears that the Ravens are now a throwing team. Gone are the days of run the ball at the other team and wear ’em down. Though they still have the ability to do that, the focus was shifted yesterday to the air. For the most part, it worked. Having a healthy Todd Heap definitely adds another dimension to the Ravens’ offense, allowing Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton to get some better coverage matchups. I have to say, every time Heap got tackled I couldn’t help but think to myself “he’s not getting up.” But he did and let’s hope he keeps doing it.

Joe Flacco reminded everyone that he is still a young quarterback with a few of his passes. Way too many passes were thrown too high, which is dangerous.

I can’t really point to any one reason why the Ravens came so ridiculously close to losing to the Chiefs. I didn’t see very many mistakes. Our secondary was a bit weak in the second half. Special teams are still awful, but I don’t think you can blame it all on that.

Overall I thought they played well. I thought the Chiefs actually played pretty well too. I think what it came down to was that the Chiefs wanted it more and the Ravens played down to their opponent again. Let’s hope it was just a first week thing and the Ravens won’t give us these heart attack games anymore this season.

If nothing else, they covered the spread I’m sure that made a few folks in Vegas happy.

(photo borrowed from the Kansas City Star)

10 comments to Ravens-Chiefs: Too Close For Comfort

  • Andrew

    After the first half I said to myself “There is just no way the Ravens or the Chiefs are going make this game anything except what I thought it was going to be”. KC had, what, one or two first downs in the first half? Meanwhile the offense seemed able to do what it wanted when it wanted to.

    And then things did not go all that smoothly suddenly. It’s weird, because it was like two completely different football games…but that we stilled pulled it out when things went poorly (even without finding the specific reason for it) I think shines well on the Ravens.

    But it will be interesting to see how they attack the Chargers.

  • Dan H

    I dont know. I’m gonna echo some of the comments from yesterday. I think the Ravens will still be a heavy run team this year. They looked at the Cheifs awful defense and thought to put on a bit of misdirection for the rest of the season, if you will. Let everyone think were changing the offensive identity by throwing against that D. Then other teams gameplan more for the air and not as much for the ground. You won’t see eight in the box early in games for a while.

  • dan the man

    The score was close, but it was flukey.

    17 of the 24 points that KC scored weren’t really about the Ravens getting outplayed. It was a blocked punt, a crazy-long FG, and an interception. KC wasn’t running us up and down the field by any stretch of the imagination. We outplayed them and they got lucky on some plays, basically.

    A win is a win, this team is only going to get crisper as the season goes along.

  • dan the man

    @Dan H – I agree – we can’t call them a throwing team yet. It’s one game, and Cam likes to mix it up. I think eventually we will end up being “the Ravens with a good quarterback”.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    posted this on the other thread but i’ll post it here:

    i’m just saying that the chiefs run defense is bullshit and ON THE SURFACE it looked like cam cameron was going away from the run ON PURPOSE which i think is bullshit with our personnel. our bread and butter is still our beastly running attack and defense.

    to me, you go away from that gameplan when it’s NECESSARY, not because you want to prove something to anybody. you go away from that gameplan when you play the steelers for instance. their run defense is ridiculous so you go after the corners down the field.

    if you want to come out throwing yesterday (like they did) fine. when you’re up 10-0 run the damned ball. if all you guys see is the 500 yards of offense that’s cool but i’m telling you if you try that shit on a team like the colts good luck. hell, if flacco has a throw or two more sail on him yesterday the chiefs EASILY could have won that game which actually pisses me off.

    i guess it boils down to this – passing teams rarely get very far and i DO NOT want the ravens to start believing that’s what they are.

    that said, they’ll probably need lots of play action and throws down the field against the chargers though haha.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    also don’t misunderstand – if this is all some jedi mind-fuck shit to set teams up down the road on the part of cameron then more power to him.

    i just don’t ever want to be a fucking glam team. this is baltimore goddammit.

  • Andrew

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – I was just about to say that. The Ravens put up their best offensive showing ever with an aerial assault, and now that makes planning and defending them the rest of the season that much harder. Good for them.

  • dan the man

    i just don\’t ever want to be a fucking glam team. this is baltimore goddammit.

    This is awesome.

    But don’t worry, I don’t think the Ravens coaches are stupid enough to think that they are going to get very far just letting Flacco air it out. And you saw once it was crunch time in the second half that they went to the run a lot more. You are right, though, in that the Chiefs just barely didn’t get some interceptions on a couple of throws.

    Also, how nice was the offensive line? Flacco could have like made himself a ham sammich in the pocket at least twice.

    But anyway, bring on a real challenge: West coast trip into Charger territory. Then we\’ll see what’s what.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    just read the sun. didn’t realize that mike preston basically said everything i said above. always did like that guy!

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    since it would be ridiculous not to be positive after a win like that:

    -you’re right dtm this 0-line is going to be incredible. to think that they average 23 years of age or whatever is pretty exciting.

    -props to mark clayton missing training camp and coming up big. this might finally be that kid’s year.

    -derrick mason is getting damned close to shannon sharpe in the “most effective free agent offensive player signing of all time for the ravens” category.

    -flacco has a ways to go before he reaches steeler who will not be named ‘s stature, but he is 7,456,972 times more likeable.