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Ravens-Patriots: Missed Opportunity

post-game SuggsI am really getting tired of losing to New England. Their fans have this smug sense of entitlement, but overall I believe the Ravens are the better team. So why did they lose yesterday? Before we throw Mark Clayton to the wolves, I want to point out that his epic failure was just the final nail in what was an already built coffin.

The referees were pretty one sided. I don’t think anyone, even in Foxboro, can deny that. Terrell Suggs said it best: referees use the roughing the passer rule to protect some quarterbacks more than others. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger — these guys are protected to a degree. They enjoy a little bit more freedom and they enjoy a closer eye from the refs and a quicker reach for a penalty flag. Maybe Joe Flacco will enjoy that situation one day as well.

That said, the Ravens have no one but themselves to blame for this loss. The offensive line was Swiss cheese and our defense could not stop Brady & Co. Fabian Washington was outmatched all day and the Ravens are lucky that he wasn’t exploited more often.

The Patriots’ defense is not what it used to be (neither is the Ravens’) but they adapted well to shut down Derrick Mason. They just seemed to have us figured out.

On a positive note, Ray Rice seems to get better and better. This week he showed that he had some footwork and his second efforts after being hit kept the Ravens in the game. I wonder, though, why the Ravens didn’t try to work Le’Ron McClain in more.

Anyway, The Patriots are rapidly moving up my list of most-hated teams and the more the coddled Tom Brady is, the more I hate him. I hope they have an awful season but I’d bet they’re going to be hanging around the top of the heap for quite some time.

10 comments to Ravens-Patriots: Missed Opportunity

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    actually i think you’re wrong about roethlisberger getting coddled by the refs (but wait it ain’t a compliment).

    he’s a big fooly mammoth that holds on to the ball way too long so the refs can’t coddle him – he usually gets leveled more than most qb’s and he’s too big and dumb to give an oscar performance like brady.

    but make no mistake – if he ever gets a brain he won’t do that and the refs will most surely help him out.

    their hands are tied.

    the only point i want to make about those two BULLSHIT calls aren’t that they lost us the game. it’s that it ruins games in a way in that there’s a competitive edge given to great quarterbacks that they hardly fucking need.

    one day flacco might be given that respect and i’m telling you i don’t want it to happen.

    also not to cam cameron – ah nevermind you’ve evidently made your mind up. guess i’ll PASS like you fucking intend to every week.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    *note to cam cameron godammit

  • dan the man

    3-headed running back monster. Use it.

    Where was McClain on that 3rd and 1 that they gave to McGahee who got stuffed? If there’s one thing that McClain is good for, it’s that exact situation.

  • random dude

    I think all my thoughts were covered by people in the past two posts. The officiating was atrocious, but didn’t lose us the game on its own. Clayton has to make that catch. We should have run the ball more. All been said already.

    Overall, though, I think we have to be encouraged that we were right there at the end of the game. We definitely showed up for this game, and I think if we need to play there again in the playoffs the results will be different. This one stung, but we’re not going to win 16 games. Now it’s time to go make a statement against Cincy. Hope that final score looks similar to the Browns game, though I’m betting Cincy will hang in a whole lot better than the Browns did.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    rodney harrison you just became my favorite patriot of all time.

    from espn:

    At halftime of Sunday night’s game, NBC analyst Rodney Harrison found common ground with a Patriots opponent when the issue of protecting the quarterback in the NFL came up. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was incensed about a two roughing the passer penalties in the first half called against Baltimore. Harrison agreed. ” Tom Brady, if you’re listening,” Harrison started. “Take off the skirt and put on some slacks. Toughen up.”

  • neal s

    I saw that Harrison moment live and it was pretty great. He really got to the heart of the issue, which is that while the officials were wrong to make the calls (especially the Suggs call), Brady should be ashamed of himself.

    It’s one thing to look for/call for a flag when you get hit. I don’t like it, but whatever. It happens. It’s quite different to know that because you’re Tom Brady you can game the system by simply claiming you got hit. That’s low class and bush league to the extreme. Earn what you get with performance on the field, don’t fake a hit and lobby the officials for a second chance.

    Kudos to Harrison for calling him out on it. Hopefully, the league and the officials are listening, because I’m sure Brady isn’t.

    By the way, I normally hate when people bitch about officiating. This was the rare instance when it was completely appropriate to say something. You can’t let bullshit like that stand, so kudos as well to Ray Lewis for stepping out even though he’ll almost certainly be fined.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    yeah i agree neal. i meant what i said about flacco. i don’t want that kind of protection on him either. this really isn’t a homer type thing.

    i’m so tired of league-mandated sissy clauses.

    speaking of flacco though, of all the things i love about him his reaction to the two penalties was awesome. he said something along the lines of “sometimes i’ve been hit and i see the flag and i’m like, what”!?

  • random dude

    Yeah, I saw the Harrison comments too. Just awesome. I agree that I don’t like blaming refs for a loss, but I do think this criticism by the players has done its job. It definitely got the national media talking about the calls. There was a guy on ESPN news yesterday (just caught the tail end and didn’t know who it was) talking about how a Patriots defender took his helmet to Flacco’s chest two steps after Flacco released the ball and there was no flag. He said something along the lines of, I guess Flacco shouldn’t be wearing #5. It looks like if you wear #12 you can get every call.

    I hope the players are done talking about it now, and just focus on this Sunday. Let the media keep talking about it, though.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    crazy how much play the roughing the passer issue has gotten nationally.

    also crazy that the ravens have yet to be fined, if they do at all.

    wish that meant change is coming but yeah right.

  • random dude

    Looks like the NFL came out and said we’re not getting fined. I’ve never heard any player be this critical and not get fined. Kind of the league’s way of admitting the officiating was bad?