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Reddio Alert: On With the Ungers @ 9

I’ll be a guest with the Fighting Ungers this morning (Saturday, April 4th) from 9-11 a.m. on Fox Sports 1370 AM. Odds are we’ll spend a lot of time talking about the Orioles and previewing the season, along with the regular fun stuff that comes up every time the Ungers do a show. It’ll be worth a listen, I can guarantee that much.

First person to call in and mention The Loss Column will win a beer on me when we do one of our meetups at the Yard this year. I’m still considering the best game for the first one — drop some suggestions in the comments.

5 comments to Reddio Alert: On With the Ungers @ 9

  • Andrew

    Sorry I missed it…really meant to listen in a little bit but I had a late night.

    In other news, I feel totally prepared to defend my title as this region’s Joe the Guy ass-kicker at fantasy baseball. Joe, remember, the only real fantasy here is that you can beat me.

    Also, my Yankee-loving girlfriend agrees with me, CC Sabathia’s nickname is Manatee CC. Just so nobody’s confused when I mention him.

    I’ll put up some rotational when it’s posted for the minor league affliates. I know it had to be finalized by last night, and it’ll be released by Monday.

  • Greg

    I like the Dugout’s “NeedsABathia”

  • Andrew

    Anybody else out there who can’t stand the Nats team?

    Their sideline “reporter” is AWFUL. She’s taking all of womenkind in sports a huge step backward. Amber should go beat her over the head for a good ten minutes straight.

  • Andrew

    Yay, I just watched a whole baseball game that counted! I feel like a real person again.

    Derek Lowe was absolutely dominant. I don’t think he would have signed in Baltimore, and I’m not convinced that that would have been the greatest idea anyway…but I doubt we see something like that out of Guthrie tomorrow.

    Still…you never know. Bring on Manatee CC and Fuckeixiera.

  • man I have to dig up old posts just to make sure there are no snarky fantasy comments – and look what he have here……