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This, That, Rays, the Other

rock paper scissorsYeah, I saw the SI article that named Peter Angelos the “worst” owner in baseball. More of the usual useless nonsense from a national writer who doesn’t get it. Not that I’m defending Angelos, who has made his share of missteps, but the main reaction I had was to think about all of the Orioles “fans” who were actually happy to see it. The ones who are sad and empty.

The real news today? That Luke Scott might not be headed to the DL after all. That would certainly calm things down a bit (although I was kind of looking forward to seeing how they handled the Reimold/Salazar question).

A few items of note:

The Baysox are having a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament on Thursday. Winner gets skybox seats and a ton of Baysox schwag, and it’s only $20 to jump in. I might be late posting this, though, so get in touch with them asap if you’re interested. Pretty cool idea.

Second, local sports blog Right Off Russell scored an interview with Brandon Snyder. Nice work, fellas.

Finally, MASN is having a casting call for those “defining moment” commercials. Get in there, if you dare. Also a pretty cool idea.

And, oh yeah, the Rays are in town tonight for the first of two. It’ll be Mark Hendrickson against Andy Sonnanstine.

Who’s got stats on the team’s all-time record on T-shirt Tuesdays?

34 comments to This, That, Rays, the Other

  • random dude

    Not sure of the W-L, but I’m pretty sure that Adam Jones has a career .473 BAOTST (Batting Average On T-Shirt Tuesdays)… just don’t ask me to cite that one.

  • neal s

    BAOTST is awesome. We need to start tracking that.

  • rick

    I’ve got tickets for tonight’s game, and normally I’d be excited, but. .. this is the 3d game I’ll be forced to see Hendrickson start. .. virtually assuring a Tampa victory, and more stress on the pen.

  • I wasn’t sad at all; in fact, the more negative national press, the better.

    There has to be accountability for owners who do not put in the work or care in maintaining a franchise beyond making profit from concessions and tickets. Teams are ambassadors for their cities, and Angelos has been a poor steward of that responsibility.

  • neal s

    Fair point. When I say “sad and empty” I’m referring to the “Blame Angelos First” crowd that reduces everything that has gone wrong down to it being his fault, then says they won’t support the team until he sells. I envisioned those people reading the article and feeling vindicated. I can’t stomach that kind of ridiculously oversimplified view of things.

    I take no issue with a thoughtful critique like yours. And, I can’t muster up a defense of Angelos other than to say that it seems like he’s taken a back seat since hiring MacPhail and maybe — maybe — has learned something.

  • ryan97ou

    I am with you neal. I had a friend email me that article, and when i replied back with how the article didn’t mention at all how non-muddling agelos has been since macphail’s arrival he didn’t wanna hear it.

    great quote from scott: “Immediately when it happened, I got on the prayer hotline and started praying”

    walkers throwin up rocket ships, scott’s callin into the prayer hotline…

    i don’t know what’s goin on…

  • Andrew

    I saw the “article” and just kind of shrugged. It was easy and hard to argue with (although how Loria escapes the top spot is hard for me to fathom). Angelos has been a Terrible owner. Okay…tell me something new, or useful, or at least interesting.

    I think for all of the bad things Angelos has done to the Orioles (various free agency issues, Davey Johnson, Jon Miller, Brooks Robinson, Pat Gillick, Spring Training, MASN’s issues, a decade plus of losing), he has hired one of the brighter minds in baseball and finally learned to give him a long leash to make as many trades with the Cubs as possible, and the present day benefit of that is immense. It’s impossible to overlook everything that went wrong and everything that still is wrong, but I think Angelos (provided he owns the O’s long enough) has the potential to be a good guy at the end of the day (so to speak). Heck, NOBODY was talking about how great of an owner George Steinbrenner was in 1990 when he kicked out of baseball for life, and the Yankees were a JOKE, and had been a JOKE. Just like the Orioles.

    Why do I think you all are making fun of me with the stats BAOTST and TSTWL?

  • random dude

    originally posted by Andrew
    Why do I think you all are making fun of me with the stats BAOTST and TSTWL?

    Haha. All in good fun. I really do dig all the stats you’ve been posting on here.

  • Ryan97ou

    Surprised they didn’t let hendrickson play through this. Maybe he’s moving to the pen and hill ias coming up

  • Andrew

    I thought Hendo had probably reached his pitch count. I certainly reached my diet soda count.

    Meanwhile, Pie out of the game for no apparent reason…unless he hurt himself watching that strike three earlier. Hmmm…

  • Andrew

    Oh, a stomach thing for Pie. BORING!

  • Ryan97ou

    Right. ‘Stomach thing’. Right. I’ve used that one before

  • Ryan97ou

    Come on johnson

  • Ryan97ou

    Whew. I never doubted yah jj. Who goes in for the save?

  • neal s

    It’s gotta be ‘Ol FlatBrim, right? Despite all of our reservations, I think he gets this shot. And I hope he knows what to do with it if he does.

  • neal s

    Not sure I’ve ever seen a win quite like that. Fairly amazing is what it is.

    How about Adam jOnes and Brian Bass?

  • Ryan97ou

    Seriously. Well done guys. And you too sherill.

  • Andrew

    I was a little disappointed…I wanted to see Adam Jones have his “Nick the Stick” night where he crushes 3 home runs.

    The O’s have won more games in 2009 than in 2008 against Tampa Bay now.

  • ryan97ou

    kruk just gave some good props to jones and markakis on baeball tonight. nice to see them getting some credit.

  • neal s

    OK, if this doesn’t make you happy to be an O’s fan then you might not be an O’s fan at all:

    ”The first one was a good pitch by him. I’ve seen it on video. It was a good pitch and I went down and got it,” Jones said. ”The other one was 3-1 right down the middle. I’m just not missing them as often. I’m putting them in play and I’m putting them in play with authority.”

    I love that like I love a cold beer. Damn.

  • dan the man

    OMG Adam Jones is officially LEGIT (if there were any doubters left anywhere on the planet). He’s got one less home run than he had all of last year. That’s insane. Do we really have a younger, faster, slightly better power-hitting Nick Markakis? Is that even possible? I love you, Seattle.

    Sloppy assssssss game, but shit, we won. More importantly, we came back and held a lead. Sherrill’s fastball and breaking ball really look sharper since DT questioned his closer spot and Kranny tweaked his mechanics – credit to our coaching staff on the Georgie turn-around.

    Palmer was freaking out when they sent Montanez to the plate and he got thrown out. Pretty funny stuff. “Nooooooooo you can’t send the runner therrreee… down by 4 runs… wait, make that 3 runs, but still.” Oh, Jim.

    Awfully convenient Pie injury. If there’s one thing that MacPhail understands, it’s depth. We sit around and fret about these roster crunches, but they’ve all worked themsevles out. I feel like under previous regimes, we may have been content to not collect depth at positions we thought we were strong in (example being the outfield this year), and that ended up screwing us. Speaking of depth, another home run for Reimold tonight and a 6IP 10K performance from Tillman.

  • dan the man

    @neal s – Jones has the swagger, and that’s awesome.

  • neal s

    I keep re-reading that quote over and over.

    I’m putting them in play and I’m putting them in play with authority.

    It makes me giddy. I love Roberts and Guthrie and Markakis and Mora, but they’re all fairly mellow. They hold things close to the vest. Totally cool with me. I’d probably be the same way.

    But damn if I don’t love me some Adam Jones and his willingness to break it the hell down.

    His emergence this season is huge for this team. Just huge.

  • dan the man

    I loved Joe Angel (or was it Manfra, I forget) tonight talking about Mora when he dove away from a pitch at the plate like it was going to hit him, but got called out on a third strike: “One thing about Mora, whatever he does never comes without some drama.” So true, and I kind of enjoy that about Melvin.

    Back to Jones.. I really didn’t see this coming at all this year. If he keeps this up, he could get to the All Star game in his 2nd year, and before Markakis – or with Markakis. How glorious would that be?

  • Kevin

    I was reading this article from the Chicago Tribune about Ryan Freel, and apparently he was scratched from his fist game because of an injury. Tightness in his hamstring.

  • Andrew

    awesome Jones quote.

    I’m actually more THRILLED with Tillman tonight. We all know he has the potential to totally dominate a team like that, but he hasn’t done it yet for Norfolk. Now, you at least have to say Syracuse isn’t any kind of good team (them’s the Nats for ya), but seeing Tillman throw under a 100 pitches in 6 innings is exactly what he needs to do routinely.

    Also interesting: Frederick and Myrtle Beach in a game with 3 total hits. Frederick wins 1-0 when the only score they got was a walk followed by a double (the Keys’ only hit and only 2 baserunners in the entire game). WEIRD.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    but the main reaction I had was to think about all of the Orioles “fans” who were actually happy to see it. The ones who are sad and empty.

    neal i can’t believe someone as smart as you acts surprised when a writer, let alone a knowledgeable one (tom boswell’s numerous columns come to mind) rightfully identifies angelos as the worst owner in baseball.

    i mean, who the fuck do you nominate as a replacement?

    the fact that the orioles have promising players now just makes his scumbag nature that much more cutting and disgusting.

    the man fucking ruined BASEBALL for me. do you have any idea how profoundly that affects me (and tens of thousands of others) every day?

    seriously dude.

  • rick

    great game last night once Horrendous Hendrickson got knocked out. They just tatooed everything he served up. He should move from the starting rotation to batting practice pitcher. . .

    Outstanding comeback, and superlative job by the pen. Yes, Sherrill looked very sharp and he was effective without the usual drama.

    Just get rid of Hendrickson. . .especially in light of his post-game assessment. . .this guy’s ego just won’t quit. . .

  • dan the man

    @rick – That’s a veteran player for you, they tend to downplay when they struggle. I think Hendrickson’s an alright dude. And I think he’d probably be pretty good out of the pen. I know he had like a 3+ ERA out of the pen last year as opposed to a 5 or 6 ERA being a starter. Bass could use a partner in the long relief department, especially with Sarfate out for awhile and Baez’s usefulness in the middle-late innings.

    @BBM – But why has Angelos STILL ruined baseball for you? Nobody has heard from him in forever and the team is as exciting as it’s been in 10 years. There’s no reason that some old dude has to ruin your sport for you just because we sucked for 10 years. Um… Pirates? Rays before last year? Royals? Angelos sucks but who cares anymore?

  • ryan97ou

    Now that i am over enjoying last nights win, can someone in that clubhouse, please, for the love of god, fix the ridiculous amount of base running errors that seem to be happening almost every game?

    it’s embarrassing.

  • Andrew

    @dan the man – The team is not exciting. Adam Jones is exciting, but the collective Orioles are not. I’m not really sure what your point is.

  • dan the man

    I guess I didn’t mean team, I meant organization. Farm system, etc.

  • rick

    @Andrew – what’s going on down on the farm, coupled with the performance of Jones, Markakis, Huff, Roberts, et al. seems pretty exciting to me.

  • Andrew

    While meanwhile it’s another long summer of Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson at OPACY. I love the minor league improvement more than anyone, but the ORIOLES are horrendous to watch on a daily basis for anyone except the die-hard fans (of course I watch them every day and love it, so I’m not ragging on anyone). All the talent in the entire minor leagues won’t help unless it pays off for Baltimore and it hasn’t YET. By August I’m sure I’ll be saying a different tune when we can watch Wieters and Reimold and Patton and maybe even a much bally-hooed pitcher.

    But right now the Orioles are just hard to watch.