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The 1,000th Post

1000-dollar-us-billThis completely snuck up on me. There was no fanfare, no hype. All of a sudden I just looked up and saw that, hey, the next post is #1,000.

Pretty cool, I think. I owe that number to all of you, since there’s no way in hell TLC gets to 1k if the community isn’t vibrant and interesting. I appreciate it.

Here’s to the next thousand posts — post your predictions for Things We’ll See Before The Loss Column Hits Post #2,000 in the comments.

And let’s not forget March Madness, during which today I’ll be pulling for that Terps win over Cal.

7 comments to The 1,000th Post

  • Greg

    Two and a half years to get to #1000, let’s call it two years until #2000? Spring training 2011.

    Wieters is an All Star in 2010.
    Matusz just finished his full rookie season.
    Reimold has replaced Pie in left, since corner outfielders need a little more pop.
    The Orioles have drafted a college pitcher 1st round 2009, and a hitter in 2010.
    We saw Tillman and Arrieta for a little bit at the end of 2010.
    Cubs have won a title, and so have the Rays.
    Snyder is at 1st base by now, but the Orioles are still patching up SS and 3B with free agents.

    I post on this site too much.

  • Kevin

    Good work boys! People were saying that the Terps wouldn’t go the NCAA tournament, but I say congrats on making the tournament and beating Cal.

  • Congratulations.

    I’ll say a fair number of your next 1,000 posts will be made about a winning team.

  • neal s

    It’s important to note that we reached 1,000 in part because of some great contributions from posters who aren’t me.

    Chris, Staci, Justin, Dan the Man, Andrew, Ryan, the one-off that was Joe H, and the guests — you have my thanks.

    As far as my predictions, I figure spring of 2011 sounds about right for post #2,000. Let me gaze into my crystal ball…

    The O’s will have enjoyed their first winning season since ’97.
    Matt Wieters will be regarded among the best in the game, and will have made the 2010 All-Star team (agreed, Greg).
    Brian Matusz will be in the rotation and considered a premium starter.
    Nick Markakis will have won a Gold Glove.
    The Yankees will have the same number of World Series titles as they have now.

    The Ravens will still not have another Super Bowl, but Joe Flacco will be considered a top-ten quarterback.
    Ray Lewis will be enjoying his first spring as a former player.
    Willis McGahee will no longer call Baltimore home.
    Ray Rice will have emerged as a featured RB.

    The Wizards will be good again.
    The Caps will have won a Stanley Cup.

    Roger Federer will have bounced back and will have the record for most career Grand Slams. But, he still won’t have the French.
    Tiger Woods will still be boring.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be regarded as a bust, finally.
    The IRL will be more popular than it is now, NASCAR less so.

    And a host of amazing things we can’t even imagine at the moment. Which is precisely why we care in the first place.

    Thanks again, folks.

  • neal s

    @Daniel – Thanks, man. Much appreciated.

  • More Hardball took a look at some Baltimore Orioles players’ last names like Bass, Pie, Ray, Waters, Spoone, Walker, and Hill and photoshopped appropriate baseball cards to their namesake. I wonder if Topps would market these?

    Link: http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/03/whats-in-name_20.html

    We appreciate the shout-out if you like it.

  • dan the man

    Congrats, Neal!

    The Wizards will be good again… that’s a tough one right there, but I’ll bite the Bullet and agree. Pun intended.

    I can only think “pitching pitching pitching” when thinking about the future O’s. I hope those guys pan out and we can be rewarded for hanging in there all these years.