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The Column, The Crow, The Game, The Show

old school baltimore orioles logoFour things the informed Baltimore sports fan should be thinking about right now, in order:

1. Get to the newsstand asap to pick up a copy of the latest Baltimore Magazine, then turn to page 116. The Loss Column is featured there as one of 101 secrets of the city. #84!

2. Terry Crowley. Haven’t heard much talk of firing him lately. Seems all he needed was some talented hitters…go figure. I was as guilty as anyone, though, so no gloating. Just kind of funny to think about how perceptions change.

I got to thinking about that after reading this profile of the Crow from a Staten Island newspaper. He’s more accomplished than I realized, and seems like a hell of a guy.

3. Adam Eaton stands between us and a sweep at the hands of the Janquis. This is very unsettling.

4. It’s my hope that you’ll tune in to Fox Sports 1370 (or listen live online) this Saturday morning between 9 am and 12 noon. I’ll be guesting with the Fighting Ungers, something that should be happening a little more regularly in the coming months.

If you guys have never listened to the Ungers, give it a chance. The show is smart, sharp, and pretty much flies in the face of every rule and/or convention observed by most other sports shows. Hell, it’s not even really a sports show. It’s more of a culture show with a sports bent. I always have a good time doing it.

Oh, also: Nats weekend is coming up. A chance to get well, perhaps?

13 comments to The Column, The Crow, The Game, The Show

  • neal s

    I never like seeing guys get hurt, but it’s pretty awesome that Chamberlain is gone in the first. Gotta seize this opportunity.

  • neal s

    Umm, yeah.

    This has to be it for Eaton. There’s no reason whatsoever to keep him on this team. He is, in fact, an embarrassment.

  • neal s

    I think we may have just watched Adam Eaton’s final exit from an Orioles game. On a human level I actually feel kind of bad for him. He’s just completely overmatched.

  • dan the man

    The Orioles post-game show opened with this exchange from Tom Davis and Dave Johnson:

    Tom: “The real question is, how long can the Orioles continue to keep Eaton in the rotation?”

    Dave, after a slight dramatic pause: “No longer.”

    He’s gotta be done. Not to mention this telling quote from our boy DT: “The energy picked up after Eaton left the game.” Ummmm…. yeah when DT starts to tell it like it is, it’s not looking good.

    It’s never fun to watch a major leaguer fail (exception: Yankees). But hey, the dude has $8 mil to do something with. I think he’ll be alright.

    A reliever will most likely be called up since it wouldn’t make sense to have a starter sit around for 4 days. Jim Miller?

  • Andrew

    The idea that Adam Eaton was ever going to be relied on as a starter, after struggling like he did in the NL East is indicative of the inability of the front office, for one reason or another, to find quality stopgap pitchers (outside of the excellent Koji). I don’t necessarily blame anybody – Tim Redding didn’t want the Orioles’ money, Braden Looper didn’t want the Orioles’ money, Jon Garland would have been a mistake, there wasn’t that many options out there worth pursuing. But Adam Eaton was a huge mistake.

    I’d like to see Jim Miller come up. He’s done well for Norfolk, and he reminds me of Roddy Lopez.

    I didn’t watch this travesty (it’s graduation weekend, and I had family things to take care of). I’m glad for it. Let’s go win some games against the worst team in America, huh?

  • Andrew

    Heh, Rochester is playing in Norfolk. Colored me divided.

    Well, not really. I’m not a big fan of the city of Rochester, so I hope Norfolk kills them. It didn’t happen tonight, even though Wieters hit a home run and Berken was pretty good (that strikeout pitch is starting to really work for him).

    In other news, Rick Zagone had 10 Ks for Delmarva. I love hearing that. Matusz had a bunch of Ks yesterday. It takes the sting out of the Yankees.

    God I hate the Yankees.

  • sci

    I love what MacPhail is doing overall, I really do. At least two things though, stand out as unarguable errors — the trade for and subsequent treatment of Felix Pie, and the acquisition of Adam Eaton.

    In terms of Pie, there is absolutely no point in trading for him, giving him a month plus to prove himself, then simply benching him and making him essentially a fourth outfielder. What is he, 24? You already had a log jam at LF. Because CF and RF are so set, any other outfield prospect is coming through LF. That means Luke Scott, Montanez, and Reimold at the very least are jammed up there. I just don’t see the point in the whole Pie thing, and it’s a big error by MacPhail.

    Eaton is also absurd. You knew he would struggle like this. There was almost no chance he’d even be close to an average pitcher in the AL East. Why not just give the spot to someone like Waters as a placeholder from the get go and avoid all this? Just a poor pickup all around. I still trust Andy overall, but these are poor moves.

  • dan the man

    I mean, yeah I would have lived with Waters as the stopgap over Eaton. For whatever reason, the O’s had been interested in Eaton even before he was cut by Philadelphia. Obviously, MacPhail was aware of his struggles. If we know, he knows. For whatever reason, it made sense to him. Maybe he didn’t want to use an option on a dude like Waters? Seem trivial but you never know. I’ll go ahead and say, yes, Eaton was a bad move. But in the end, he did his job. He held a place for 2 months while the kids got more experience. Would we have won a couple more games with Waters? Yeah, it’s possible. But does it really matter? Nah, not really.

    I will hesitate to say that acquiring Pie was the huge error that sci feels it is. Benching him is debatable – I mean, really, I don’t care. We have Reimold, who will be more of a true power left fielder than Pie ever would be. I think giving him playing time little by little might be better off than starting him everyday. Olson isn’t any good, either, so no loss there, really. I’m disliking the Penn for Andino swap more and more each day, though. I think it’s safe to say maybe these “no options left” one-for-one player swaps are not Andy’s strength. But at the same time, he’s tinkering with a rebuilding team and he hasn’t reduced our talent level or anything.

  • rick

    Eaton must be released, sooner than later. Any of several choices at Norfolk would provide the O’s a better chance at winning.

    Reimold is the real deal; fun to watch.

    Maybe we can cash in on the hapless Nats this weekend, and get on some sort of winning roll.

  • dan the man

    Regarding the Crow… I’ll happily eat my words on the whole “Fire Crow” thing that took place a couple seasons ago. Clearly, we just had bad players. Or players who didn’t listen. Or something. As long as our young hitters are doing well, I’m happy as a clam with the dude.

  • dan the man

    @rick – I predict Reimold getting more than a couple of infield hits vs. the Nats this weekend.

    He’s only struck out 4 times in 27 at bats, but he’s also only walked once. But he’s making good contact and not swinging at bad pitches, so those walk numbers will increase. Especially after he cranks a few out. I watch the mlb.tv archives and fast forward to just his at bats. I’m excited.

  • rick

    @dan the man – yup, he’s learned to be very disciplined at the plate, especially since big league pitchers can generally get young hitters to chase breaking balls out of the zone.

    He’s got some wheels too, as evidenced by those infield hits.

    Now, just for some starting pitching.

  • dan the man

    Eaton is out, Albers is up for the moment. We are inching ever closer to the team we really want to see on the field.

    Eaton released.
    Hendrickson in the ‘pen.
    Reimold up.
    Bergesen up.
    Next up is Hernandez/Berken and Wieters.