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Second of Two Against the Rays

Quick and dirty open thread-type post for tonight’s game. Brad Bergesen — who I like so far — takes the hill against Jeff Niemann. I’m watching CapsPens game seven tonight, and I reserve the right to mention it here if inspiration strikes.

Two things:

One, are we agreed that Rich Hill should take Hendrickson‘s next start?

And two, if you like Wilco you can stream the new album here. Not bad.

20 comments to Second of Two Against the Rays

  • Tomás

    No worries Neal, I will definitely be watching the CAPS game tonight too and giving the O’s the backseat.

    Anyone else see this?!

    It’s so funny, I actually just watched COBB for the first time last night, and the stat of his that stood out to me the most was the stealing home stat (53 lifetime, record of 3 in 1 year). This one has to be my favorite though:

    The game that may best illustrate Cobb’s unique combination of skills and attributes occurred on May 12, 1911. Playing against the New York Yankees, Cobb scored a run from first base on a single to right field, then scored another run from second base on a wild pitch. In the 7th inning, he tied the game with a 2-run double. The Yankee catcher began vociferously arguing the call with the umpire, going on at such length that the other Yankee infielders gathered nearby to watch. Realizing that no one on the Yankees had called time, Cobb strolled unobserved to third base, and then casually walked towards home plate as if to get a better view of the argument. He then suddenly slid into home plate for the game’s winning run.

  • Andrew

    I’ll probably go with Lost first and O’s second. That’s just how it is. Fun stat of the night:

    The Orioles’ starters have been dreadful, of course, in 2009: 5.55 ERA, 1.56 WHIP, 1.78 HR/9IP, although the walk-rates and K-rates have been pretty acceptable: 6.02 k/9 and 3.19 BB/9

    However, Guthrie, Koji, and Bergesen’s collective numbers: 4.59 ERA, 1.41 WHIP, 1.44 HR/9, 5.94 K/9, and 2.55 BB/9

    Much has been said of the Orioles’ glaring weakness of starting pitching being the downfall that would sink them to the absurd depths of 100+ losses, but 3 out of every 5 games we have a very reasonable starter pitching for us. That’s some good, league average pitching right there. If the O’s would just put Hendo in the pen, cut Eaton, and put Hill and Bass into the rotation we could have a highly watchable team that could be critically underrated (not making any real value decisions on Hill or Bass other than they are noticeably better than Hendo and Eaton, respectively).

  • Andrew

    The weird thing, though (and not really indicative of anything) is that the O’s are 7-11 when Guthrie, Uehara, or Bergesen pitch and 7-8 when Eaton, Hendrickson, or Simon pitch. There is a weird scoring differential, as if the hitters show up knowing they need to score like a hundred runs to win when the bad pitchers are pitches. That’s of course ludicrous, but weird.

    Also, props must be given when due to Enemy of The Loss Column Jon Heyman for writing:

    Aubrey Huff is my new hero after mocking talented-yet-immature Yankee Joba Chamberlain with a couple fist pumps to celebrate a homer Sunday. Someone needs to tell Joba to tone it down. I’m not sure this will work. But hey, it’s a start.
    Jonathan Papelbon should be the next target of hitters. Paps’ celebrations are downright nutso. His gyrations after getting out of a recent Rays jam were much greater than when he closed out the World Series two years ago. If Huff tries to mock that one, he’ll wind up on the disabled list.

    Congratulations, sir, you are off the blacklist for the day. Your t-shirt giftpack are in the mail.

  • Greg

    A Game 7 Caps/Pens playoff game is more interesting to me than the second half of a 2-game series against the Rays. Sorry O’s, I still love you though.

  • random dude

    @Andrew – No Lost spoilers on here, please… I still have last weeks on my DVR, I think I’m just going to do a 3 hour Lost binge this weekend.

  • random dude

    By the way, can’t wait to see what Hill does over the rest of this season. Just look at his ’07 numbers again, in case you’ve forgotten. That’s obviously the ceiling, and we shouldn’t expect that, but wow.

    When do you guys think Troy Patton will be up? I get not rushing the kids and I’m all for that, but Patton’s already been to the majors. I know they’re saying that they want to rebuild his arm strength since he didn’t pitch at all last year, and I get that. But can’t that be done up here. I saw he went 6 innings last game in AA. I wonder what his pitch count was. I just think if he’s at 90 – 100 pitches, he can throw 5+ innings of better ball than Hendrickson or Eaton. He’s been to the show before, so it shouldn’t mess with head being up here. And he’s absolutely dominating AA hitters. He’s the one guy that I don’t understand why he’s not up yet.

  • Ryan97ou

    Right as trembley was talking about how calm bergeson is they cut to him in the dugout with his legs shaking up and down like he has a case of red bull in him. Pretty funny.

    Come on caps. Yah gonna show up in the 2nd period? I fear this game is already over.

    Wiggie’s heating up

  • Tomás

    @Ryan97ou – I think Wigginton and the Caps traded momentum.

    The Caps right now are Islanders-esque.
    Umm….Go Blackhawks?

  • Tomás

    Capitals, meet Orioles.

    Orioles, Capitals.


    I swear, I think Sidney Crosby is coming up to bat next after Zobrist. This clown car needs to stop unloading like NOW.

  • neal s

    Gotta give Pie credit for not only stepping in despite being sick, but launching a homer on top of it. If he’s going to get a shot to stick then that’s the kind of thing I want to see from him.

    Long-term, though, it seems hard to imagine anything other than Reimold-Jones-Markakis. Maybe Pie stays as the fourth guy and Montanez gets moved for a mid-level prospect? Down the line, of course.

    Here’s to Hill up, McCrory down, and Hendo to the pen.

  • Chris

    Wilco…Medium rock…oh yes…

  • Andrew

    Jesus, LOST is the most mind-blowing and frustrating show of all time. No spoilers, though.

    Anyway, is anyone else troubled by the home run rate on Bergesen?

    In 2008: 0.67 HR/9 IP
    In 2009: 1.30 HR/9 IP

    Bergesen doesn’t have the strikeout ability to get away with losing his ability to keep the ball in the park. Not to mention walks are up, too (though they remain well under 3 per 9, so I’m not particularly worried there).

  • Ryan97ou

    @neal s – I’ve been saying since fan fest when he gets good lumber on the ball pie can get them out of the park. He’s got a good looking swing (despite his size). It just having good at bats.

    Happy for reimold. Here’s to jones being ok. Me and my buddy were talking about back up CF’s. Is pie all we got so we have to keep him?

  • Andrew

    Yeah, it’s Nolan Reimold’s time to shine in Baltimore!

    This isn’t the best situation for him to come into, but if he takes the bull by the horns that will be the end of the story of the starting left fielder. Let’s hope he keeps on hitting in Kansas City.

  • neal s

    Wow…I didn’t see that coming.

    Seems like it has to be just the first of a series of moves ultimately designed to give Reimold the starting LF job. So don’t they now have to move either Montanez or Pie once everyone gets healthy?

    If I’m wrong, though, and this is just a cup of coffee, then I’ll be real disappointed. I can’t see the logic in that at all. If Reimold’s up, he needs to be the guy.

    Pie can probably be a serviceable fourth outfielder, and maybe that’s the kind of role he can really thrive in. It kind of sucks for Montanez to be the odd man out, but so be it. He probably has some marginal value in a trade.

    This is also assuming that Scott is healthy and remains the primary DH and occasional backup LF.

  • Andrew

    Let’s not jump the guns and wish Montanez a good journey yet. There’s a million things that can happen yet before we figure out who is the left fielder for sure (although it ought to be Reimold) and who is the 4th outfielder for sure.

    The O’s and Royals and Reimold and Guthrie are on MLB Network tomorrow, so I get to come home and watch them on the regular tv in stunning HD and see Nolan freaking Reimold, the next young outfield piece, and I couldn’t be happier!

    Although now I will see Joey Gathright and Justin Christian in Syracuse on Friday, and that is poor (that team is built on exactly 2 words now: Wieters and Tillman)

  • rick

    Saw the dugout shot of Bergesen, legs and arms shaking almost uncontrollably. .. very weird looking.

    Hopefully Reimold gets playing time, for he seems to be the real deal. Hate to see an opportunity for one man come at the expense of an injury to another, but it happens. The O’s have some serious outfielder depth.

    Need to get Hill into the rotatation ASAP. He MUST be worlds better than Hendrickson. . .

  • dan the man

    @Andrew – I had LOST on the TV and O’s on my computer. It was glorious. And yes, what a ridiculous show.

    Bergesen: I’ll take 3 or 4 ER and 5+ IP from this kid every time out. He’ll mix in a gem or blowout every once in awhile, but he was never supposed to be anything other than your 5th starter. The home runs we figured would come, right? Because he lacks the stuff where if he leaves it up in the zone, he’s toast. We predicted that type of thing before he even got called up. Now what was this about him twitching? Didn’t catch that… was he just amped up and burning excess energy or what? I guess if it was anything, Roch would have something on it. Sounds kinda funny, though.

    Wigginton: Amazing what a 3-hit night will do for you. Keep it up, Rotund Power Hitter.

    Jones: God damnit!

    Pie: You love seeing a guy step up in a time of need. It was either Andino in the OF or Wigginton, thereby losing the DH. Not only did he battle through illness, he popped one out, too.

    Reimold: I really don’t see any way that this is a cup of coffee. It was only a matter of time anyway, that he’d be up. And it was likely going happen due to injury, so here he is. I’m just encouraged that it wasn’t Gathright – they could have easily patched a hole with him. Instead, it looks like the re-tooling has begun.

    McCrory: This dude is not a major leaguer, I’m sorry. Every time he’s called up, he is all over the place. No control, straight fastball, jittery as hell. No mound presence. Let’s try Jim Miller next time, yes?

  • dan the man

    Plus if Jim Miller is any good, we’ll have won out on the Rodrigo Lopez trade. We may already have since he’s pretty much done.

  • dan the man

    I agree with Roch, though. I think either Scott or Jones is DL’d, and Hill is called up. Although it’s annoying because neither Scott nor Jones really have injuries that will take a full 15 day DL stint.

    I love roster puzzles.