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Ravens: Things Fall Apart

frustrated Ravens coach John HarbaughThe Ravens fell apart against the Bengals yesterday. Where was the team that outlasted the Chargers on their home turf? Where was the team that dismantled the Browns? Which team showed up yesterday?

It seems the Ravens have been in decline since the game against the Browns. Yes, they are awful about playing to their opponent’s ability instead of their own. Yes, it has always been like that and I don’t think it will ever change. It’s a team mentality that frustrates the hell out of me. But there is no reason why the Ravens should be losing to teams like the Bengals.

Or is there? When you look at the box score for yesterday’s game, it wasn’t even close. The Ravens were outplayed all day. Aside from Ray Rice, whose extra effort gave us our only offensive touchdown, no one on that offense did their job.

No one on the sidelines did either. What possesses someone to run the same play five separate times in a game when it isn’t working? At what point was Cam Cameron going to try and open the field a bit more? When you look back at the Cleveland game, the team was all over the field. They hung it all out there. Now look at yesterday’s game. After Ed Reed’s pick six it looked like the team went into hang-on mode. I’m all for conservative play when you are winning, but you still need to keep putting points up on the board.

The Achilles heel of this team is the cornerback position. Foxworth and Washington can’t handle stud-wide receivers, and we are going to face a lot of them this year. Teams are finding out very quickly that they can kill us on the corners. It’s hard to get used to as a fan because we used to dominate in this area.

And in a final note, someone said to me yesterday after the game “are you guys going to complain about the officiating after every game?” and my response is that until the officials start getting things right or blow an equal amount of calls for both teams, yes.

4 comments to Ravens: Things Fall Apart

  • Andrew

    It’s a weird coincidence that the officiating in both football and baseball is taking such a center stage at the exact same moment. What the heck? Has every zebra and umpire forgotten most of the rules and dropped common sense from their resumes all of a sudden?

    It’s just weird.

    I wonder at what point the defensive struggles are going to lead to some sort of deification of Rex Ryan. But I kinda expect that the Ravens are going to bounce back big-time and make some sort of statement in the Metrodome.

    Since it’s October and I finished my booklist, I’m turning to H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories. I’ve read The Case of Charles Dexter Ward about two years ago now and always wanted to revisit the guy. Any recommendations?

  • sci

    If you’re on Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness is amazing. In the same vein, try House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson. It’s pretty damn creepy.

    For the Ravens D, it’s simple. The cornerbacks are a huge weakness and were going into the season. Foxworth was never the answer. Good receivers and any decent QB will shred this secondary, unfortunately. (Although Reed will always get his amazing plays in.)

  • While the secondary has been a big disappointment (Foxworth and Carr in particular seem to be cover-your-eyes-bad), it would help if we had ANY kind of pass rush. Rex Ryan’s mad-scientist blitzes from every angle helped this team win 11 games last year (13 including the postseason) with similar DB personnel. When a QB like Palmer has 8 seconds to find someone, you’d need Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson in their primes to shut it down.

  • dan the man

    It seems to me like key Ravens players will just disappear for entire games. This game it was McGahee, Mason, and Washington. Sometimes it’s McClain or Heap or Reed. What happened to spreading it around and using that 3-headed run attack? Sure Ray Rice is great, but sooner or later you have to give the opposing team different looks – it only makes Rice better.